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I have now, twelve years after I made the rest of my folk costume, started on the festive scarf/fichu that belongs to it. The fabric is a very thin linen that Bjarne Drews bought for me in Denmark, since it's hard to get hold of this fine linen in Sweden. That was about six years ago, but there's so much enbroidery on it that I haven't felt the urge to start on it ;)
   The reason for the urge this time is that I have got a prize for my research and when you recieve that prize you have to wear formal attire, which in Sweden means that aside from a floor length dress with deep decolletage you can also wear a folk costume. Since I do have a folk costume and I managed to find enough scraps of the bodice fabric to let it out to the size it had originally, before I lost weight a few years ago and was stupid enough to take it in (since I wasn't going to be this fat ever again. Yeah right) I am going to wear my folk costume. However, this requires me to wear teh most festvie version and that would be with this scarf, which is copied after a scarf worn by a farmer's daughter at a wedding at the end of the 18th century.

   According to the description the original was embroidered with chain stitch, but I think it was tambour stitch, which was common on the scarfs and caps that were bought ready made in the late 18th and early 19th century. Tambour stitch is faster if you're a skilled stitcher, but since I'm not and my tambour needle broke the first time I tried it I will use chain stitch. The part that is finished now is maybe 1/10 of the whole, but I have some hope to finish it by Novemer the 6th when I am going to wear it.

   Anyway, all this embroidering makes me feel a little like [ profile] koshka_the_cat.
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I have decided that year I will only sew Fun Stuff.
OK, I will need to make tons of medieval clothes for my three growing girls before we go to Visby Medieval week and there are also some things that need to be fixed on the pavilion. I also want to make my husband a new 16th century, outfit, the current on is no good, so that we can wear the same time period.
But for me I will only sew things that I want to make, regardless if I have somewhere to wear them or not. I have all the mundane skirts any woman could need, and quite a few more, and I Do Not Need More Medieval/Renaissance Garb! I have maybe 30 outfits (I don't dare to count), some of them worn only once, so I really think I should wear some of them again. I will make some small things; like a partlet, a forepart or a pair of sleeves, or a new hat, but I don't need any more tunics/dresses/gowns. Or shifts or veils.
So I will make mostly other periods I think. I will not make a list of what I plan to do, since the whole point is to make whatever I feel like (without succumbing to CADD, I plan to finish the costumes). But I will make list of things that I feel like doing. In no particular order:

* Cotton print empire dress and another bonnet, possibly the jockey model, or one with a brim with gathered fabric.

* New 16th c "working kirtle"

* scarf and lace edge for cap for my folk costume

* Something more from the 18th century, probably a cotton print jacket to wear with a skirt I already have. And a smaller lace cap.

* My Hedvig-outift. It's from a children's TV-programme from the 70s. I can't find a picture, but it's a tartan knee-length trouser skirt that also covers the torso and has braces. It also has a cardigan in knit, but with big puffy sleeves to the elbow, the lower sleeves are knit, and a sailor collar in tartan.

* Something from the New Ideas Quarterly that [ profile] jenthompson webbed recently. Something with checks I think, maybe the one on plate six, or twenty-five.

The last two are itching most now.


Aug. 22nd, 2004 09:39 pm
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a good picture of my folk costume. My web page about the folk costume will be updated as soon as possible. The picture was taken at a friend's wedding reception today and you can see both of us here.
And Sweden took two gold medals today (men's high jump and triple jump) and IFK Goteborg won their game today and are now in third place in the league. All in all a very good day.
Now I'm going to take a bath together with Maja and then I'm off to sleep.
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Finally I have a full picture of my folk costume. The photo is from my friend Caroline's wedding two weeks ago and I haven't asked permission to use it on my website yet. So I'm just showing it to you and will change the web page later. There is also a very nice photo of me and Rickard at their wedding site. Isn't he handsome?
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Last tuesday Rickard, Maja and I picked up the cap for my folk costume, which had been mounted by a professional. A picture of it can be seen on the page dedicated to said folk costume. The picture isn't too good, since I took it myself by holding the digital camera in front of me. Rickard was away watching football and Maja isn't much help in this (she very helpfully slept).
BTW our team lost and that sucks.
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I couldn't start the computer at home when I tried this morning! And I had actually planned to update the flemish gown diary because I had managed to take some half decent photos of myself in the lace cap. But I couldn't ge tit to work, no matter what I tried so it'll have to wait until Rickard comes home from work. Hopefully it is something he can fix. At least he can bend down and look inside the computer which I just can't with this belly.

I have only slept five hours this night and I'm rather tired. It's my last day at work and today I'm defending my "Clothes and gender" paper and I'm surprisingly nervous. It is only people I know, but the paper is one of the central chapters for the dissertation and I feel that I'm a bit sensitive about it. I hope they all like it. My scientific adviser says it's good, but he's always so kind to me, so I don't know if I dare trust him on this ;)

Yesterday I realized that the second embroidery on my cap should be mirrored to the other (pretty obvious if you actually use your head) and I had to do it again. Fortunately there was enough embroidery yarn left and I think they are not too close to each other to get the pieces for the cap. But I don't know, because I never got a pattern fort he actual cap, just for the embroidery. I guess the person who mounts the pieces knows how the exact shape should be. Well, I'll know tomorrow if it's possible to make the cap, otherwise I guess I have to order another kit of material. Doing the embroidery three times has certainly increased my speed though, the first took maybe 12 hours, the second ca 7 and this was done in 4 hours.
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Now there's a photo of me in my folk costume on the web page too. The very good looking gentleman in my lap is my cousin's son Gabriel. It was his baptizing party. The baptising was held in a very small church from the early 12th century, one of the oldest in Sweden. But very small, about double the size of my living room.
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A couple of days ago mirazandar and I had a discussion about folk costumes in her journal. This is combination with my new digital camera prompted me into action and i have now made a separate page about my folk costume. There are pictures of the individual garments and lots of information about them. Unfortunately there is no photo of me actually wearing it. For some reason nobody has taken any photos of me in it and now I can't fit into it anymore. I have a photo where I'm sitting with my cousin's baby in my arms, where you can see some of the costume and as soon as I get to my friend Anna who has a scanner, I will put it on the web page.

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