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Today 200 new books arrived, so now I can't access the book case at work ;)
On monday I will start shipping them. A large chunk will go to Handelsgillet,a swedish company that sells books, patterns, fabrics and other supplies for re-enactors, who are selling it for me. To save me trouble we have decided that I won't sell books to the general public, just to libraries, book shops and the like.


Nov. 8th, 2006 09:44 am
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The files for the slightly revised new printing of the dissertation have been delivered via e-mail.
It feels weird and insecure not to be able to see them printed out before okay-ing the print. But the changes are so few that there really shouldn't be a problem.
But now the "pattern" pieces for Margareta's gown at least are labelled right ;) [ profile] armillary who made the layout and kindly fixed the picture wrote front piece on the back piece and vice versa. I hadn't noticed until [ profile] therru pointed it out to me.
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You know, I really need to study for my exam tomorrow and proofread the dissertation again and make changes before I deliver it to the printer on Monday for the reprint.
And I am doing that. Too, but unfortunately I started on Sorcery and Cecelia yesterday and now all I want to do is to finish it. It's really all [ profile] seamstrix' fault. She wrote about the book in one of her first posts and a week ago I decided to check it out; so I ordered it, and the sequel The grand tour. And it really is that good.
Regency fantasy, who could ask for more?
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The sleeves are finished. Now I only need to sew them into the armscyes, fell the seams and iron the dress.
Have I read my dissertation again? Errhm, no, not so much.
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* The sleeves are cut and sewn together. Need felling, hemming at the wrists and being attached to the actual dress.

* I'm panicking about not being able to get hold of [ profile] armillary. I'm quite sure he has forgotten about buying beer with me tomorrow for the party. And that it needs to be done around five at latest, because Systembolaget closes at six.

* Ditto about him driving Anna and Kristian to the supermarket to get all the food for the party after the beer has been delivered.

* I'm worrying about the organization of the party. I have asked people to help, but can't remember which said yes to what.
And how on earth are we going to put the tables in the best way to seat 83 people?
Tomorrow I have to dolaundry and then meet the people who have promised to help me organize the party. I think they want me to have a perfectly clear plan, which I don't.

* Still don't know which people have paid.

* And the party economy and my private economy are seriously mixed up, with book sales on top of that. And tomorrow we have to do our bills.

* And I still have no idea what to wear on the viva and definitely no time to go shopping.
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Here are some photos from when I nailed the dissertation.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Another one of me with a hammer.
The book
Vendela, me, Rickard and Valeria on the stairs to the university building.
My roommates at work, Daniel and Ulrika, and me.


Sep. 5th, 2006 11:31 pm
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This wikipedia article, which [ profile] nazgman pointed me to, gives a pretty good description of how the disputation, i.e. the defense of the dissertation, is done in Sweden (and other countries).
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In ten minutes I, Vendela and Valeria and a couple of friends from work are going down to the main university building and nail my dissertation to the wall. Rickard is meeting us there.
Yep, that's right. We're keeping the old mediaeval tradition of nailing dissertations to a wall, the prejudice for Luther's nailing of his "theses" to a church wall.
At most universities this is replaced by an announcement on the university's web site, but Göteborg, Umeå, Luleå and Linköping still keep to the old ways.
Finally it's beginning to feel real.


Aug. 17th, 2006 09:52 am
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Apparently the little paper with the date and place of the viva voce and the abstract on the back is wrong. Instead of writing 29th of September [ profile] armillary wrote 29th of October.
He's busy installing programmes in his computer now so he can send me a corrected pdf-file. Then I'll have to print 200 double side copies, cut them in half and put them in all the books. A hundred of them has to be done before 10.40 when I deliver them to the university library.


Aug. 16th, 2006 05:29 pm
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The book came late this afternoon. Too late to bring it down to the university library or do anything but give books to all my colleagues.
It looks really good. Some of the covers have scraping marks etc, which annoys me a little, but other than that it's just so pretty.
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After proof reading and making corrections all weekend, as well as cleaning the entire flat and taking care of a mountain of laundry; all while Rickard was working twelve hours on saturday and ten hours on Sunday, the final version is delivered to the printer. All the footnotes are on the right pages and hopefully there are only a very few typos left.
This was celebrated by "fika" (a swedish word meaning having a sandwich or cake, or just tea or coffee) downtown with the entire family and a too long walk to the toy store with the kids. I virtuosly refrained from buying a pretty skirt on sale. I have a great many skirts already, and they are easy to make.
Tomorrow I have to work on my lectures for Vadstena medieval days and Visby medieval week. We plan to go to a lake and swim in the afternoon though.
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My husband and I have checked around 150 pages. Who would have thought there would be small things that need to be changed on almost every page? I mean, this complete manuscript must have been read at least 10 times by now. And many more times before that, as separate chapters.
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I got a test print of the dissertation today. I need to proof read it over the weekend and get it back to them on Monday. Unfortunately Rickard is working twelve hours on saturday and ten on Sunday, so I don't have much Maja-free time on my hand. But I'll ask him to read some together with me tonight, after Maja has gone to sleep. Anna will be back on Saturday too, maybe I can coax her into some proof reading.
It looks really good. Just like a real book. It will have a hard cover and will be 384 pages long, including english summary, references, attachments and stuff.
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My mother and I have just delivered the pdf-version of the dissertation to the printer. Everything concerning having contact with the printer has made me very nervous, I'm not good at that kind of stuff; asking for prices, discussing technicalities that I don't understand etc. Especially not when it involves lots of money. But when I came out and met the guys they turned out to be just perfectly "normal" computer guys. It made me so relaxed and at ease. They are just like most of the guys I know.
We chose colour for the cover and checked the files which looked just as they should. In next week I will get a test version to proof read.
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All the buttons (wooden discs covered with fabric) and buttonholes are finished on Rickard's green c. 1300 tunic. I didn't like how the sleeves fit however, so I ripped them out and re-sewed them. The elbow fit better then, but they looked really weird from the back. Ripped them out again and cut away quite a lot. I so hope they will look better this time.

other news:
* the trailer is booked for the trip to Visby
* the tickets for the ferry to Visby are confirmed. Hopefully there won't be any fuck-ups this year; like last year when Rickard had to wait six hours for the next ferry, due to a mistake from the ferry company.
* I will leave the PDF-file with the dissertation to the printer tomorrow


Jul. 9th, 2006 11:19 pm
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The typesetting is finished. [ profile] armillary has been here since three, working constantly, only breaking for dinner, for six hours. And now it's really, really finished! And it will be a beautiful, interesting book!
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Tonight we went through the four first chapters of my dissertation, making all the changes I had noted while proof reading. He is efficient and good-humoured, both essential qualities when dealing with me when it concerns my work. Especially on the first day of my period. He's coming tomorrow so we can attack the rest.


Jun. 20th, 2006 07:53 pm
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I have sort of finished the abstract. Basically I think it sucks, I'm too exhausted to do any thinking these days. But bear with me and please come with suggestions to changes. I'm getting so tired of this dissertation.
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The english summary for my dissertation is now finished and has been checked by our resident Canadian. If you're not totally tired of it already, you can find it here. Today I have worked some on the abstract, but mostly studied, since I have an exam tomorrow morning.
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I have now made the changes for the first part of the summary that [ profile] peronel suggested as well as her general suggestions and also changed some of the things suggested by [ profile] therru and this is how it looks now.
But I am not going to work today, really, promise!

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