Apr. 24th, 2017 09:00 pm
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 In October Rickard and I are going to go see The Jesus and Mary Chain! I bought the tickets today, when they were released.

We never saw then back in the late 70s or the 80s, but once in a while they stop figthing and make a record, and the new one is good. So we're really excited about it. We haven't been to a gig since autumn 2012 when we went to see The Wedding Present. I have been to see Iron Maiden, Michael Monore and Frank Turner, maybe something more, after that, but there hasn't been anything Rickard has wanted to see.

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Yesterday Iron Maiden played the big (for Sweden at least) outdoor sports arena here in Gotheburg and Inger and I went, as we do when they play in Gothenburg. We and 54 919 others. They had some issues with the sound, which is common on outdoors concerts, so Bruce' voice disappeared sometimes, which was too bad, since his voice is an important part of the experience.Still it was a vey good concert. Neither I nor Inger had heard their latest album, but the songs were good and I enjoyed very much when Bruce ran around in beige chinos and a hunter green raincoat during "The book of souls" - he's always been so very unfashionable for a rockstar; like when he wore spandex trousers like all heavy metal bands in the '80s, but with knee socks with a stripe at the top over them :)
Best was "Powerslave" I think. I miss the Horus mask from the first tour with that album though. Or maybe "Hallowed be thy name" or "Number of the beast". The latter was the best delivery of that song that I've seen I think.

Photos by Inger.

And I remember well when cameras were forbidden at concerts and you were searched for them at the entrance
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Or something.
In any case my life sucks quite a lot right now - I'm in mor epain that I can handle really and I still have to work, with deadlines and lectures to prepare and give. But I must still be pretty awesome - because my friend [livejournal.com profile] billyoblivionx made a song for me, to cheer me up. And it has tramadol in the lyrics. And Napoleon :)

And the version with harmonica by Turk.

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Yes, I know that I'm ill, but how often are The Wedding Present playing in Sweden? Not every decade. I've taken tramadol, I have my crutches (can't make it without them) and hope to find a chair.

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I'm making 1936 sleeves taken from a dress in PoF. And listening to Sator.

I was at this concert, it was brilliant.

Another one

Jan. 8th, 2012 01:05 pm
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Because I just can help myself - I love his music!

Lyrics )

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Thanks to a playlist on this site I found Frank Turner. And I love his Love,Ire & Songs album from 2008.

Lyrics )

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I listened to this tonight togeher with my colleague Adam after all the young PhD-students had left the party they organized. And lots of other good music.

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The weekend was rather busy. On Friday I finished an article and to celebrate I went to my friend and former high priestess for tea and cookies, and ended up having an improvised ritual which was really fantastic and not getting home until 1 am. Then on Saturday we did laundry and then Rickard and I went to a gig with one of Sweden's best and most legendary rock bands: Sator.

An old song:

(It's a not very good fan video, but the song is good)
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Sunday was spent out of doors. First Valeria and I went to a protest against an extreme right rally here in Gothenburg. And there really wasn't any rioting, I just wanted an "r" for Sunday too in the headline. Some of the protesters tried to stop the racists from marching by sitting down in front of the police, there was some egg throwing and the police used horses and dogs to clear the way for the racist march, but there wasn't any rioting. I know what a riot looks like. And I wouldn't bring my daughter to one. Oh, and some even more extreme right organization threw something that exploded with a very loud bang in to the anti-racist demonstration, but didn't harm anyone as far as I know.

After the police had blocked the whole anti-racist demonstration from entering the towns' center where the racist public meeting was to be held (it must be practical for the police with a moat that encloses the whole centre at times like this ;)) Valeria and I went home, changed clothes and the whole family went to the other side of the river to a football match. Of which I will say no more than that it was still sunny and it was fun to do something with the whole family. And that we lost with 3-1.

I now had new freckles and yesterday my forehead and nose were pink from the sun.
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I'm currently changing music on my mp3-player. Normally I occasionally remove an album or two and add something new, but now I cleared away almost everything (kept a couple of songs with "The Alarm" and a collection of 70s punk) and added more punk and indie from the 70s and 80s (and some NWOBHM). If you do this by choosing artists (and sometimes albums) and not individual songs you will one day stand (or walk) there, hearing "Overpowered by funk" and think WTF??!
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This is from an ad for a swedish zipper maker from 1946. And I want to make that dress. From a thin wool preferably.

Other than that we are busy preparing for tomorrow, since we in Sweden celebrate on christmas eve and I'm for some reason thinking that the legendary Sunderland punk band The Toy Dolls is the perfect music to get into the right mood.
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My painkillers fucked up my sleeping tonight so I've slept maybe two hours and feel rather crappy.

But yesterday Rickard and I went to see Teenage Fanclub and that was great and now I'm listening to them while trying to read a book on marriage symbolism in medieval religion. And I wash that Rickard was at home with me right now. And always.


Oct. 31st, 2010 04:04 pm
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I'm beginning to worry a little about my current obsession with Katy Perry. Hopefully the Teenage Fanclub gig on the 21st will restore my taste in music.
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I swear: the sleeves on my current sewing project are possessd by demons. Or at least one of them - I haven't gotten to the second one yet.

In other news I'm listing a lot to songs from the Def Leppard album Pyromania on youtube right now.
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The show on Wednesday was really amazing. I danced so much all my muscles hurt the next day. This is pure rock'n'roll with one of the best frontmen I've ever seen.

It's a pity the image and sound quality on these youtube cvlips from the show aren't better. Well, the first one is good, but the clip where you actually can glimpse my arm when Michael is climbing on the railing five-six metres over the floor are dark and blurry.

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Some photos on someone I don't know's facebook, but where you can see me [livejournal.com profile] flamester and Tasha. Here and here.


Oct. 13th, 2010 05:23 pm
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Tonight [livejournal.com profile] flamester and his ex girlfriend and I are going to go see Michael Monroe, singer of the legendary finnish glam rock band Hanoi Rocks. The antibiotics I got today for my bladder infection of course hasn't started to help yet, but with tramadol I think I'll make it relatively pain free.

Oh, the hair, the make-up, the feather boas, the glittery trousers - that man is pure sex appeal!

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"Konjak och nazister" med Euskefeurat.

An old man tells how he can't stand brandy after breaking into one of the German trains with soldiers and supplies which the Swedish government gave the Germans permission to send through "neutral" Sweden in WWII. According to the tall tale they drilled into the wagon and emptied four large barrels of brandy, and as a resistance towards the nazis the whole town was drunk for fourteen days. So now he can't stand brandy. Or nazis.

The Church

Jan. 4th, 2010 05:09 pm
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"Don't open the door to strangers" from their debut album "Of skins and heart"

Don't open the door to strangers
Don't let them in, to your heart
They only want to take you far from me
Don't open the door tonight

Don't trust the man in the windows
Don't let him buy all your dreams
He only wants to make them all his own
Don't open the door tonight

See the angry sea, it's a sign for me
There's another shore, what we waiting for
Feel the wind is sad, all the things I had
Blown away and falling around me

Don't leave your thoughts unguarded
Don't let them float where they will
They never tell me what I want to know
Don't open the door tonight


True. Don't let them in to your heart.

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