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Somehow I survived this week and after most of the stuff was picked up yesterday, and after I managed to pack all of Rickard's and Maja's stuff in the morning before my lecture today I didn't feel stressed anymore. I haven't done the absolute final packing with sthe stuff I'm bringing with me in teh car tomorrow, and I haven't finished my classnotes. But it's okay, I have some time to work on that tomorrow.

So I spent the evenign on the balcony with Anna, drínking tea and re-making an old liripipe hodd of Maja's, and my old green silk bliaut.
Maja couldn't pull the hood over her head anymore, so I opened it and made buttonholes and sewed on brass buttons.

Then I remade the neck opening on my green silk bliaut. The reason why it had such a deep opening was that I needed to be able to nurse Maja. But now when a) I haven't nursed for ten years and b) I fit into it again I unpicked the trim, shortened it and sewed the slit together.

I'm not bringing it to Double Wars, since Måns and I have chosen the late 13th-early 14th century as our period during our reign, but I might wear it to a picnic in June, which is a less official event.


Apr. 17th, 2017 10:59 am
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I am continuing with this diet I've been since Boxing day and it is going very well, though I am getting very tired of shakes instead of food.

For almost five weeks now I have replaced the breakfast shake with real breakfast, though with strict guidelines for calorie content, and it has been wonderful. Mostly I have two pieces of crisp bread with one boiled egg, tomato and ruccola, and it's really yummy. And I keep losing weight - I started on 98,5 kilos, and now, I'm at c. 73 kilos. And I can wear almost all my old clothes. For some costumes, like my Flemish 16th century I need to lose quite a lot more though, but since I will be on a diet, though less severe, until August, and after that continue to watch my food intake for the rest of my life, I may eventually be able to fit into them again. Right now I think that I would even more like to fit into the green bliaut again.
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Finallt I have finished the embroidery on my new 12th century gown. And sewn silk on the inside to cover the ugly backside. For reasons that I discuss on its own page in my costumign blog, I made the dress first and the embroidery later. More info and images over there.

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An SCA friend asked me yesterday about male headwear for the 12th century. So I looked my collection pf pictures and one thing led to another - so today I wrote a long and image heavy post in my costuming-only-blog. It's here.

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The bliaut is finished, and has a long and detailed page about construction and a theory that I have on trim. Go see!

And that's Mysko of course.
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I'm making another 12th century bliaut. I am even going to make it fitted at the waist, ignoring the fact that I'm way too fat for that style. From a period perspective I mean - I've seen lovely ladies larger than me looking stunnign in bliauts. On the other hand, just being this fat is un-period ;) And surviving a hole where the duodenum connects to the stomach, which I did one year ago. So I'll just give up on any tries to be perfectly period here :)

Anyway, I have already tried out the the contested bliaut-with-a-waist-seam-theory once, and while it was very pretty and worked well I would have preferred a rectangular cut without waist seam and a skirt that widens with gores this time. Unfortunately saris don't come that wide, and since I'm going to use a purple silk sari I will make it with a waist seam.

The fancy part with lots of gold will somehow be used to make a border around the neckhole, but I haven't figured out how yet. For now I'm just starting with sewing the skirt together.
Unlike my green bliaut (linked to above) this one will not have straight panels for the skirt, but slightly gored pieces. Like this:

If anyone wonders why the skirt pieces are made with an upward curve it is to compensate for the fact that I can't curve the skirt at the hem if I want to keep the gold border.
I think it will be pretty. Or maybe handsome, because while the hanging sleeves aren't that common on men in illuminations this is pretty much a unisex style.
St George, looking saintly unkempt in hair and beard, but very fashionable otherwise.

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Eight years ago I starte on a silk tunic for Rickard, inspired by the tunicella of the Holy Roman empire coronation costume. Then I really wanted to make it like the original, I even started making templates in fimo clay for the gold ornaments, so that I could make silicon moulds to cast bronze. (You can read about it here, here, here, here and here.)

This is probably the reason why it never got finished. I made a silk cord with fingerloop braiding and put it all away. Until a few days before Double Wars when I decided that I was goign to wear fancy 12th century garb so was he. So I took the remnants of the zari trim that I had used for his fancy cloak almost as long ago and sewed it on like cuffs. Tom hide some of the zari-ness I put brass bezants on it.

