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Since I wrote last time I have been to England for six days; I got home yesterday morning. The reason was a conference called "The Geography  of Luxury: East, West and Global directions" at the University of Warwick in Coventry.  I'm still a little overwhelmed by all the nice people I met and all the interesting presentations.  However, the conference didn't start until Wednesday morning, when I presented a paper on Swedish sumptuary laws in the early modern period. So Sunday night was spent at my friend [ profile] billyoblivionx's place in Ladbroke Grove - drinking beer and listening to and talking about music with Billy and another friend called Turk. I was tired though and went to bed while they were still singing and playing.

On Monday, which was a bank holiday, Billy and I walked to Little Venice to see the "Canalway Cavalcade". A long walk for us with our broken bodies. I have been interested in the British canal system ever since I first read about the Industrial Revolution and Rickard and I have also walked along them when we've been to London, so this was of course great fun for me. The photos are, as you see, from the canal and the festival.

Many more here )

And then we went to Billy's place again, with a short stop at the Moroccan garden in Meanwhile gardens.

After that I took the tube (and tram, and walked quite a while) to my friends Teddy ([ profile] clothsprogs) and Tom who live in Wimbledon. I had a great time thee too and got to "play" with Teddy's dolls (he's a collector) and look at all the dolls' shoes and clothes. Aside from drinking tea and socializing, and  reading funny books. On Tuesday I went in to town for some shopping, but both what I bought then and Coventry will have to have their own post.
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So. Friday 13.15 I landed at Heathrow. After collecting my, then much lighter, suitcase I took the tube to Hammersmith and soon found my way to [ profile] armillary (Björn) and Sarah's place. Sarah had a cold and was home from work, which meant that I could get rid of my suitcase before heading out for shopping. We had tea and Sarah accompanied me by foot to Goldhawk Road and Shepherd's Bush market. I bought this printed cotton, pattern designed by William Morris and a shot cotton/viscose blend (I think) in strong turquoise. 

Then I left Sarah and took the tube to Oxford Circus and then went down to Margaret street (off Regent street, on the same side as the Topshop flag store) and Bravissimo, where I got this and this; both in black. By then I had realized that a) Ieft my A-Z at Björn's place and b)really wasn't sure about the exact location of Carnaby street; since I hadn't been there since the 80s, when it was one of the places you could find shiny leggings in leopard print. With the help of the map at the tube station I was, however soon there and promptly went to Irregular Choice and bought these:

After that I went back to Hammersmith and went to the local Primark and bought knickers, panties, whatever you like to call them adn to the pub next to where Björn and Sarah lives for a quick pint of bitter. I met some really nice blokes there too, wargamers.

Then I had dinner with Björn and Sarah, really good food made by Sarah and we talked and they sewed and we had some Canadian Icewine and then some of my home made apple wine that I had given to Björn years ago before I went to bed.

Next morning I was awake at seven and up at half past seven since I was going to the new research day organized by the Association of Dress historians. Everybody was really, really nice and I got to meet such celebrities as Jenny Tiramani, author of  "Seventeenth-Century Women's Dress Patterns", who seems very nice. The presentations were all very good and interesting and I look forward to having more contact with these lovely ladies (well, there were a few men too). My presentation also went well and I didn't stumble much on the long English words such as "Hierarchy" and "Aristotelian".

Still, a conference from 10-17.30 is rather taxing so when I got to [ profile] billyoblivionx place it was with great pleasure I received a beer as soon as I entered and then had a bath and home cooked curry and even more beer. Quite a lot of that actually, so I spent most of the Sunday being rather hung over. Though we also took a walk and listened to music.

I was home again at half past ten in the evening and it seems almost unreal that I've been to London an back just over the weekend.

A hard day

Nov. 1st, 2011 09:11 pm
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Though not exceptional in any way. Today I had one appointment at the rheumatology ward, mainly to transfer me to a GP. Then I had a meeting with the person handling my sick leave half an hour later. And Maja kept me awake a lot of the night with a temperature and stomach troubles (that made her move around a lot, but didn't wake her) and today she's been sick several times and the temperature is still high.
I hope I don't get whatever she has, because on Friday I'm flying to London to present my research project at a conference, meet [ profile] armillary and his Sarah on Friday and stay with [ profile] billyoblivionx and drink beer together without kids (at least without mine).

I also hope to be able to do some shopping at Bravissimo, What Katie Did and maybe Irregular Choice. And Classic Textiles of course!

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This is the conference I'm going to in London on the 5th of November. I'll probably stay with[ profile] armillary and S on Friday and then the conference on Saturday followed by beer with [ profile] billyoblivionx. I hope I can stay at his place then, since the drinking may take a while. And then home on Sunday.

