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I was going to spend the whole day yesterday working on two scrolls for the prince and princess of Nordmark, but I have gotten so enthused about regency clothign so I couldn't help myself converting a straw hat that never fit me (very 60s style with a tall crown and rather closed brim) into a bonnet. The tall crown was a definite plus in this project.

bahytt med gr�na band2

bahytt med gr�na band1

Now I must get back to working on those scrolls.
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 I made the apron yesterday, and the cap today, so this afternoon Rickard and I could go outside and take some photos of the new Italian gown.


More images and info here.

I also took in my regency corset while watching an old adaptation of "Sense and Sensibility" together with Alfhild.

I really am tanned this summer. I usd to spend my summers avoiding the sun, so to not have a tan at Visby Medieval week in August, but some ten years ago I realized that I can't let my hobby rule my whole life. And that I like the way I look with a tan - and besides it's good for my psoriasis.
And convincing for a working class woman of the Quattrocento ;)

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Last weekend there was a "Medieval Day" at a (semi-)local site where there used to be a castle in the High Middle Ages. Today there is nothing left to see, but it´s a beautiful place next to the sea.

And I swam three times in the sea!

I brought my tent, which I dreaded putting up and taking down for just two days, but it went up really quickly and took almost no time to set up nicely, hiding all the mundane packing stuff behind wall hangings, putting the chest together and putting up mine and Katarina's camping beds.

Rickard was tired after working the whole week, so he and Maja just came down over the day when the market was on Saturday.

Friday night was really perfect - relaxed talking (and some sewing) around the table, with a pot over the fire providing tea water, some wine to drink, and ending with a walk up to the top of the hill where the castle used to be, to look out over the sea.

Saturday was also nice, but you get tired from being "on display" from 10 am to 5 pm, so people went to bed earlier We also wanted to pack early on Sunday morning. But we made a good pottage with whole wheat, carrots, cabbage, onions, bacon and smoked sausages and ate together. Then Gaby and Linus and I went for a swim (my third), we all talked (and sewed) some more. When the others went to bed I took a final walk around the small peninsula, going down to the little beaches or out to the furthest cliffs, before going to bed around midnight. It was a magical feeling those nights, just like it used to be with my old medieval group Nylöse.

Many more photos from the event can be found here.

I also started on a new working class Italian ca 1480s dress from thin wool, and finished everything except the sleeves and six lacing holes . The rest I made yesterday and this morning. 
Of course, when I tried it on it turned out to be too big, so I hade to take it in. It is no fun unpicking all hand sewn garments.

But of course I did it, and this is the result.

It needs an apron and a little white cap, both of which I plan to make this week. Maybe not tomorrow though, because we're going to a friend who stays on one of the islands in the Gothenburg archipelago to barbecue and swim in the sea.

Oh - and my holiday officially started today - I put on the automatic answer function :)

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 And I now have a pretty sturdy, very large painted wooden chest to keep my stuff in when I camp.
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There was much swearing and much moving around of the take-apart-hinges, but it is (almost) in usable condition. The pins for the take-apart-hinges are such a close fit to the holes in the hinges that it's hard to put them in even when hinges are not attached to anything, and impossible when screwed in place.
So tomorrow I'm going to go and get some 3 inch nails to use instead. I will also drill two holes in the lid to make it easier ot pick up.
But otherwise it is finished, which is good, since I plan to use it for medieval camping this weekend at Hunehals castle ruin, on their "Medieval day".

The photos aren't as sharp as they ought to be ;)

See more... )Then next week I'll start on the next one - I don't want to have my flat filled with pieces of wood and plywood forever :)

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I haven't made anything from this period since 2006! (the outfit in question) Then I was inspired by the then very lively costuming community on Livejournal, above all the work of [personal profile] koshka_the_cat

Now it's mainly my friend Alfhild getting all excited about it, and the fact that I can again wear my regency stays, that has got me going about it. And that you can get cheep thin cotton from India. As I wrote yesterday I have ordered plenty of that, though partly for modern sewing projects. And yesterday, after a tip from [personal profile] isabelladangelo went to this etsy shop and bought my self a sea green vintage sari in a silk/rayon mix, to make an evening gown. I have also taken up working on my collection of images and photos of colourful regency dresses. What I do need now is more info on what to wear when you're no longer 20, but close to 50 in the period. I'm thinking lace caps, but I want to know more about what was considered appropriate.
This doesn't mean that medieval and renaissance won't be my focus period, but I look forward to doing a new period. Alfhild is coming over this afternoon so that I can help her with her stays.I'm not very good at that, but I guess that it's better than trying to fit them yourself.

