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 I'm back from Double Wars and I had a wonderful time. We came home last night and since then we have been busy unpacking, mending torn clothes, etc, so Ihaven't got the energy to write about it.  I have, however, posted lots of photos over at my costuming blog, here.

When unpacking I also went through some old clothes and tried them on. This one is from 1998.

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Yesterday we had sewing meeting at my place and my friend Anna helped me even out the hem of my mint green kirtle. The satin had been stretching like crazy (cutting it was a nightmare) and finally we decided that the best we could do was that I put it on and she cut the fabric while I wore it - pinning it would have been useless, sincethe fabric would have moved in all directions when I took the kirtle off and put it on the table.

To stabilize it I used a cotton bias tape to hem it, like I had done around the neck line. While cotton bias tape certainly isn't period, using tape or strips of fabric to stabalize things is. It's all hand sewn anyway - I would have haed to sew this fabric on machine.

These are just quick photos, I put on a slightly supportive shift (that badly needs ironing, if you see lumps showing through the satin) and hubby took some quick photos. No headwear or anything, just shift and kirtle.

mintgrön kjortel färdig2

When I have forgotten how much I hated cutting the kirtle I will start on the surcoat from the same fabric. It may take a week or so ;)

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Maja didn't really need more clothes right now, but then I bought this lovely, soft and draping yellow wool from Italienska Modetyger at a sewing faire. I bought all there was, but it was in no way enough for a gown. So mi-parti it had to be, and with Maja's arms being in red and yellow, red wool was an easy choice. It's no way near as soft as the yellow wool, but since the whole gown is lined with blue silk habotai even a kid may be able to wear it without dying from wool itchiness ;) (Except the yellow sleeve, I ran out of fabric and had to use red habotai in that one - contrast was important in the Middle Ages, so of course I couldn't use red in the red sleeve.)

The cut, which skims the body, but isn't tight, and the modest neckline would probably place this one in the 1330s or thereabout.

Now I'm going to rip of the skirt from Måns' waffenrock and replace it. And make Pies of Paris for dinner.
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Today my mint green silk viscose blend (so I like regenerated cellulose, so shoot me ;) Besides I can't always afford 100% silk) arrived from Pure silks arrived. That means that I can make a mid 14th century Italian outfit  in a colour scheme reminding all Swedes of the Liseberg bunnies.

Liseberg is a local (in my case very local, it can't be more than 300 metre to the entrance, and I can see a lot fo teh attractions from my kitchen window) and still I didn't even think of this until my sister said it :)
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It was finished last week, but I needed to have some photos taken of course.

More photos, info and discussion over here.
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Yesterday teh person handlign my case contacted me and after a discussion over the phone wich made me very unhappy we at least sorted some of the stuff. It was partly due to me not filling otu a form that I had forgotten that I should fill in - I was really sick after all - and partly die to my GP not writing a good enough certificate. She claims that she has sent me a letter abotu that, but none has reached me. Maybe she has, maybe she had forgotten all about me and was improvising, so she didn't have to say that. In any case, I will receivie some of the money tomorrow, and hopefully more when my GP has given more info to her.

The long time worries are that you're not supposed to be on sick leave for this long, it should change to something more permanent, or you should go back to work. And I have just done a month long evaluation by a doctor, a physical therapist, a work therapist and a psychologist, resulting in a 35 pages report which shiows taht I will not get any better than I am now. When I asked her about it over the phone shoie, however, claimed that it said that I had no physical hinders to work full time, it was just stress, and that if I just changed jobs i could work 100%. There is no way she could have itnerpreted what is written in that report that way, if she had read it. So either she has not read it and, again, improvised, or she has read it and can't understand what it says. In any case it means trouble for me, because, unfortunately, when applying for permanent disability her opinion is guiding for those who make the decision.

I am going to write a letter to her superiors, asking for someone else to take over my case, but it wil take some time, since I am, as you and everyone except her, knows am sick.

But, I have the best husband and the best friends, so I try not to despair. With reasonable success. I love you [ profile] clothsprogs.

I have also borrowed some books and fell totally in love with this Italian outfit from the 1330s.
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Well, as it's a fairly basic A-line gown I can of course wear it as a c.1330 mi.parti gown from any part of catholic Europe really, but I am wearing it the Italian way, with a tie under the bust. It is all hand sewn from thin wool.