This means that I won't be able to go see [ profile] clothsprogs and T this time, but I hope to rectify that on my way home from Brighton (for this conference) in December.
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So, since I now have a teenager I wasn't the one who did the most fashion shopping while in London. Instead it was Valeria who bought herself pretty dresses and nice shoes for cheap at Camden Market.

Here's a closer shot of the shoes, which are blue, despite seeming more grey in the photos.

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Friday we went to Camden for the market. Yes, it is a tourist trap, but no only and it's for tourists like me and Valeria, unlike Oxford Street where you can find things you like, but really isn't for old punks and hippies like myself. Valeria adores Camden and finds it very strange that none of here friends, who go to london more frequently than we do, has hird of it.
A sign that Valeria is getting older is that we didn't buy any pretty Gothic Lolita dresses that she doesn't wear outside the house, but instead clothing that she actually uses. In this case a checked shirt/tunic in two tones of grey, a pretty wool mix dress in grey with black dots and a pair of blue, high heeled Oxfords. I don't think that I bought anything, except a hoodie for Vendela and a wallet with flowers on. And food of course, this year we had chinese: vegetarian chow mein for me and giant dumplings for Valeria.
Since we had walked along the canal last time we were there we decided to do something else in the afternoon and got on a bus to Russell Square, intending to go to the British Museum. When we got there, however, Valeria was tired and didn't feel like it so we had tea and muffins (or at least she had muffin) at Starbucks and just sat down, talked and relaxed. I don't think that the British Museum is going anywhere.
My real reason for going there was besides to go to Atlantis bookstore on Museum Street, which we did and had a nice chat with the owner and i bought a book by Ronald Hutton, namely: Witches, Druids and King Arthur.
The last thing we did in town was to return to Forbidden Planet on Valeria's request, so that she could buy even more Manga.
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From Forbidden Planet.

And turquoise/mint green shoes that I bought from the Office shop in Wimbledon on Friday.

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So, one week after I had returned from Ireland I went to London with my daughter Valeria. The reason that we had to go in June was that her internet friend Mila was going to be in London the whole of June, but then it turned out that her record company made her go back to Thailand on the 20th, so we missed her. Luckily Valeria wasn't devastated by this and seemed to have a grand time in London anyway.
We arrived at [ profile] clothsprogs' and Tom's place around eight in the evening and were instantly made to feel welcome by Teddy, Tom and the new cat Edward, who liked smelling our feet. We heated our dinner that we had picked up at Tesco's and had much needed and appreciated tea and chatted past Teddy's bedtime. The greatest surprise was that Teddy showed us that he was making Maja one of his very special rag dolls!! Since I had considered ordering one, but put it off since they are rather expensive (very reasonably so, considering the work put into them, but it's still about the same price as my ticket to London and back) I was astonished and very, very happy. Maja was also very very happy and wanted to sleep with her when she got her yesterday night.

Thursday was spent shopping. Well, actually all days except Sunday when we stayed at T&T's place until we left for the airport were spent shopping. But this was the day when we braved the tourist-y Oxford Street (by Valeria's request). But first we went to Forbidden Planet of course. And left it with manga, more manga and a Doctor Who tea cup and poster for Valeria and two volumes of old Legion of Super-heroes, a post card ("Live it up! You're only middle-aged once"> and a tea cosy for me - the latter with the legend "You can't beat a cuppa in a crisis".
Then we braved Oxford Street. We didn't find any korean pop in HMV and after going through a large Marks and Spencer's (yay for restrooms) where I found a lovely short sleeved blouse in black with strong pink dots that I very nearly bought but didn't, Dorothy Perkins, where I found a perfectly fitting grey jacket and lovely clumpy green high heeled sandals which I also didn't buy and some other shops we went to Bravissimo where I bought these: 1,2 and 3. The last one is my favourite style full cup bra and I already had beige one but wanted a black also. Then we got on the bus down the street to Marble Arch and the dreaded Primark. Primark on Oxford Street could also be described as shopping hell. Fortunately they had added at least one more place to pay since we were there last time, so there were shorter queues and it really went rather fast. Valeria bought a bag and some seriously cute bras, I bought a pale turquoise/mint green cardi and a teal t-shirt and we both got a couple of (identical but very different size) cute knickers. After that we headed to the Bond Street Underground Station where we happened to go in to a shop and I bought a watch hanging from a chain around my neck. I've been wanting a watch for a long time, since my grandmother's old gold watch just is too big for my wrist and can't be taken in more.

After that we headed home and rested before the big event of the day: Björn,[ profile] armillary, and his girlfriend Sarah coming over for chinese take away and general social interaction. Teddy had met Björn before, but Tom hadn't and none of us had met Sarah. It turned out a very pleasant evening and everybody was sorry when Björn and Sarah had to leave (and Teddy had to go to bed since he gets up at the crack of dawn to go to work). It seems that I will get to see Björn and Sarah here in July, though unfortunately they can't stay with us because Sarah is allergic to cats.