The weekend

Jul. 2nd, 2017 10:38 pm
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 Originally I had planned to take Maja and Valeria with me on the bus to my mum's place and then go to a medieval market not far from where she lives. But when neither of themwere interested I decided to stay at home too. I painted on my "medieval" collapsible chest and then took a long walk downtown to catch some pokemon :)

The weather forecast had said that it would be rather cold and cloudy, with a risk for rain, but instead it was the warmest and sunniest day this June :)

To celebrate this I invited Inger over to share a bottle of prosecco that I bought when I went to Finland for 12th night coronation. We also indulged in popcorn and had a lovely evening together.

Today I worked soem more on the chests, but I ran out of paint and will have to buy more tomorrow. Then we went to my sister's place to celebrat4 her eldest daughter's 9th birthday. it as nice, but I was rather in an un-social mood, so it also felt good to leave after 3,5 hours and go home. Where I continued on my mint green early 14th century Italian surcoat - all that remains now is to sew beads around the neck!

Next week is the last week of work before my holiday, but I have slowed down notably since the semester ended. I was going to work on presentations for conferences, but I've mostly been reading. And walking a lot, for the exercise.

Last week I ordered lots of thin cotton fabrics from India and I can't wait for them to arrive.
 This is going to be a regencey dress, because Alfhild and Gunilla has got me really enthusiastic over this time period again and I plan to have a regency picnic by the end of the summer.
Then I ordered three colours of thin plain cotton: dark blue, maroon, and teal blue. Thwe dark blue and marron are going to be peasant tops, and tthe teal may become that too, but foremost it's going to be a late 18th-early 19th century round gown. I think. It's definitely going to be regency in any case.

I also have an order for hand woven cotton to make either a 14th or 15th century peasant's gown from. Lots of stuff to make :) Including a pair of navy polycotton twill shorts with red piping with white polkadots that I have started on.
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 In this case a 15th century Italian gown made from old rayon damask curtains in a fit of inspiration after my first trip to Florence in September 2015.
I've made a page about it, over here.

I love how the photos that Rickard took turned out.


Jun. 24th, 2017 09:05 am
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 Midsummer is a really big thing in Sweden, though Rickard and I haven't celebrarted much the last 25 years or so. As logn as the kids were small we went to some park where thye could dance around the Midsummer pole, but after last year Maja declared that she wasn't interested anymore. Which is perfectly alright, and which meant that today I was the only one going ot the traidtional midsummer celebration at Gunnebo House, with my best friend and her boyfriend and sisters , and their families.

Gunnebo is a lovely 18th cnetury house and gardens and whenever I go there I feel that we have to have another 18th or (early 19th century) picnic there (this photo is taken at an 18th century picnic at Gunnebo). Today there was of course both a group showing folk cancing and dancing around the midsummer pole for the kids. I took some photos from the dancing, because I like both the dancing and the costumes.

More photos )And Inger took photos of me wearing my now taken in folk costume:

Then we went to Inger's place and had new potatoes cooked with dill and herring, the traditional midummer food, but also barbecued chicken and corn and salads. And, as is the tradition, strawberries for dessert.
Maja and Rickard had arrived by then and we had a very pleasant evening. Despite the fact that it was raining and rather cold, but Inger has a roofed patio, and I put on my long wool stockings from the folk costume and a wool cardigan so I wasn't cold.
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 Yesterday my friend Alfhild came by. She had visited another friend who wants to make both regency and Victorian clothes and was really inspired to  to make some too. So we dug out my books, and then I got inspired to show my stuff and ended up openignboxes with costumes which hadn't been touched for years. They are kept under our bed, and unfortunately our cat Mysko had managed to get into one of them and had puked on my 18th century shift, and an antique lace shawl. The shawl was too delicate to wash, so I just gave up and threw it in the trash. The shift will be washed next time we have the laundry room, next week, and hopefully it can be saved. But Mysko was very cheap for anyone wanting to buy him then ;)

Anyway, I dug out clothes and I tried on clothes, and to my great joy my empire corset still works, though it has to be laced wholly shut at the back. The same was the case with my smallers 18th cnetury corset, though it should ideally be taken in at the waist - it's too tight at the top if I lace it shut, and too loose in the waist. I'll see if I'll do somethign about that, I have a partly finished robe à la francaise that I started 14 years ago, which would be fun to finish I guess.

