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My friend Caroline is both good at knitting and at making knitting patterns - both more complicated and simple ones which look more difficult than they are. She has also thought out a collection of easy to knit items for children who has just learnt to knit. (Here you can see her teaching Maja to knit.) So that you can go from your first swatch to something that you can use quickly, so to not loose interest. I helped making the increase, picked up a few dropped stiches occasionally and put in the ribbons, but other than that it's Maja's own work. 

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I was going to make a pair of trousers, but when I took out the green cotton twill I was going to use from the fabric cupboard I saw that I hadn't washed it. So instead making a dress from my new cotton prints moved up on the priority list. The dress itself was finished on Monday; most of it while my friend Caroline taught Maja to knit, followed by dinner and Martini Rosso.

Yesterday I made the belt and today I made a skirt for Maja from the same fabric. You see it in the last photo. There wasn't enough fabric to match the pattern, but she likes it anyway. In the photo were I'm posing in my sister's garden I think I look a lot like '40s ad for something really wholesome.

The dress was modled on the dress in this ad for zippers from 1946:

This afternoon we went to my sister's place for a barbecue. It was one of those very rare sunny days and evenings this summer and with excellent food and drik and a baby to cuddle there really wasn't anything more to ask for.

Photos of me, drink, Maja, baby etc )
 Maj knitted on the tram and buses and I think that tomorrow she knit well enough to start on a simple cap pattern that Caroline has made.
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I have survived a birthday party with eighteen kids. And Maja wore her costume at least ten minutes ;)

I give you: Maja aka Hermione, doing magic.

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Always when I visit Teddy and Tom I admire (and play a little with) Teddy's doll collection. Valeria's favourite is called Elfie and is a lovely ball-jointed doll. I like her too, but my favourites are the dolls Teddy makes himself. Last time I sat with one or two of them in my lap almost all the time when I were in the living room.

So you can imagine how surprised and grateful I was when Teddy had made one for Maja!

Her name is Rebecka, says Maja, and she has been to school with her every day this week.

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One day I will make this for Maja and myself. The matching tartan dresses and the little hats, described in the catalogue, which is Chicago Mail Order, grabbed from New Vintage Lady's blog as "gay and impudent".
If Maja will let me, I'd better find that tartan fabric soon, because the likelihood that she'll agree to wear it will probably lessen the older she gets.

Behind cut for size )
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The tears are because at first she couldn't find the tooth, but her dad soon found it on the floor. And this morning it had turned into a shiny golden coin ;)
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It is also Maja's first day in school. I just came back from school, but she (of course)and Rickard are still there. On the way home I picked a bouquet of wild flowers that I will put on the kitchen table as soon as I've ironed the table cloth. And then, finally, off to the University.
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Amazingly the christian fundamentalists who tried to ban Harry Potter books on the grounds that they (the books) taught children magic were right - Maja just asked for a dirty tea cup so that she could practice divination like in Harry Potter and the prisoner from Azkaban, which she is currently watching on DVD.
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I finished Maja's new dress today. It has decorative machine stitching instead of hand hemming so it went quite fast. I also shortened the sleeves on my yellow jacket. Now I wills tart translating some SCA documents from Swedish to English. And maybe have another cup of tea.

Oh, and some exciting news for me and other local SCA people: Our shire got the Kingdom University in November. Since our Kingdom covers all of Europe, Israel and South Africa that is very exciting, though I think the foreign guests will probably mostly be from Germany, the UK and Finland.
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The most of this day was spent being slightly hung over since we had a party at work yesterday to celebrate a new book. But I also worked on the article for Costume, which is to be finished with all the revisions by the end of June. It looks definitely do-able. Which is good because I have revisions on another article to do and then I must start making some research for a lecture I will be giving at this year's Medieval week (and which will be an article for an anthology as well). I still plan to sew and to have some kind of holiday though.

And, on the subject on sewing: tonight, while talking on the phone with [ profile] jehanearbonne I cut out the pieces for a new dress for Maja.

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I went home to the place where I grew up this weekend. My stepfather Anders and my mum separated maybe twelve years ago, but I still consider Anders a part of my family and Norra Björke, which is the name of the village where he lives/we lived, as my home.
I spent the weekend knitting, reading and sorting through my old stuff; throwing away most, bringing some of it with me. And doing things with Maja of course, since she was with me. We went to Anders' sister's and brother in law's place to look at the lambs and sheep, the chickens and horses and for many walks in the woods with the dog.

A little hill bordering my favourite meadow/pasture.

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Maja's 6th birthday has been celebrated with pizza and fruit salad with ice cream. It was only us and our neighbours Anna and Kristian ("baby" Alexander slept through the whole thing), but this is in no way the end of the celebrations, just the beginning - tomorrow my sister and her family will come, on Friday we will go to my stepdad's place and on Monday the twins will celebrate their little sister.
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Some christmas photos can be found here. It's Maja decorating her own tree, Rickard and Maja trying the ham on the night before christmas eve, our "midwinter diorama" and finally Maja, today, looking very funny.
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Right after dinner Maja got sick. Nothing like stomach flu to give you that christmas spirit!
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Of course it isn't Lucia until Sunday, but since preschool (of course) is closed then they had their Lucia celebration today.

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Maja got some kind of reaction from the flu shot - it has been a night with much kicking and talking in her sleep and now she has a slight temperature. I am exhausted from arthritis and lack of sleep, but luckily Rickard quits his job at two pm so I think I'll survive.
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Maja's new dress is finished:

She didn't want me to take any photos of her where you can see the front, but if you look closely you may see the little bows made of striped ribbon.


Jul. 18th, 2009 02:47 pm
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I decided to take the bike downtown and get bias tape today so that I could finish Maja's dress. And here it is:

It's little big, since it's size six years, but that will change soon enough. The applique are made with the original transfers, which worked despite being 55 years old. Not that I couldn't have been able to make them anyway, but I wanted to try the transfers.
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Visby medieval week isn't for another two weeks and a couple of days, but because the people who are pulling the trailer aren't leaving from Gothenburg, but from their summer house 100 kilometres from here I packed all my stuff yesterday and today and at 1 pm today they picked it all up. This means that either things had to be finished, or I will have to bring them in my carry-on luggage when I fly there on Sunday the second of August. This was one reason for my decision not to make any new clothes for Visby. Another was that I have enough garb already and the last, and most important, was that I'm more inspired by clothes from the 1940s and 1950s now; clothes that I can wear in my mundane life. Maja also wants me to make some clothes for her - like this dress:

It was included in a packet of vintage patterns I bought from Tradera, a swedish auction site, and as soon as Maja laid eyes on it she demanded to have one. That was ca 2 years ago, but finally I found some of the striped fabric from my father (the same as in the pink "candy dress"). As a bonus she has grown so much that I don't have to resize the pattern.

On Monday I will go downtown to get 9 metres of red bias tape and two large red buttons.

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