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 I'm putting off posting about it on my strict costuming blog until I have made Måns' gown too, and have photos of us together, but Rickard took some photos of me today.

It's still shorter than I'd like it to be, mainly because brocade with metallic threads tend to be rather stiff and I didn't take that into account enough. But it's pretty.

Without belt

With belt

The inspiration. Of course I can't go without a veil, not at my age and general respectability ;)

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Last week I started on my new mi-parti gown from blue and white brocade (shown in this post). To my surprise the direction of the pattern was different on the white and dark blue fabric, so I had to do some invisible piecing on the blue, to make it long enough. Unfortunately a lining the pattern made the whole thing a little shorter than I wanted. First I thought about piecing the fabric again, but then I decided to make a ca 4 inch (10 cm)  wide strip of matching white and blue silk dupioni or taffeta, or something else that withstands being dragged at the floor better at the hem.
I'm going to go downtown today to get that fabric.

Yesterday I cut the sleeves and sleeve linings and sewed them to the body of the gown and it looks rather nice. Though the dark room makes funny stuff with colours and the flash likewise ;)

It's actually almost 4 metres (over 4 yards) wide at the hem, but it doesn't show well in the photos. I will put in the orange lining today, and hopefully also the silk strips at the hem. Then I can start on baron Måns' matching gown. I decided to not have any buttons on my sleeves, but he will need them to get his hands through the wrist openings, so I hope that they arrive soon(ish).

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I re-made it! I'd better not get that weight back again now :)

The lighting is wonky, since it's dark both outside and inside now.

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I've written a long blog post (or at least image heavy) on high waisted fashions of the late 13th century and the first half of the 14th century in Italy. I have also reached the conclusion that some of them actually must have very high waist seams. it doesn't fit with anything I have learned this far, but I can't explain away images like this.

Blog post.
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Last Thursday I took the tram to another part of town to get mroe plywood, and now both boxes are finished:

More photos )

On Sunday Rickard, Maja and I went to Gotvik's fighter practice before taking a walk through Gothenburg's biggest parking, catching pokémon. It was a glorius day and the trees and the leaves made me all giddy with their beauty.
The reason for the trip was, however, to deliver my 40-years present to Daniel, the baron: the pair of ermine patterned hand sewn linen braies:

Here modeled by Rickard. Info and documetnation can be found in my other blog.

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Spring Crown was held at Rockelstad castle. The oldest parts of the castle are from the 17th century and it has a beautiful park by a lake. On their web page you can read about the history of the place and see more photos.

Me posing before the castle after breakfast, which was in the old brewing house by the lake. The yellow house is the old bowling alley.

More )
I didn't take many photos. And actually Valeria took all the photos of me :)
But if you want more, which you certainly do, have a look at Jessica Granath's photo album on facebook. She took lots of photos both of the tourney and from inside the castle. The family still lives in it, but it was open for visitors one hour. I didn't get to see it then, because I was busy judging A&S comeptition entries, but I hope that we will have events there again.
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I finished Baron Måns' tunic today. Since he's away doing RPG at GothCon, and I wouldn't ask him to come here an model besides - I'll get photos next weekend when we wear it - I asked Valeria to do some modeling:

She's bout seven centimetres shorter and has both narrower shoulders and shorter arms, but you get the general idea :)

The tunic is split at the front and back. I had intended to only do one band of embroidery, like on my gown, but some research revealed that if they had a border it was at the hem, around the neck and sleeves. I wrote about it here. So it took a little longer to make than my gown.
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Sine I last updated I have finished most of the embroidery on Måns' matching, split wool tunic. What remains now is the sleeves and I count on finishing them next week.

I have also started on a dress for my friend Caroline's traditional "Blåkulla-party" on Thursday next week. According to Swedish folklore witches flies to a hill/mointain called Blåkulla on Maundy Thursday or Holy Saturday, depnedign on which part of the country you come from. Here in the southwest it's really Holy Saturday, but Thursday fits better for a party. It's not a pagan party, more a reaction to wiccans and witches always getting questions about what we/they do at Easter, because of the abovementioned folk tradition. So we explain that it's a Christian holiday nad has nothing to do with us. But, since no pagan traditions celebrate Easter and people are still (usually) free from work on Good Friday it is an excellent time to hold a mixed pagan/occultist/juste generally interested party with the folk traditions as inspiration.

It's from red cotton muslin that I bought cheaply when I was in London last tiem and I have used a cut out template to decorate it with stags, owls, acorns, pine cones and oak leaves in gold and silver textile paint. Then I made flowers and feathers and stars and spirlas with glittery paint. It is rather boring work, but listened to Harry Potter on audio book while doing it. Fixing the paint is of course even more boring, since every motif has to be ironed for five minutes, but I usually bring a book and sit down on the bed next to the ironing board when I do thigns like that. I have already done the bodice and sleeve parts,so "only" the skirt pieces remain.

I probably ought to work, because I have deadlines on one article and got the peer review back on another one, but I knwo that I won't make it through next week of work if I don't rest during the weekend. Especially since we celebrate the Vernal Equinox tomorrow, which is fun, but takes physical energy.

