Feb. 3rd, 2017

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It was very hard to put a headline on this post, because it's just a general update, I'm trying to get into the habit of posting on LJ (almost) daily again. I finished Rickard's birthday shirt yesterday and I also finshed hand sewing and felling the seams on the body pieces of my new mint green Italian kirtle. It's a silk/viscose satin, so you can imagine exact how slippery that fabric is, with the result that I have had to recut pieces while sewing to make thim fit together (the armscyes looked totally different on the left and rigth sides for example), but now it looks rather good. I will hopefully have the energy to cut out the sleeves for it today.
It also has a very different colour from the one it originally had. When the fabric arrived I thought it was too bright and too blue in the colour, but I didn't think there was much I could do about it. Then I tried removing a smudge of dirt on oen of the pieces and found that the fabric became much lighter in the colour.
So I washed it. First the two pieces of the gown by hand in the wash basin, then I took all of it down to the laundry room and washed it on the wool cycle.

it was a lot of extra dye in that fabric:

So now it has a pleasant, much less blue amd less strong green colour.

In other news my GP is going to call me this afternoon. I've left him a message saying that I am lectuering until 3 pm, so hopefully he won't try before that.

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I also got a nice phone call from my GP, and we made plans for how to persuade the people at the sick fund.

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