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Christmas eve, Christmas day and boxing day I made new clothes for the doll house dolls. I still need to make a new shirt for little Bengt, but MUm got a new dress and a fair isle cardigan, dad got a fair isle vest and little Britta got a new dress.

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This one got too long so I had to unravel it at the bottom and make a new edge.

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I have'nt done much with the dollhouse for over a year, but today I decided to knit sweaters and caps for the kids; this is the first one.

It is knitted in the round up to where the sleeves should be, then front and back are knitted separately. There’s no neck scoop in the back, but one in the front. The body was sewn together at the shoudlers and then I picked up stitches for the sleeves.

Busy days

Sep. 12th, 2015 10:47 am
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So, what has happened since last time:

I've done some sewing and some knitting.

Started on a new 16th century bodice.

Made a gardecorps for Maja

And a 16th century German roll and cap.

And a doublet/wams from [ profile] mmcnealys book.

Most of all I have however been ill, a cold that just won't give up combined with a flare in my arthritis. I've done my teachign and I'm working an a presentation that I am going to give in Florence next Saturday.

I have also taken part in some demosntrations and work for the Syrian refugees arriving in Sweden, though not much due to that blasted cold, mostly monetary help. Which, on the other hand is what is needed mostly: money and time, not used clothing.

I also finally finished the sauna for my dolls house, so now the bathroom is totally finished.

My cold is slowly getting better so my plans for today is to make book case for the dolls house, work on my presentation some more and then attend a demonstration for safe routes to Europe for the refugees, the abolishment of the Dublin regulation and the law that makes transportation companies liable for refugees not granted asulym, which is why people fleeing are not allowed to buy a flight or ferry ticket, but are forced into rickety boats on the Mediterranean or being smuggled in trucks or in containers.
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I do a lot of teaching this time of the year, and since I also went to Uppsala (near Stockholm, c. 7 hours by car) this weekend to learn about medieval calligraphy and illumination, I haven't had much time with the dollhouses. But I have done some things, slowly, and I have also bought some new stuff that I'm going to show.
The vacuum cleaner and the lamp are vintage and bought from Tradera, a Swedish auction site. The lamp doesn't have any electricity right now, but I will fix that.

Yesterday I got a coffee set, also from Tradera, so now the family can have coffee with Elof's sister.

The parents for the other dollhouse have been fixed a little too: The dad has got a beard and hair that isn't so white and the mum has borrowed a dress from Majken in the other dollhouse. I will soon mae a t-shirt for the dad, so he won't have to wear an orange shirt.

I have also started on a sauna for the new dollhouse - if it's to be a dream house it should have one.

Finally, a photo of what I did in the weekend: I went to Nodmark's scriptorium and learned to use gold leaf, and painted.

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If the the dollhouse that Maja and I have together is to be our dream home, then one can have a fantasy four poster bed - right?
The Rickard and Eva dolls have also arrived from Germany. They need new clothes though, and in Rickard's case a beard.

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Since I have been busy with the dollhouse that Maja and I have together I haven't spent much time with my other dollhouse. However, some things has happened there too. For instance Elof's sister Evy, who is younger and works in town, has come for a visit.

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I've neither had time nor energy to do much with the dollhouse lately. Rickard and I have put on the front doors, so that it looks like a real house. And today, after working some for my real, paid work I finished a bed for the Maja doll, which I started a couple of days ago. The base is foamboard and the legs are wooden strips, it's made in the same way as the beds that I made for my other dollhouse. The fabric hanging down on the sides is a strip of linen with the selvedge, originally inteded to be used for ruffs.

The lamp, which changes the colour of its light, is from Skala Minimal.

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I have also made a doll of the Goddess Brighid, that was a gift to a very ill little boy and his parents. Since she's a Goddess of healing (and poetry and smithcraft) I thought that he needed one. The penannular brooch was made by my friend Inger.

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It was a bit tricky to get the doors to hang right, so that you could close them, but we only had to re-do it completly once, so I guess its a success after all ;)

And here's a close-up of the Maja doll on the balcony.

Of course there are tomatoes on the balcony, just like on our balcony.

I have also ordered the dolls that Maja and I agreed looked most like Rickard and me. The web site didn't have an option for delivery outside Germany, but you could e-mail them and ask, if you really wanted something. So I wrote an e-mail in German, that might be the first time for me. And it worked and the dolls are soon on their way to us.