After I came home I continued decorating it, putting glass beads on the cuffs and neck trim, to try and tie them more together colour-wise. I also made silk lucet cords to cover the edges of the trim. And I sewed the ties at the neck, since I actually did find them - you see, a few months ago I moved the cord to a safe place and of course I couldn't find it when we were leaving for Double Wars, so he had to use a brooch to close it.

Yesterday I made him put it on and pose for the camera.

Close-ups of trim )
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I really have way to much to do to write about Double Wars, except that it was really nice as always. Valeria finishes high school tomorrow and I have a reception to clean and cook for and on Thursday i'm holding the final seminar for our candidate students. But I can show you some pictures:

I did manage to finish some new garb:

And I made new headwear for my blue 16th century Scandinavian outfit and got some good photos of me wearing it:

The back, plus close-up of headwear )
 And assorted photos from court and gerneal hanging at the site and from the day at Hovdala castle where we participated, such as this one showing hubby looking handsome at the Hovdala archery contest:

Lots more )
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I didn't think that I would have time to do this challenge, which was to make a historic version of clothes that could have been worn by a character in a fairy tale, since this is the time when applications for research founding within the humanities are due. I had lots of ideas, none of them involving fairies. Even J.R.R. Tolkien declared that "Fairy tale" wasn't a good name for the genre, since most of them don't have any fairies in them. Eventually I ended up with what can be interpreted as c. 1150, probably Germany, or 19th century does medieval. Then I had to decide wich "fairy tale" and I decided to make something from the Arthurian legends, which always seem to come in a 12th century package in my mind, probably much due to artists such as Edmund Blair Leighton:

My favourite Arthurian 19th century painting, by John Collier:

They also have the advantage that there are women in the who don't fall into the two categories young, beautiful maiden on one hand, and old ugly witch, on the other hand. There are actually middle aged women in them. I decided to go for Morgause, queen of Lothian (or Orkney, or Norway, depending on story), Arthur's sister or aunt (depending on version). She had four sons, and I think that she might also have gotten a little plump in her middle age.

The new thing is the overgown, which is made from a large bedspread or table cloth, probably of Thai origin, that I found at the salvation Army. The blue fabric is silk and I have sewn a broad lace trim in "gold" thread on it and then glass beads. Lace isn't period, but I didn't have that much time and you can either pretend that it's some kind of couched gold thread embroider, or a 19th century theatre costume. In which case it wouldn't matter.
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I made a gallery with photos from "Lady Ragnhild's Collegium".

Maja, me and Lady Astrid sewing.

A photo

Sep. 20th, 2009 09:34 am
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We're back from the event and it was really nice. The weather was wonderful and though I didn't get to hear them I'm sure the lectures were really interesting. I spent msot of the time with Maja and sometimes Valeria, but I managed to give my lecture and to finish Maja's 12th century dress. Valeria's was finished a week a go and is remade from one of my old early 14th century sleeved surcoats and I wore a really old woollen dress in a colour I adore. I think we represent our different ages in a reasonable way: Maja's dress is luxurious, but not laced, Valeria is wearing a laced highly fashionable gown and I'm wearing a dress with a looser fit and without the hanging sleeps, looking a bit more matronly. The current king and queen are doing 12th century so that's why I wanted us to all wear clothes from that period for the banquet.
Anyway, I'll write more later, here's the photo, taken by [ profile] jehanearbonne:

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As you may remember I had decided to sell off some clothes during Visby medieval week.
It went okay. The red corset was sold to my friend Malin and it fit her just perfect. The grey effigy corset wasn't sold, so I brought it home. Neither was the short grey corset, so I donated it to the auction to raise money for the Prince' and Princess' traveling fund. It was bought by a lady in a quite nice Tudor dress and french hood. My grey jacket was bought by the queen of Nordrike and this dress

was bought by [ profile] historian31, aka Teddy's friend Paul. I wasn't there when he tried it on, but according to both him and hubby it fit him, and I'm sure he looked much less dumpy in it. (This was short after the birth of Maja.)

