Feb. 9th, 2017

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Today I was at the hospital for my official weigh in - and I have lost 10,3 kgs since I started this diet on Boxing day.

It is also a good day in many other ways: It's snowing, and just below freezing and very pretty (though I really can't wait for spring to come), and for some reason I just felt better today, so good that I spent part of the morning dancing to old '80s and '90s tunes in my kitchen. In between doing some necessary job stuff. Skipping work (well, sort of) probably also contributed to my general well-being. But the best is the pain being back on a normal level, I hope this continues.

Today it's Gotvik's sewing meeting at my place (I hold them every fortnight) and I look forward to it. I have beads to sew around the neckline of my mint green kirtle, but I don't count on doing much, since I mostly try to help others on these meetings.

I have just put a pie in the oven for the family to eat tonight, so I won't have to cook during the meeting. I put left over bolognese sauce, another pasta sauce with cream, ham and broccoli, some corn and some tomatoes in a pie crust and then poured mixed egg, milk and shredded cheeses over it all. Should be good, and there's much more space in our fridge now.

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