Apr. 21st, 2017

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 Yesterday was a lost day in terms of writing. I was in too much pain to sit and do any serious work. I did however go to the doctor to check that it wasn't anything serious. And did all the paperwork needed for 50% sick leave. 

Then we had a very nice, and well attended sewing meeting, where I finished my late 13th century mi-parti brocade gown. Even Daniel/Måns, my baron, was there for a short while so I could measure him for his mi-parti gown.
So the end of the day was much better than the rest. But no writing was done.

Today we have this far done laundry and extracted our old, large pavilion from the basement storage and sent it away with a guy who just bought it. There is even some space left over in the storage now, though I doubt that that will last long.

And now I have to start writing.

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 I'm putting off posting about it on my strict costuming blog until I have made Måns' gown too, and have photos of us together, but Rickard took some photos of me today.

It's still shorter than I'd like it to be, mainly because brocade with metallic threads tend to be rather stiff and I didn't take that into account enough. But it's pretty.

Without belt

With belt

The inspiration. Of course I can't go without a veil, not at my age and general respectability ;)

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 It's not particularly good, but I hope that it's at least coherent. I sat working on it for eight hours straight, which I really shouldn't do, and which was achieved only through the help of tramadol. And I didn't dare read it through a final time before sending it ;)

But it is sent away, and I will have a free weekend dammit! Or at least one free day; ideally I should either grade tests, start on the next paper and read a student's thesis.

But on Sunday my friend Alfhild is coming over for calligraphy and illumination, so at least that will be a reasonably work free day.

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