I bought fabric, a cheap recorder for Maja, hand made sewing needles, indigo dyed silk yarn and a flea fur (whole, dead marten) for the money.
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to say that yesterday I finished my cute 19th century shift with inserted lace and all. All hand sewn, because I felt like it. And since I'm aiming for the 1840s-1850s machine sewing isn't period. And anyway, underwear were hand sewn at home into the 20th century. But mostly I did it because I felt like it, I mean I have machine seams on my medieval garb, so I'm not a hand sewing purist. I also unpicked seams on my corset and decided that I'm not going to have the extra boning in front that [ profile] jenthompson has, because I like the corset to be less rigid there so it can curve in at the waist. So now I need to sew the basque on again in front, where I have cut some away and add boning channels on the left half of the corset and then bind the edges. Hopefully this should get done tomorrow. Today I was social with Anna, so I didn't do any machine sewing but started hemming my royal blue silk chiffon veil that I plan to wear with my 12th century (and earlier) clothing. She was busy making a pattern for the 18th century riding jacket in PoF that she's going to make to use as a mundane jacket (with some alterations, since she's not going to take up wearing a corset every day). I also sorted the fabric in my big white cupboard and found some nice medium blue thin cotton jacquard I'm going to use for a new blouse.
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There is some stupid trouble with uploading stuff on the account that has the first page, the costume gallery etc, hopefully it will sort itself out. Anyhow, thanks to my darling husband who's been taking care of kids and household this evening, there is now a page on the green bliaut. Hopefully you can see it, or else I will kill myself, or Comhem my internet provider.
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The green silk bliaut is finally finished. The trim is attached around the pendant sleeves and the neck and front slit. I can tell you that sewing 5-6 cm wide stiff trim to extremely flimsy habotai silk is not an enjoyable task. But now it's done and I've folded the dress and put it in a chest. I will not start on the linen chainse until I've done some more on my new 16th century corset and my knitted shawl. I'm also going to do a garibaldi-style blouse (you have to scroll down the page) from some checked fabric I have, dominantly white with thin stripes in light green and black. I will make it similar to the upper part of the shift from my folk costume, which is based on a shirt that was made in 1844. It will be mostly done on my machine however. I plan to use it both with modern and victorian clothing.
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I just finished the lacing holes and tried on my new bliaut. And it's soo sexy. The defined waist and the rounded hips that are caused by the pleated on skirt gives it a sort of pre-raphaelite look, a more curvy medieval style. Usually I make bliauts in one piece and with gores, but there is enough evidence for the pleated on skirt to convince me that it existed too, although not so wide-spread as the "normal" type, and the result is great!
now I just have to put on the trim around the sleeves and around the neck.
Before I can take pictures of it I have to make a new girdle and a chainse to wear under it. But I know this dress will be wonderful. The only thing that I'm worried about is that it is made from thin habotai and though it has no problem taking the strain of lacing i'm afraid it will get caught in things and damaged. Well, it's partly a test piece so that won't be a total disaster, but I hope it won't happen.
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I have now made 32 lacing holes. It also turned out the total sum is 76, not 80, so I only need to make another 44. I had planned to sew during my lunch break today, but I forgot my needle! The corset piece is here, all nicely pinned together, but I have no needle.
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I have now (yesterday night) made 6 lacing holes in my green silk bliaut. Only 74 to go!
Apart from that Maja has been awake almost all night so I'm probably staying home from work to sleep today and make it up in hours tomorrow and on friday. she had a lot of gas and woke crying all the time.
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Yesterday was spent in a very frivolous way. Rickard and I had thai take-away together with Anna and Kristian and another friend called B-M. Since we almost never it take away, we maybe have pizza together with the kids three times a year, but never on our own this was a very special occasion that made me feel very frivolous considering the price of take-away compared to home-cooking. It was really good food too. Then we played Puerto Rico, a board game I hadn't tried before all five of us, before watching Shrek, which was on TV and Rickard and B-M hadn't seen.
Maja was being happy and adorable and I even started on my green silk bliaut since I needed some hand-sewing to do while watching the movie. Before all this Anna had helped me fit the under-bodice for the 1901 reception dress. I had made my second toile that was too small from the pattern in PoF and was feeling a bit frustrated. It is also very hard to do any fitting on oneself while wearing that corset. For one you don't see anything below the bust.But we added lots of fabric over the ribcage and bust area and she pinned it to me so now it fits perfectly. So today if I'm not in too much pain I have to go out and get ca 20 m pink satin bias tape and 10 metres each of two widths of pink satin ribbon + some thin boning and sewing thread in the right shade. This will be an expensive dinner party.
I really should be sleeping some more since Maja is asleep but my body hurts too much for that.
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has now got a page of it's own with more pictures, documentation and such. Enjoy!

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