May. 6th, 2017

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On Thursday's sewing meeting at my place I took in my Köstrup viking dress, and today I wore it to Ale Viking market. 

You can see more photos from the market and of the outfit in my costuming blog, here.

I went with my best friend (since 1980) Inger. She doesn't do historical costuming, but since we were paying public we could wear whatever we wanted :)

And here we are:

The market was really good, but we didn't buy much: she bought leather that we're going to make masks from and I bought two roedeer antlers for a mask/headgear. Very pagan shopping, but not so historical. I was tempted by the cooking gear though, and by some of the historical glasses. And by Medeltidsmode's fabric of course, but that's agiven. And she's coming to Double Wars to sell too. 

Eek! Double Wars is only two weeks away and I have so much Real Life Work to do before that!

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