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And turned, in this case, since the print really wasn't historical enough. Lots of images here

I've written a short blog post about Italian 15th century coifs here.

The photos are taken by the hospital next to where we live. 19th century architecture can apparently work well as background for Italian renaissance to
And after the photo shoot we raided at the gym there and I finally got an Articuno. Probably the only time someone played Pokémon Go in renaissance clothes around here.

In other news: The holiday was very nice, I bought 15 metres of cotton fabric: 5 metres for curtains in the kitchen (we have three windows, one rather large), 4 metres for a white late 18th century round gown, because obviously I need one of those. I have som printed chintz to use for an open robe over it, cotton broadcloth for a wrap skirt, since I only have one neutral knee length summer skirt that fits me. Patchwork hippie skirts, or ric-rac in abundance is fine, but sometimes you need something more neutral. I also got white, thin cotton broadcloth if I need to make another regency petticoat. Or something. And 2 metres of cotton wit a Halloween print that I hemmed on machine to make it a table cloth for our traditional Halloween dinner.

The first thing I did when we got home on Friday evening was to wash all the fabric and on Saturday I made that skirt.

röd omlottkjol

The blouse is another holiday find: The Salvation Army's 2nd hand shops have racks with blouses for 39 SEK (c. 4,7 dollars) and I bought this one, which is from H&M, and one that I don't think has ever been used, made from white linen.


BTW, here are my holiday photos.

While on Holiday we went to a large, traditional market, where I got lots of cotton hankies, good quality bed sheets, some red and white striped piping, a heart shaped baking tin and two straw hats which will be partly unraveled and made into bonnets.


Some of the fabric was bought at Tygladan, which is close to my home village, and some was bought at Kristinedals fabriker, which not only had lots of nice, cheap fabric, but also used to be a mill making both wool and cotton/linen yarn for weaving.


This was when we visited our friends Kristina and Jonas, who just happened to have this in their barn :)


I did some sewing while on holiday too: I hand sewed most of a new shift for Valeria, it's going to have embroidery at all the seams, and along the sleeves, so I can't add the sleeves until I've made that embroidery. I'm getting supplies for that today. And when I had done as much as I could on the shift I started embroidering on my regency gown again, and I think it will a) be finished for the picninc on the 2nd of September and b) be really pretty.
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Possibly. I may add another row of metallic braid around the edges of the gold trim.

Anyway, I have now sewn around all the edges of the gold trim with sewing silk. I have also made 46 lacing holes, half of them through both fabric and trim, as on the original. It wasn't as bad I thought that it woudl be.

So yThursday, at the Gotvik sewing meweting Valeria tried it on. She fluctuates a lot in weight, so it is a little big, but I don't know if I am going to take it in and inch or so (in total). I won't do it until we have tried it on with a full linen shift instead of a slinky t-shirt in any case.

I am also going to attach another lining on the inside so that the threads from sewing down the trim isn't visible, and that will also add some bulk.

As you can see it it s little long at the sides, but that will be remedied when I attach the skirt, in the back it looks just perfect.

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My work on Valeria's Eleonora di Toledo gown procedes slowly, but steadily. It does take time to stitch around all the edges of that trim. Thank the Gods that there are so many Drizzt Do'Urden audio books :)

Yesterday the brocade and lining for mine and baron Måns' new outfits finally arrived too.
Behind cut )

The plan is to finish these for Double Wars, in the end of May. However, I have plenty of stuff to do before that, so we'll see. Maybe Valeria's will be finished then too, though it isn't much of  a camping outfit.
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On Friday I started on a knitted flatcap/barrett. I used [ profile] mmcnealy's pattern based on an Italian barrett from the wreck of the ship Gagiana.The pattern can be found on her web site for free!

It's very simple, and a quick knit. Since I was at an event most of the weekend I couldn't knit as much as I would have done at home (there was, after all, court to plan, and to hold :) ). And still I finished it Yesterday.

I used a worsted weight yarn bought cheaply at a supermarket some years ago and 4,5 mm needles (US #7). The barrett was fulled in the washing machine on 60 degrees Celsius.

I am extremely happy with it.
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It took one of my firends less than a minute to guess ;)

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I just blogged about a lovely fringed lace that I bought in Bologna last September, over at my costuming blog.And about preserve Italian lace with a fringe.

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Spring Crown was held at Rockelstad castle. The oldest parts of the castle are from the 17th century and it has a beautiful park by a lake. On their web page you can read about the history of the place and see more photos.

Me posing before the castle after breakfast, which was in the old brewing house by the lake. The yellow house is the old bowling alley.

