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But I've made the web page about Rickard's outfit from ca 1300. It's here

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Jul. 29th, 2009 02:17 pm
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We've been taking photos for the final part of my master's test in Nordrike today. Not perfect, but good enough, which means that I can work on the web site later tonight. If I feel like it.

Anyway, I just wanted to show how gorgeous my husband is - at least in my eyes.

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1. I can buy thin wool from [ profile] herzeloyde for Rickard's tunic.
2. I just made a new, fitting pattern for a coif for Rickard. Unlike the old one it doesn't depend on pleating at the neck to make it work.
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I really, really want to make little 1940s hats - any suggestions for instructions patterns etc. are very welcome.
Not tha I can make hats right now, I have to finish the last part of my master's test by making a tunic, a surcoat and a new coif for Rickard. In like two weeks. Unfortunately I don't have any wool that I want to use at home.
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About my pink gown. It's in swedish, but if you can't read it you can look at some new pictures at least. Otherwise you can wait a week and I will hopefully have translated it all and put it on my webpage.
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The second part of my master's test in the Tailor's Guild in Nordrike, my pink 16th century gown, was approved this weekend; so now only one costume remains. Here's a photo of me in it, from the event site. Click on it for a larger photo.

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We seem to be running out of toner for the printer. Annoying when I have documentation for my master's test to print. I will be presenting it at our event this weekend and of course I'm running late with preparing the lecture and writing the documentation. The gown has, however, been finished for months.
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The second part of my Master's test in Nordrike is now finally completed. Well, it hasn't been approved yet, but all the parts are made, the ruff is starched and set and I have now also photos of the whole ensemble. To refresh your memory: This is the painting were I got the dress from (you can also click on the tags and get all the other posts on the subject).
I don't have the time to make a web page about it yet, it will probably not turn up until later in the summer, but at least I have some photos.

Click on the images to see a bigger version.

The bodice of the pink gown is too tight, tighter than the corset. I may have to insert a couple of centimetres somewhere, probably mid back, or loose the 3 kilos I've gained since last July when I did most of the patterning. Because of this it's hard to put on, but it's very nice and comfortable when worn.
I need to get hair gel or something for my bangs too, spray is fine to keep it in place, but I need something to help me put it there.
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I couldn't wait any longer, but just had to try on the finished pink dress. I didn't do it properly though: wrong smock, no farthingale and no kirtle. One reason for this is that I still have one kilo of "conference-weight" to lose and all these things add bulk, the other reason is that hubby isn't home and the kirtle is back-laced.
Anyway, pink and black is lovely, I told you so:
Read more... )

I will always be grateful to [ profile] clothsprogs for finding the satin and helping me get it.


Mar. 15th, 2008 11:03 pm
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Since I finished the veil belonging to the cap for my pink 16th century gown and sewed black velvet ribbon along them hem of said dress today all pieces of that part of my master's test are finished. I need to make starch tomorrow and set the ruff on the smock and I need to lose the c. two kilos of "conference weight" that I gained before I can put it on and take photos, but that should hopefully be done by the end of next week. I also need to get rid of my cold because right now I'm not strong enough to actually put on 16th century clothes - stays and temperatures don't go well together.
Tomorrow I hope that I'm well enough to work on an application, but maybe I can sneak in some starching later in the evening.
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The conference had some really interesting presentations but I don't feel well at all so I've gone back to the hotel to rest before tonight's dinner and entertainment.
Anyway, I made this during the presentations before lunch:

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Black velvet ribbon looks lovely on pink satin.
I have one piece on the back of the bodice and aroud the hem, if I choose to do that.
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One sleeve made, one to go. I did watch one of the swedish qualification contests (four contests where two "winners" are chosen to go to the swedish final) for the Eurovision song contest at the same time.


Feb. 18th, 2008 07:07 am
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You know; if you shape a sleeve with boning and then sew strips of felted wool on it, so that the boning won't show through, then you need to make teh top layer bigger than the inner layer. Duh!
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I worked on the sleeves (and a little on the bodice) for my pink 16th century gown yesterday.

I will cover this boned sleeve with a little padding before putting on the top layer in pink cotton/silk satin (yes, that satin Teddy).


Feb. 3rd, 2008 08:22 pm
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The lining for my pink satin 16th century gown from Lyon won't play nice. I need to unpick some seams and cut away some of the top fabric. No big deal really, but I am so tired and sleepy that every little difficulty just makes me put away my sewing and go sit in front of the computer instead. It would not surprise me if I went to bed at nine tonight.
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My new smock, made after one of the Sture shirts, is finally finished. The actual smock has been finished since the beginning of January but I needed to make ties with fingerloop-braiding from thin linen thread too. But now all that remains is to starch and form the ruffles around neck and wrists, and for that I need to buy myself a curling iron. You see, instead of the box-pleat method found on for example the Elizabethan Costuming Page I just gathered them, just like on the shirts and on the preserved ruffs Janet Arnold examined and wrote about in Waffen und Kost├╝mkunde and then they need some help to be formed into neat figure-eights.

The ruffles are decorated with simple drawn thread work. Modern linens seldom has neat enough selvedges to be used as they are - it's because they don't use a continuous thread but cut the thread at every edge. Since I had mainly worked with hand woven linen the last years I had forgotten about that. Well, since I was going to have to hem the edges anyway I decided to add a little decoration at the same time.

photo, quite large )


Jan. 9th, 2008 05:41 pm
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Making fingerloop braids from seven bows of linen sewing thread is boring. And somewhat painful if you have arthritic hands. Unfortunately I think I will have to make another one, because what I have is not quite enough for both cuffs and neck on my Sture shirt.
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There are four shirts preserved from the Sture murders in the 16th century (you probably all know about the costumes, since they are in Janet Arnold's book Patterns of Fashion). The shirts are afaik only published in a little booklet in swedish. They are rather alike all of them and are based on rectangles, like for example the Warwick shirt. There are a few things that are different though.

Diagram of shirt 1 behind the cut )
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Today I have, except blogged some on my swedish blog, finished a lecture and done seven machines of laundry, sewn about half a shift for my masters test - part two. It's yet another 16th century shift/smock and I had a hard time getting enthusiastic about it. Since I do so many time periods and shifts differ between some of them I have at least ten hand sewn linen shifts/smocks and I couldn't really see that I needed another one. But it has to be a complete outfit. But then I decide to use the Sture shirts as basis for the pattern and since they differ some from the english shirt pattern I've used before, it became more interesting. I have now sewn the sleeves to the body and one side seam. It is not felled however, so I guess it's more accurate that I have made 1/3 of a smock. And then there's the collar, cuffs and ruffles. Most of the sewing was done while watching Roman holiday with my mother and [ profile] herzeloyde.
Tomorrow I will start the testing of my ability to work; I will work four hours a day fro two weeks in a lingerie shop downtown. This may be bad for my wallet. Especially since I somehow managed to get one of my favourite white bras purple today.

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