My gown to go with the regency corset will probably be too big, I didn't take the time to try it on.
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 Our coven celebrated summer solstice a bit early (it's on Wednesday, but people have jobs) today. The day started out cloudy, but it got clearer and by the time I went to catch the tram (and later bus) to get to Inger's place it was sunny and warm. I was going to pick some Golden rain/Laburnum, to have in the Oak king's wreath, by the lake next to her place. I also had the plan to take a quick swim if the weather was warm. Which it of course was. I went swimming there on Tuesday too, but then it was really cold. Now it was only cold when I first got in, then it was lovely. 

Then there was the ritual of course, and hanging out with the rest of the coven - all in the dappled sunlight under oak trees. Food was good, and I'm happy that I am allowed to eat again. There was different types of cabbage, green asparagus, lentil patties (made by me), home made bread, new potatoes cooked with dill and a rhubarb crumble with custard. I didn't have the crumble though, trying to keep my new weight.

After we got back to Inger's place the rest left, and Inger and I, and Inger's daughter went to the lake again for another swim. It was even nicer now, after a long sunny day. And then I took the bus home.

And finally, tonight I bottled my elderflower bubbly. Anna, Maja and I went out to pick them and catch pokemon on Werdnesday evening.

The recipe:
6 elder flowers, rinsed in water
700 grams of sugar
2 tablespoons white wine vinegar ( I tend to use apple cider vinegar, since I have that at home)
The peel of three lemons
4 1/2 litres of water.
Heat up some of the water and dissolve the sugar in it. Add the rest of the water, lemon peel and vinegar. Pour it over the flowers in a bucket. Cover the bucket and let it stand cool (well, cool-ish, is all that I can get in my flat) for four days.
Strain away the flowers and lemon peel and bottle the rest. Leave some space in the bottles and screw the corks on tightly. I use PET-bottles after an explosion one year when I used cider bottles. In 5-21 days they should have fermented to a less sweet and very bubbly drink.

And it's such a beautiful light evening outside now, and I have tea - yep, everything is perfect.
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 I'm going for Icelandic chicken, mainly beause I've to soo much sage on my balcony. And a salad with lettuce, spinach, broccoli, grapes and peas once found in a book with medieval food, though probably not an original recipe, given the 19th cnetury ingredient broccoli.

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 I have now, finally, written baout my high-waisted teal Italian gown on my costuming blog/.

Go see!

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 So, now the semester is finished and I have done all the grading and at least half of the administrative preparations for autumn. And I feel like I can relax for the first time for months. Well, at least after I've finished counting hours and getting teachers for the new course I'm responsible for, which is what I plan to do today. Apart from doing laundry.

And sewing of course but that's after I've finished working, Yesterday I cut and zig.-zagged all the pieces for my mint green italian ca 1330s overgown. The one made from the fabric from hell: slinky silk/visose satin. 
The undergown is already made:

But there should be an overgown from the same fabric, with slit sides, like this:

Though obviously I forgot how the sleeves looked I see now, so I have to cut new ones.  Luckily I have enough fabric for that.

Tomorrow Gotvik has its annual picnic and I look forward to that. Sunday my coven celebrates the Summer solstice, so while fun it won't be a relaxed weekend.

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 The cotton fabric has little kittens on it.

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 So, Friday until late afternoon was spent being hung over, which enforced a feeling that has being growing for years: that I actually don't like alcohol much (I do like the taste of beer though). I am very much a person who wants to be in control, and alcohol helps me to relax in social situations, but while it's fun while you're drinking I'm not sure it's worth it. It's not only the hangover, but actually also the feeling of being relaxed and drunk that I'm not sure if I like. I will have think about this.