More )
I didn't take many photos. And actually Valeria took all the photos of me :)
But if you want more, which you certainly do, have a look at Jessica Granath's photo album on facebook. She took lots of photos both of the tourney and from inside the castle. The family still lives in it, but it was open for visitors one hour. I didn't get to see it then, because I was busy judging A&S comeptition entries, but I hope that we will have events there again.
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It is too big, but that doesn't really matter, since the reason why I am making it right now is that Maja and her friends are doing a short play set in the 16th century. Maja has her red gown, but her friend Alva needed one too, and she's bigger, so she can use it now and quite soon Maja will grow into it anyway. I just hope that she wonn't be too tall for it, but I could always a piece fo fabric at the hem. I used all the fabric that  I had for the gown, so the skirt just couldn't be any longer.

Crappy photos, but she had already taken it off when I noticed that, so here you are:

And I didn't tie the laces properly.
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My friend Alfhild took really good photos from the event. I also took some of my faminly. Here you are!

Me and Måns swearing on the baronial coronets:

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Mine/my family's:

Lady Elisabetj tablet weaving:

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So, a frined and I have decide to run for baron and baroness in our little barony of Gotvik, principality of Nordmark, kingdom of Drachenwald. Sicen he said that he wantd to wear 2dersses" I ahve temprarily put my 16th century (and 15th century) projects aside to get back to one of the periods that I have doen the most: the 13th and early 14th century.

This far I have made a new veil, gone through my garb from this period, bought wool, and silk lining for tunics and ordered silk brocade for another tunic.

But most of all I have collected more images and written a lot of (mostly) research-y blog posts.

I made a silk brocade pouch

Patterned clothes in the 13th and early 14th century

Some coloured and patterned veils in the 13th and early 14th century

More lined veils

13th century underwear

Fancy, patterned braies in the 13th century

My murrey sleeved 13th century surcoat

A 13th century striped veil and blue silk cotte that I made

Par vestimentorum - a set of clothes

Clothing in Isabella de Bruce' trosseau from 1293

I also finally finished my Isabella di Toledo silk stockings.
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In September I got this really bad cold, which lasted for four weeks, when all I could do was to try to hang on to my teaching.  Then my arthritis got really bad and all I could do was basically to survive the pain. Now I am back on the meds that game me the holes in my stomach and duodenum :( I'm eating medication aganst ulcers and we're hoping for the best. But I just couldn't continue, the way it was, it was impossible to sit in front of the computer and thus also to work.

I have been updating my costuming blog some, but mostly I've been either taking walks or sitting on the couch, hand sewing. Or by the table making scrolls, since I have gotten a new obsession apparently.

My costuming efforts can be found in the aforementioned blog:

A red wams/doublet and hat, worn with a kirtle based on one of the patterns in Drei Schnittbücher.

A wams/doublet and skirt based on a pattern in the same book. Plus a bodice to be worn under the wams.

A gardecorps for Maja.

Maja and I wore some of our new garments at an event last weekend.

The there was the scrolls - som of them are older, but I don't think that I have shown them before. I also have some that are secret still.

My very first attempt at illumination:

More scrolls )

Today Alfhild, who's head of Nordmark's scribes is coming over to pick up a scroll and hang out. I can't decide if I'm going to prepare some sewing or if I'm going to knit on my silk Eleonora stockings, or if I'm going to start on another scroll ;)

Busy days

Sep. 12th, 2015 10:47 am
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So, what has happened since last time:

I've done some sewing and some knitting.

Started on a new 16th century bodice.

Made a gardecorps for Maja

And a 16th century German roll and cap.

And a doublet/wams from [ profile] mmcnealys book.

Most of all I have however been ill, a cold that just won't give up combined with a flare in my arthritis. I've done my teachign and I'm working an a presentation that I am going to give in Florence next Saturday.

I have also taken part in some demosntrations and work for the Syrian refugees arriving in Sweden, though not much due to that blasted cold, mostly monetary help. Which, on the other hand is what is needed mostly: money and time, not used clothing.

I also finally finished the sauna for my dolls house, so now the bathroom is totally finished.

My cold is slowly getting better so my plans for today is to make book case for the dolls house, work on my presentation some more and then attend a demonstration for safe routes to Europe for the refugees, the abolishment of the Dublin regulation and the law that makes transportation companies liable for refugees not granted asulym, which is why people fleeing are not allowed to buy a flight or ferry ticket, but are forced into rickety boats on the Mediterranean or being smuggled in trucks or in containers.
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I am blaming holidays, followed by our annual wiccan gathering in the woods and then a conference on 18th century history in Rotterdam I loved Rotterdam and took loads of photos of buildings, go here to check them out). But I've also been doing more blogging in my blogspots blog, because it's easier to put photos there.

But a recap:

Finished the velvet dress and took photos at a late 15th century castle not too far from here. I made a page for it that you can see here. The velvet partlet turned out too big, but I have already taken it in.