And then everybody got the bed and I didn't stay awake long to read the Lacey Smithsonian mystery I borrowed from Teddy while staying there - not at all.
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It's an understatement that I have been, and still am, very stressed and under much pressure. So I cannot wait until the 22nd of June when I will be able to sit down in [ profile] clothsprogs and Tom's sofa, have a cup of tea, cuddle a doll and just relax. I plan to see [ profile] billyoblivionx too, and maybe [ profile] armillary, if you're not in Sweden over midsummer, but most of all I just want to be there.


Jun. 8th, 2009 11:36 pm
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I'm home, freshly bathed, have had tea and lots of hugs from the family. I still miss London, but it's good to be home too.
And can you belive it: I didn't make it to Classic Textiles this time!
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I am very much alive her in London and, thanks to [ profile] clothsprogs, I now also have access to a computer and the internet.
Yesterday was spent going through every corner of Camden market, followed by a stroll along Regent's Canal too Regent's Park and tehn through the park. By then Valeria's feet were hurting a lot so I let her travel "home" alone and set off to look up [ profile] emoni at teh pub she works at. Unfortunately I was there an hour before she started and I was too tired to hang around another hour. By then I was also beginning to question the wisdom in sending a 14 year old girl alone through London, where she's only been twice before. However, my first instinct was right and she had absolutely no problems finding the right train and going home on her own.
The evening was spent knitting and watching Miss Congeniality together with Teddy, Valeria and after a while Tom. I had never seen it before and thought it was really funny. Today we aim for the central parts of town, but hope that it will stop raining first (though it doesn't look like it). I need to check our finances first, however, since we did a lot of shopping yesterday :)
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In les than two days we're leaving for London. Since I'm busy tomorrow evening I ought to iron clothes and pack at least a little tonight, but I'm tired and will sit down and sew on Rickard's new braies and watch a DVD with a swedish comedy group (Galenskaparna) together with Maja.
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The tickets are booked and on wednesday evening the 3rd of June my daughter Valeria and I will show up on [ profile] clothsprogs' doorstep.
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I haven't really had time to write about it, but be assured that I had a wonderful time, on of the best parts being spending so much time with [ profile] guyelfkin, who really is a wonderful person and meeting [ profile] myladyswardrobe IRL. We also did some really nice things in the days, walking around in Greenwich, along Regnts canal, from Shepherd's Bush to Hammersmith and down to the river and spending an afternoon in Kew Gardens. We didn't make it to Hampton Court, which is a definitive must next time, as well as going to Greenwich again and walking through the foot tunnel under the Thames, but what we did was quite enough.
Anyway, here are pictures.
And the tooth is getting a little better.
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Three good things:

1. I managed to find a loose thread from the lace on my old lace collar that I wrote about the other day. It had a very strong smell of burnt hair so the lace is also silk. I don't know if that means anything when it comes to dating it, but it makes it even cooler. I need to look at lots of photos from the late 19th century to mid-20th century to see when this type of collars were popular. I would say not after 1920, but I'm not sure.

2. I have sewn on all flounces and hemmed the skirt for my 1850s dress. I'm now working on the closing of the bodice lining; hooks and worked eyelets. It took my husband 15 minutes to pin the toile close in the back when I tried it on the first time so I think it's a good idea to make a proper closure before i start fitting the top fabric.

3. I'm going to London tomorrow where I will meet [ profile] guyelfkin and his Tom and later that week [ profile] myladyswardrobe. Yay!
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I'm right in the middle of the Clash-biography Return of the last gang in town by Marcus Gray and it's f***ing awesome! (sorry for the rude language, must be the book, or the reminiscence of my younger days in the anarchist movement). Apart from a story of the Clash and it's members it is also a detailed account of the music scene in London in the mid-seventies and onwards. And then you really want the A-Z close so you can keep track of all the places mentioned. It is interesting also how places change over time, then Maida Hill (quite central) was a run down area filled with squatters, in the earlier 80s for example the Isle of Dogs where filled with squatters and later in the 90s they had moved to other areas. And now I have no connections with that world anymore so I have no idea where the alternative scene is happening. I was amused by a travel programme on swedish TV which portrayed Brixton as a nice picturesque place to go shopping, which it definitely wasn't in the early 90s when I used to go there to visit friends.
Anyway, for me London is much more punk rock and the poll tax riots in 1988 than queen Elizabeth I.
And I miss London desperately, there are so many places we didn't have the time to go to (including spending more than 4 hours at the V&A) last time. The canal museum, lots of churches and lots of places belonging to rock history. But we did stand one late night on Blackfriar's bridge reciting the lyrics from the song with the same name by The men they couldn't hang

I want to go back. Travelling is pretty cheap but hotels aren't. Damn!

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