Discussiona and documentation over at my costume blog.
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I've written a long blog post (or at least image heavy) on high waisted fashions of the late 13th century and the first half of the 14th century in Italy. I have also reached the conclusion that some of them actually must have very high waist seams. it doesn't fit with anything I have learned this far, but I can't explain away images like this.

Blog post.
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I know quite a few of my lj-friends crosspost their blog psots from other sites to lj - is there a simple way to do that, aside from copy paste?

It would be useful since I now put my research on costume in a seperate blog, and I often forget to mention it here when I have written something.

Anway, latest:

A survey of Italian women's 14th century surcoats with split sides.

Headwear for women in Italy ca 1300-1350

7/8 length sleeves in - you guessed it: 14th century Italy.

I printed on an existing gown and it looks really good.
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I have been really bad the last weeks, especially the week that just ended. Friday, when I should have celebrated (a late) Samhain with my coven I insted spent lying on my acupuncture mat wondering if I was going to become as ill as three years ago. Luckily I didn't, and I am a lot better than that now. Not good enough to work, but I can actually sit up and sew, and cook. Sitting in front of the computer causes more pain though, so I try to stay away from it. I'm on sick leave for a month and hopefully it will get better well before that, since I have lectures to give.

But I have made a new gown and a few silk veils. I have recently become obsessed with 14th century Italian fashions, esepcially from the first half of the century (as proven by my Pinterest activity), and this is the first of what I fear will be many 14th century Italian gowns.

Another photo )
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I wrote a blog post about two garlands that I made with fake pearls and glass beads. You can see it here.

One of them:

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I had an absolutely lovely time at Visby Medieval Week. Two and a half day was in a way perfect. If it had been shorter I wouldn't had time to hang with so many friends, but if it had been longer I had begun longing for living in a tent and experiencing the whole week for real. Now I was just a visitor and enjoyed the little that I could get.
It was a bit weird sleeping indoors, but I had a lovely time at Renika's and Styrr's place. it was also weird not having either kids or husband with me - I had no-one that I was responsible for except myself. So I lived on bread and smoked sausages, and beer.

Tece de Kaxtone and [ profile] helwig in camp.

See more... )
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Spring Crown was held at Rockelstad castle. The oldest parts of the castle are from the 17th century and it has a beautiful park by a lake. On their web page you can read about the history of the place and see more photos.

Me posing before the castle after breakfast, which was in the old brewing house by the lake. The yellow house is the old bowling alley.

More )
I didn't take many photos. And actually Valeria took all the photos of me :)
But if you want more, which you certainly do, have a look at Jessica Granath's photo album on facebook. She took lots of photos both of the tourney and from inside the castle. The family still lives in it, but it was open for visitors one hour. I didn't get to see it then, because I was busy judging A&S comeptition entries, but I hope that we will have events there again.
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Some people that I know have a blog called "The Medieval Hunt". They have made this both good and funny guide to ways to wear your hood 14th and 15th century style. With documentation and awesome musical choices.


Mar. 4th, 2014 06:37 pm
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In a facebook post some days ago I said that it's only when you start trying to make a bra pattern that you realize how enormous your boobs are. Well they are, but I think the Lengberg bra -dress will work, with a smocked shirt and a dress over it.  Since visual sources from the period seem to favour boobs close to the armpits I tried to at least not press them together. But making a good bra from these finds is rather complicated when you have both large boobs and a ribcage which is much wider at teh lowest rib than o both under and over the bust.
But, as I said, I think it will work to get the right silhouette.

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I've uploaded lots of photos from the SCA event we went to from Wednesday to Sunday (today) to Photobucket. You find them here.  Here's one of me and Rickard at Hovdala castle, looking like we usually do on these events, except that I'm fatter than I used to be.

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The Ashmolean museum has a fine collection of printed cotton textiles from the 13th centuries onward. These are the 16th century ones, which unfortunately are fewer than the ones from the previous centuries. The are all found in Egypt.
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It is very satisfying when a friend calls out on facebook askingif anyone has any 14th century images of peopel in clothes and you can answer: 459 MB, where do I send them?
It's really a pain sending them though since our e-mail system is being troublesoem even with small portions at the time.

In other news I bought a pair of very pretty knickers today. And another pair which wasn't as pretty on as I hade hoped.
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I remade an old a-line tunic of hers, made from heavy wool, to a shorter overdress for her gothic fitted dress:

And her saxon court dress now only lacks sleeves and brustfleck: )

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