Apr. 4th, 2017

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So, I decided to make a nicer floor for my Past Tents' pavillion, now that we're actually going camping again at this year's Double Was. The fabric is the usual medium blue carbon fibred treated cotton I got from my dad, which lets air, but not water through. But, since I've made inner tents from that farbic for twenty years I decided I want some pattern on it. Seeing all the printed floor cloth in the textile printing SCA-group on facebook may have influenced me a little too ;)

But, they must a) have much bigger stamps than I have, and b) much more space. There's no way I could lay out a floor cloth with a diametre of ca 4 metres anywher in my flat. So it is draped over the kitchen table and I'm printing alternately gold and silver ornamented squares (the same as on this dress)  randomly over the fabric, printing a couple and then letting it dry so I can move the fabric again and prin in the other "colour".

As Rickard said: there will be stuff on most of it anyway :)

But I've find it fun to add other things occasianlly - there's a white owl in one place and a small gold sun in another, and I'm going to add a stag, a fox and some other animals. Just for fun.

I want to be finished soon, however, because I want my table to cut fabric and sew on :)

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