In other news it is snowing a lot right now, very beautiful.


Jan. 17th, 2015 08:43 pm
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Yesterday my much longed for roll of wall paper arrived. Unfortunately this winter's first illness also arrived - I have no idea what it is, but I have a temperature, feel faint and dizzy and ache all over. Well, pain in the body I have every day, but still. My face hurts too. With painkillers some activity can still take place and I've actually managed to get quit a lot done on Maja's and my dollhouse.

Maja's room:

Mine and Rickard's office/work room

The stairs are coming along:
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it is good that you seem to appreciate the photos from my dollhouse insanity, because there will be lots more of it. Today I made two sheets, a pillow and a wool blanket. Since the Maja doll is staying with her relatives she needs somewhere to sleep, som Maken (the mum in the old dollhouse) made a bed for her on the sofa. of course putting the back of one of the armchairs so that she can't fall out when sleeping.

The blanket is a wool twill remnant with blanket stitch around it in wool yarn. The stripes are drawn on with a textile pen.

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Maja has decided that our dollhouse is going to be our family's dream house. Thus much time is pent finding the right dolls to represent us. Just like me she's most fond of the German Caco dolls (because she doesn't like the noses on the most common china dolls). It's not cheap, not includign the shipping from Germany, but then we'll just let it take some time. This far the only doll bought is the Maja doll. And we really haven't found any good dolls for the rest of the family anyway.

The Maja doll inspects her future home.

She's not the only one inspecting.
She's not the only one inspecting )

But Maja does NOT want the doll to sleep alone in the big, unfinished house, so for the moment she's staying with relatives in the other house. The kids are playing Ludo in the kitchen.

The dining room now has a carpet too. It's a piece of hand woven fabric that my much loved and missed late friend Annaa wove when she was young and which I got as a present when I finished my PhD.

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That's what Rickard calls them. I was stupid and didn't buy enough wallpaper to finish the rooms in the attic and the doll house store isn't open again until Wednesday, but I did put wall paper in the "bird houses".

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Maja and I got a new doillhouse from Rickard as Christmas present. This was really what started the dollhouse madenss. Maja was playing with her old, rather scruffy Lundby house and really wanted somethign nicer. I have always been interested in having a big dolls house, but before commiting myself and spending that much money and time I thought that it would be a good idea to renovate my old dollhouse to see if I really was interested in doing it in real life too, and not just in my fantasy. What if I got bored?
Well, we all know how that turned out, so Maja and I now have a dollhouse as a common project. It's called the Beeches and it's really large, 8 rooms and supposed to be a Georgian townhouse, though for us it is the family dream house. This means that it won't be a period house, but a mix ofold and new, and the family will be modern, namely us.

I am currently priming, painting and putting together, but thanks to having remnants from my dollhouse I have also finished the walsl and floor of the living room.

The front of the house is about halfway done.

And yesterday i glued a milion pieces of cardboard to the roof and painted it black.

I really want to finish the inside of the house, because then it can move into Maja's room and I will have more space to finish the front and then, finally, I can have my kitchen table back so that I can sew ;) But the wall paper won't arrive until late next week I think, due to all the holidays.
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I have been away far too long. My other blog has been updated somewhat frequently, but not as much as I would like to. Still, hter eis too much to catch up with, so I'll just pos tlots of photos from the dolls house, where quite a lot has happened in the last months.

A typical Swedish turn of the century dinner set, influenced by the Jugend and Arts&Crafts movements. It is usually referred to as "Apple furniture" because of the carved apples. I bough it as a kit from Kotte Toys.

Plates and (very large) glasses in the cupboard, coffee grinder and traditional Christmas candle sticks on the counter.

 As you can see the kitchen also got Christmas curtains made from quiliting cotton.
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And, finally, the whole dolls house, before they brought in the tree.
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I have inherited a painted sewing table after my grandmother. This type of decorative painting is typical of folk art from the Swedish province of Dalecarlia, but my sewing table, and many more of them, were made industrially in the 1940s and early '50s, and not only in Dalecarlia. My grandmotehr ordered tables both for herself and her two daughters, so one day my little sister will inherit our mum's sewing table. Since the dolls house is one big nostalgic/security blanket project the mum in the dolls house of course needed her painted sewing table too. The turned wooden legs are bought from Skala Minimal, but the rest I have made myself from thin plywood and painted. The little knob on the drawer is a glass bead.

