Apr. 18th, 2017

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Last week I started on my new mi-parti gown from blue and white brocade (shown in this post). To my surprise the direction of the pattern was different on the white and dark blue fabric, so I had to do some invisible piecing on the blue, to make it long enough. Unfortunately a lining the pattern made the whole thing a little shorter than I wanted. First I thought about piecing the fabric again, but then I decided to make a ca 4 inch (10 cm)  wide strip of matching white and blue silk dupioni or taffeta, or something else that withstands being dragged at the floor better at the hem.
I'm going to go downtown today to get that fabric.

Yesterday I cut the sleeves and sleeve linings and sewed them to the body of the gown and it looks rather nice. Though the dark room makes funny stuff with colours and the flash likewise ;)

It's actually almost 4 metres (over 4 yards) wide at the hem, but it doesn't show well in the photos. I will put in the orange lining today, and hopefully also the silk strips at the hem. Then I can start on baron Måns' matching gown. I decided to not have any buttons on my sleeves, but he will need them to get his hands through the wrist openings, so I hope that they arrive soon(ish).

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