Anyway, after I got better again and after dinner Valeria, Maja and I went downtown to the Pride festival. Maja bought Pride striped socks and a Pride flag for her own money and I bought Women's lib pins for her and Valeria. And ice-cream. Valeria bought matching socks, but since I already have a pair of Pride overknee socks I didn't think I needed more, and just bought ribbon to have in our hair.
I got to hang with Atalanta, a woman from the local trans group who I met six years ago or something, when I was giving a lecture  at the Pride festival. There was also some excellent entertainment: A burlesque performer who was also a classical dancer doing a beautiful and fun performance en pointe, and, which was the best, A guy in a 1900-1920 suit doing a strip routine to "Pomp and circumstance" ending wearing just a small pink brief, shoes, socks and sock suspenders.
Weather wise it was a lovely evening and we walked home too. Then Anna came over for tea and I did some more sewing on Valeria's Eleonora di Toledo gown.

Saturday I went to Caroline, who has moved south, ca 2 hours by train. This meant that I missed the Pride parade/march, so Valeria and Maja represented the family :) This was my first visit both to Caroline and martin's new flat and to their ritual place and we had a lovely time. The weather was nicer in Helsingborg than in Gothenburg and we sat on the balcony and had tea and I got more both tan and freckles in my face. The ritual was really good and after we got home again we just sat talking until three am. As a consequence of my dieting and my new-found insights about alcohol I didn't have any except a few sips from the ritual cup, so while I was sleepy on Sunday morning I wasn't hung over. And it was really nice to find that I could be awake that late without drinking - normally I gets very sleepy if I'm sober at parties.

I took the train home just before noon and started on a small sewing project, making a top with peasant blouse top and a jersey midriff. These are really popular among people who do rockabilly or 50s looks and I like them a lot. I have made one before and it was nice finding out that they are really easy to make, so that I don't have to pay lots of money for something partly (or wholly) synthetic, but can make them myself.
I made dinner and Anna came over for tea. We watched two Miss Marple episodes while she hemmed a medieval tunic for her son and I continued sewing around all the edges of the trim on Valeria's gown. There's lots of it, but I am making progress

Today I plan to grade tests, go to a meeting at work and then go and get an X-ray of my feet - I hope to get some help for my bunions. Then more sewing I presume. Which reminds me that I have to go downtown to get some bias tape and some piping, The former is for a dress that I have remade and the latter for another pair of shorts; I found a piece of of dark blue twill and I plan to add red piping to it.

The shorts

Jun. 9th, 2017 08:30 am
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 And here are the shorts. I'm so happy about the pattern I made that I may even start making trousers eventually. But I'll probably make another pair of shorts in a darker colour first.

But that was my new garment, now I must remake something old before I can make anything new. I must obey my own rules ;)

In other news I am slightly hung over. Since my dietician thinks that I have lost enough weight and can start eating more I celebrated this with two glasses of wine. I got really, really drunk and today I have a headache. I guess eating little and not having had any alcohol since November means I am a very cheap drunk.

Busy, busy

Jun. 7th, 2017 10:29 pm
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 Well, it's not only because I'm busy doing stuff that I haven't updated for a while, but I also get a lot of pain from sitting in front of the computer, so I try to limit my time there. Doesn't really work of course, but it's a try.

Apart from grading A LOT and planning next year's semester I'm busy re-making clothes, and also making new ones. Theer are so many that I have to re-make that I try to uphold the rule that I have to re-make one for every new garment I make.

During the weekend I remade one dress and made one new:


And a new one:


The first one is made from vintage cotton which I got from a friend, this is how it looked before.

Today I've graded tests in fashion history but I also re-made a dress that I made five weeks ago and which was way too big. I plan to wear it to Inger's place for Midsummer's eve, so it was high time to fix it. I also made something new: a pair of shorts from light blue cotton twill which I once got from my dad. I made a pattern by drawing after a pair of jeans shorts which are slightly too big and tweaked it. I think they will look very good on, but I didn't have a matching zipper, so I won't know that until tomorrow, or Friday. Tomorrow I'm going to the dietician in the afternoon and in theevening I'm celebrating full moon with my coven, so I'm not sure that I will have the time.

Anyway, running out of time for writing too, time to read for Maja.

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