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I also made a new dress for the little girl in the house, Brita. It is all hand sewn (while watching old episods of "Bones")

Apart from dolls house things I took in the tartan skirt that I made in August about four inches. It was a bit on the large side and now that I have lost a little weight it kept falling down and hung on my hip bones.

I might actually be too tight today already, because yesterday we celebrated that it was one year since the operated on the hole in my duodenum and stomach and that I didn't die with a cookie feast worthy of hobbits. Today (or actually already yesterday night) I do, however, feel like I would never want to eat a cookie again.
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Yesterday the mum for the dolls house arrived in package from Germany. The maker, Caco, is German and I got her from German eBay. As you can see her outfit is slightly 1930s. The clothes were, however, not that important, but I wanted a doll in the same style as the kids. And as the dad, but finiding him in a second hand shop was a real fluke, otherwise a dad would also have been ordered from Germany.

I removed her clothes carefully and then I made her a vest from my old panties, just like the dad doll's vest and longjohns. I have also hemmed and overstitched the raw edges on her original clothes and as soon as I have sewn a small snap button in them she can wear them again if she wants to.

Majken, that's her name, needed clothes more fitting for work, so I made her a house dress from printed cotton. It is very hard to find fabrics with small enough print, even if you look outside your own fabric stash. In the photo I have pinned a puff sleeves to the shoulder and sides. Since everythign is so small you must hem sleeves (and trousers) before attaching them to the body and you must also sew the sleeves to the main pieces before sewing the sides, which you sew from cuff to hem.

A few photos, where you also see some other new stuff, such as the milk pot and two new chairs that I ordered as a kit from Kotte Toys. Really easy to put together and they're just the right styl

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Yesterday and today I made some new clothes for the dad in the dolls house.

yesterday evening he got some undies, sewn by hand as Maja and I watched Professor Balthazar on DVD. The undershirt is cut in one piece with an opening for the neck cut out. It was sewn together with small blanket stitch and then turned and put on. Then I turned teh edges at the cuffs, neck and waist and stitched them down.
The longjohns were cut out and sewn on directly to the body. The material? Well, I wanted a thin soft jersey so I sacrified and old par of panties. At least i didn't make dish cloths from them.

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Daddy putting more wood in the stove.

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This morning, before I went to work to check out some parliament protocols from the 17th century I finished the last details on the large cupboard that I wanted in the kitchen in the dolls house. Like the sink it is modeled on my grandmother's cupboard.

You can open the doors and the three larger drawers, but not the small ones. The original cupboard reached all the way to the ceiling, but this house has slightly wrong proportions, so that the ceilings are too high up, and the cupboard would look all wrong if I made it even taller. It's a bit too tall as it is.
The main material is plywood (1,5 mm), but I also used some wood strips, and hinges that I bought from Skala Minimal.

The wooden sofa and the towel hanger come from Margaretas Dockskåp. Both are "stained" with strong coffee and then varnished. On the sofa you can see the find I made on Tuesday: A dad for the dolls house. from the '40s or '50s and, as you see, wear a doctor's coat. I have now removed it carefully and will make new clothes for him eventually. For now he's in bed, where he can be naked without anyone taking offense ;) He is probably made by the German firm Caco, who still make similar dolls.

This afternoon I got some small stuff that I had ordered from Skala Minimal and now I have pots and cutlery and somewhere to put the dishes to dry. The tea set is from when I was a little girl and unfortunately a little too big.

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Yesterday I spent most of the day reading a very interesting book on manifestation of status and power in a smallish Swedish town between 1650 and 1770. It's by the historian Gudrun Andersson from Uppsala University here in Sweden (and who does some really interesting research). However, since I also have a lot of pain in my body which makes it hard to concentrate on what I'm reading when it gets too strong I alternated between reading and piece by piece making a sink for the dolls house. It has a wood storage and is modeled on the sink in my grandmother's house.

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And this is how it looks when it's finished. The tap next to the stove is to a warm water tank that is heated when you use the stove.

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