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Spring has reached Sweden too, Sunday it was warm enough that I could go in a dress with short sleeves and no jacket as long as I stayed in the sun, but now it's rainy and grey and most of nature is brown-ish rather than green.
The weather is, however, perfect for my 1930s jumper with the gigantic shoulders, so here you get a photo Valeria took of me outside our house today.

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I never buy sewing patterns. At least not new ones and very rarely vintage patterns too. Yesterday, however, [ profile] heileen linked to a pattern by Chado Ralph Rucci which I just had to have. And since I was already ordering patterns from the US I added some vintage vogue patterns who were on sale, namely these: A 1930s(?) suit, a 50s coat dress, a 40s dress that I doubt will look good with my body and a this hat pattern. It ended up costing 44$, of which 25$ was the shipping to Sweden.
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The funeral dress is finished. I really like how it turned out and even if I may not want to wear it again (except at other funerals) I've made a paper pattern, so that I can make another one, in a different colour.

This photo was taken just before I went out with two girl friends for an afternoon spring equinox beer (though a little late, since the equinox was on Monday), which is why I had curled my hair. This is how I looked then )
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This may have been the most expensive meal I've ever had. But it was good and the company was excellent. And I wasn't paying ;)
Anyway, this is how I looked:

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Yesterday I went to a party. I think I looked like a less respectable filmstar from the 1940s.

More, including some leg )
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The last week's theme has been wrap front blouse. First I remade a blouse I had bought second hand. Initially it was way to large in the waist, when it was pulled as close at was possible it hung like a shapeless sack - the front pieces were too wide at the waist. But when the edges were scrunched together and pulled tightly around the waist it didn't look too bad so I decided to remake it. The front edges were pleated and sewn and I attached a ribbon to tie with. Unless a normal wrap front blouse you don't pull the ties through a hole in the side seam, but just wrap the edges across each other at the waist. I also added shoulder pads to balance my hips. Not perfect, but I like it.

I also made one from scratch )
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Isn't her outfit adorable? I want the jacket so badly. And the hat.
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When I saw a (poly unfortunately) blouse with a very 30s-40s-ish swallow pattern and in a suitable pale green colour on sale at H&M I couldn't resist it. The fit isn't great, but I can live with it for that price (approx 10 $).

Since I'm home sick now I took the time to curl my hair, put on lipstick and a skirt and nice shoes to take a few photos.

More this way )
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I curled my hair yesterday, with those bendy foam sticks. No products, just slightly damp hair after taking a bath and then I let the curls sit until the hair was dry. I loved how it turned out after taming it a little with a bristle brush. Having started to watch Mad men recently I was inspired to put on some tighter clothing (though not early 60s, definitely not my favourite period), so I chose to wear my wool pencil skirt, a blouse from H&M (which I would have liked to be less tight actually and cut more straight) and a cardi. I felt like a movie star from the 50s - when she's doing grocery shopping, not at a red carpet event ;)

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I'm just holding it closed, the neckline isn't finished and I actually haven't cut out the sleeves yet. But I think it will be ready tomorrow or Monday.

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This week I have sewn a winter version of this dress. It cause a little more trouble than I thought it would, possibly due to demonic possession, possibly due to the difference between the rather stiff thin worsted fabric, which definitely behaved differently than the seersucker I used in the summer version or maybe I was sloppy when drawing the bust darts. Or a little bit of both the last reasons. I'm not too keen on the shape of the sleeve heads either, but then I don't like modern sleeve heads much (the pattern is from the 1970s) and they may have some part in the problem too. In the end it turned out good enough, not perfect, but I'm okay with the result.

This is the original length of the skirt, the skirt which on the pattern drawing only reaches to the knee. I kept this length this time because I think it gives the dress a nice late 1930s feeling.

I have two antique galss buttons, probaly from the 1920s or 1930s at each cuff and one at the neck if I want to close the dress there.

There you also get a sharp shot of the fabric. it's 100 % wool and very nice, despite it being a little stiff.


Oct. 27th, 2010 10:07 am
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The purple manifestation has spread to Sweden, except that it's today, not last week. So I'm wearing lots of purple to show my support for people who are homosexual, bisexual and transgendered and to show that I don't give fuck who people fall in love with or fuck with (or how many) as long as all involved are consenting adults.

Purple barrettes in my hair, purple necklace, purple top, purple overknee socks (vertically inclined from SockDreams) and my purple Whimsey boots from Bordello.
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Even if it has snowed even down here in the south of Sweden today was warm enough to go out in just a sweater, albeit a very thick one.

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My fringe is now long enough to make a small reversed roll over the forehead. A very small one. It looks nice with the rolls on the sides I think. The jumper is from last winter, from a Swedish chain called Gina Tricot and I made the skirt last week.

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"Concentrate on the shoulders" is the name of this pattern from the 1930s, from the book A stitch in time 1. Vintage Knitting and Crochet Patterns 1920-1949.
But honestly? Isn't that a bit superfluous - how could anyone avoid concentrating on these shoulders? Or indeed see anything else than these shoulders?

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I'm wearing the new dress to work for the first time today. I happened to have a lovely pair of wedges in the same red, only slightly darker, as the dress, which makes me happy. I also wear a darker lipstick than my usual so that even my lips match the dress.

New shoes

Oct. 4th, 2010 12:00 am
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At the event I got two pairs of vintage shoes (we're guessing the 1950s) from Estrid, baroness Nordmark, mundanely known as Johanna Lundquist (who makes lovely jewelry: modern, fantasy and period, so head over to her web site). She's had them for many years but felt that she didn't use them as much as they deserved, so she offered them to me. The are leather, suede and rubber and made in Austria. The quality is superb and I only need to change the bottom of the heels because they have gotten brittle with age. And they're wide enough for my toes!!

More )
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I've been away over the weekend, to a medieval festival where I gave a lecture about same-sex sexuality in the Middel Ages. I had a swell time and met lots of old friends, spent a lot of time with (and was barfed on) by a six months old baby and bought a lucet fork and some modern fabric for a house dress.
There will be photos from the medieval battle show later, but I thought I'd document what I wore, as promised in an earlier post.

On Saturday I wore my skirt and peasant blouse inspired by one of Betty Grable's outfits in Pin-up Girl. I didn't bring the matching jacket. The photo is taken in the cute little cellar room I stayed in in a small hotel. It is very un-sharp, but it was what I got; I'm still trying to learn how to use the new camera. I like the mirror effect though.

On Sunday (the day I gave my lecture) I wore my 1940s dress made from the pattern I got from [ profile] ashariel. I've seen more flattering photos of me, but you see the dress and also something of the very picturesque town.

Yesterday the only self-stitched item was my old wool skirt, which I made four years ago.

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Inspired by some blogs I read I have joined the Self-stitched September challenge, promising to wear something made by me every day for the whole month. I can't really remember what I have been every day this far, but I bet it was made by me since all my skirts and most of my dresses are and I tend to wear skirts and dresses a lot.

I will try to be better at documenting what I wear, but being ill, as I have been this week doesn't help.

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