The weather is nice and sunny, so I think I'm going to sit down on the balcony and have some tea and start on that embroidery.

I have written one blog post about 13th century women's headwear since last time, it's here.

I have also fixed four rather ugly cheap porcelain dolls that I bought on flea markets when Valeria and Vendela were little. They're much better now, but need new clothes. Some photos from this project, though no finished ones:

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Now you can find a page bout the embroidered gown here.
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And this evening I will cut out Mån's matching gown. Wool, embroidered with cotton - it was impossible for me to get hold of a suitable silk yarn within resonable time. I comfort myself with the fact that there was cotton in Europe in the Middle Ages, though not very common.

I will make a page about it with documentation and more photos in my costume blog later. I've written about my striped and lined veil there previously.
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My friend Alfhild took really good photos from the event. I also took some of my faminly. Here you are!

Me and Måns swearing on the baronial coronets:

More )

Mine/my family's:

Lady Elisabetj tablet weaving:

More )
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So, for the ceremony I was bare headedand since my only reaches just below my shoulders I invested in som fake hair (the kind you clip in).Again, I hop Alfhild has many pretty pictures, these were taken in the basement with our rather crappy camera.

Looking happy with the princess.
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I'm home form the event. Maja wanted to leave just after the feast and I was tired. My friend Alfhild de Foxley took good photos of us, and tomorrow I wil hopefully get some of them. But here's one, after the ceremony, before the feast. In the basement, where we slept.

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I really want to blog aboput all the things that I have made for the investiture and so on, but I can't since it's a secret until then. But then I realized that no-one on my friends' list is going to be theer, so i can show stuff here:

Måns and I will have matching 13th century outfits. this is mine. Indian silk brocade.

scrolls for the previous baron and baroness: The order of the Ancient Dolphin (fro retired barons and baronesses)

A wool pouch with an applied wool fleur de lis and silk lining. I am making opouches liek this for the two male autocrats, and the female autocrat plus the two head cooks will get purses from the same brocade as we have in our tunics. I'm not being gender stereotypcal here, but going on what I think that they will actually use. The models will also be adapted to the time periods they mostly wear.

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So, a frined and I have decide to run for baron and baroness in our little barony of Gotvik, principality of Nordmark, kingdom of Drachenwald. Sicen he said that he wantd to wear 2dersses" I ahve temprarily put my 16th century (and 15th century) projects aside to get back to one of the periods that I have doen the most: the 13th and early 14th century.

This far I have made a new veil, gone through my garb from this period, bought wool, and silk lining for tunics and ordered silk brocade for another tunic.

But most of all I have collected more images and written a lot of (mostly) research-y blog posts.

I made a silk brocade pouch

Patterned clothes in the 13th and early 14th century

Some coloured and patterned veils in the 13th and early 14th century

More lined veils

13th century underwear

Fancy, patterned braies in the 13th century

My murrey sleeved 13th century surcoat

A 13th century striped veil and blue silk cotte that I made

Par vestimentorum - a set of clothes

Clothing in Isabella de Bruce' trosseau from 1293

I also finally finished my Isabella di Toledo silk stockings.
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In September I got this really bad cold, which lasted for four weeks, when all I could do was to try to hang on to my teaching.  Then my arthritis got really bad and all I could do was basically to survive the pain. Now I am back on the meds that game me the holes in my stomach and duodenum :( I'm eating medication aganst ulcers and we're hoping for the best. But I just couldn't continue, the way it was, it was impossible to sit in front of the computer and thus also to work.

I have been updating my costuming blog some, but mostly I've been either taking walks or sitting on the couch, hand sewing. Or by the table making scrolls, since I have gotten a new obsession apparently.

My costuming efforts can be found in the aforementioned blog:

A red wams/doublet and hat, worn with a kirtle based on one of the patterns in Drei Schnittbücher.

A wams/doublet and skirt based on a pattern in the same book. Plus a bodice to be worn under the wams.

A gardecorps for Maja.

Maja and I wore some of our new garments at an event last weekend.

The there was the scrolls - som of them are older, but I don't think that I have shown them before. I also have some that are secret still.

My very first attempt at illumination:

More scrolls )

Today Alfhild, who's head of Nordmark's scribes is coming over to pick up a scroll and hang out. I can't decide if I'm going to prepare some sewing or if I'm going to knit on my silk Eleonora stockings, or if I'm going to start on another scroll ;)
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The Ashmolean museum has a fine collection of printed cotton textiles from the 13th centuries onward. These are the 16th century ones, which unfortunately are fewer than the ones from the previous centuries. The are all found in Egypt.

Two photos

Aug. 12th, 2008 08:49 am
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There will be a story about this year's Visby medieval week too, but I'm busy working, unpacking and doing laundry, so it will take a few days.
Here are, however, two photos.

Me and Rickard at the market )

Valeria and Maja before the princely investiture )
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My daughter Valeria in the reconstructed St. Clare tunic.
Enter )
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Reconstruction finished, photos taken.
My daughter Vendela wearing it: )

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