I made a sheer coif and wired cap from silk organza that I bought from [ profile] aclisto a decade ago or so:

Inspiration was a Swedish 16th century portrait, but then I found  one that looked even more like mine, but with puffs of hair at the ears instead of a coif.

I have also started working on a 17th century gown. I guess it was only a matter of time before spending so much time researching 17th cnetury dress would get to me. But it DID take three years before I actually decided to make one. The decision was prompted by the fact that there's a 17th century themed festival at a nearby castle, so that I have somewhere to wear it.

The skirt is made, and beautifully modelled with a 1940s house dress worn under it, and I'm working on the bodice.

Finally I had an absolutely lovely visit by [ profile] mmcnealy on Moday and Tuesday. We got to be really academically nerdy together and I also dragged her for a 7,5 miles walk around the historic parts of Gothenburg.Then she left for Visby medieval week, where she's giving classes.
But yesterday I got ther book, which may lead to hubby getting Hungarian or Polish 16th century garb.
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it really is a lovely, soft velvet to work with, not a stiff as many cotton velvets and with a short nap, which is more period. My frist gown from it is a German/Scandinavian dress that is to be worn with a damask apron and a short waistcoat/long partlet from velvet. I plan to take photos of the whole outfit when I go to a 16th century manor house on Saturday.

You can read a lot more about the dress in my costuming blog, here, here and here. More photos too.

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Yesterday I went to the storage of the Gothenburg Historical museum to look at some clothing from the 17th and 16th century. I have written about it in my historicla costumes blog - it's here. I also finished deciphering one of the shop inventories from 17th century Gothenburg that I have found. I would like to do some more of that today, but I must write an abstract for a conference on Early Modern clothing this September.

In the afternoon I am going to visit a studio where they conserve textiles and other archaelogical finds, and hopefully I will get to see two 16th century leather sleeves recently excavated here in Gothenburg.
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I finished the short coat today, just before some guests arrived. This, and the fact that I have only one gown in the right style that I fit into, and that one is a shade of bright blue that clashes with the teal damask, made me just throw on a wool skirt, a partlet, my blingy pearl embrodiered cap and a bonnet to snap some photos.

Eventually I will have a new, more upper class dress in a colour that goes with teal, but I couldn't wait for that to happen before showing the finished coat in the blog. it won't get its own page until the whole outfit is finished, however.

I do not, in fact, plan to bring any 16th century costumes to Double Wars, I'll probably bring only 10th-12th century garb. Yes, not even bringing my precious Manesse style favourites.

In the right photo you can see that I haven't put my arms inside the sleeves, but just let them hang in the fashionable way ;).
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Work takes most of my energy, but yesterday I made the collar for my new short coat while having tea with my neighbour Anna and later keeping Maja company before she went to bed, she has a cold and needed her mummy.

It's a for me typical mix of machine and hand sewn. Since the fabric has a tendencey to unravel while you watch it teh pieces are zig-zagged, but it is sewn together by hand, because it is easier to combine with a social life. To make the collar stiff enough it is interlined with a heavy cotton satin and the lining and interlining are padstitched together before the top fabric is added.

Yesterday I also put up an old presentation, from 2011, that I gave at a fashion history conference in Brighton, in my other blog: Clothing and perceptions of gender and body in the medieval an early modern period. You can read it here, if you haven't already.
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I found the very last remnants of pale pink silk noil curtains that my friend Annika gave me more than ten years ago to line the cloak with.

Pictures of short cloaks by Jost Amman

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There really isn't enough space in my closet for all my garb, and when you add the fact that there's quit a lot there that I haven't fit into for 20-25 kilos, something had to be done. So today I have sorted out too small garb that I still want to keep for sentimental reasons (I might change some of them for Valeria later). I have already got rid of lots of garb years ago, but these I want to keep.

There's still garb to pack away, but I don't have any more plastic tubs to put them in (I'm not having the moth problem again), but at least there is more space in my closet now. Which is good, since I realized that I have no 16th clothing that fit me anymore except my two Swedish outfits. And my two loose gowns, but I can't be naked under them, so they need new under gowns.

I'm not sure if I'll bring any 16th century garb to Double Wars so I'm not in a hurry, but I feel like sewing now, so I may start on something anyway. I have a semi-circular piece of teal damask that I plan to make one of those Germanic 16th century short, wide jackets from. It won't solve the problem of not having any gowns that fit, but since I am trying to lose weight, I will probably wait a little while before making a new fancy gown. The jacket I can wear no matter what size I am.

I have been looking through several Trachtenbücher and have found examples with shrot sleeves and with long sleeves, with fur lining and with fabric lining. I will line it in some nice fabric, but I can't decide about the sleeves yet. As my body is aching a lot right now I won't start cutting now, so I have some time to think about it.
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Oh dear, I forgot to post about it when I was finished! Anyway, here's the link to the web page about it and here's a photo.

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