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Feb. 25th, 2017 06:42 pm
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I think that my cold is gettting a little better, I don't feel like I am going to die all the time - or wish that I could ;) Today I even managed to go out, and stay out two hours in the freezing cold, again standing ready if the neo-nazis would march this Saturday.

Other than that all I've done today is to make potato gratin for Valeria and Maja. Rickard is in Norway playing X-wing, and Vendela is with her dad. I've also knitted a little, I'm on the final sleeve on my cardigan.

Tomorrow Alfhild is coming over to see if she wants something from the pile of clothes that I cleared out yesterday, when Rickard and I brought up boxes with spring/summer clothes, and clothes that used to be too small. Not that spring will come soon to Sweden, not even here in the southwest, but next Friday Rickard and I are going to Florence for the weekend (leaving Friday morning, going home Monday lunch) and while they maybe wouldn't call it spring, it is likely that it will be spring by Swedish standards, so I may need some clothes not made from wool :)

Two boxes were still too small and wer brough down to the storage again, and I box was filled with too large clothes instead. Because I may need them again, I'm being realistic.
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I now have my tramadol pills and can function almost like a normal human being (or at least as an imitation of normal) again. Friday was wonderful - so many cool women researching different aspects of weekly magazines - from the kind of matronly family magazines I study to articles in porn mags. And I met a woman who is very much interested in the same topics as I am, so we decided that we must have a research project tgether and apply for money for that.

Saturday morning was spent working on a scroll. At 1 pm I met up with some friends at Järntorget, a square where neonazis have been manifesting on Saturdays three times now. The idea was to be there first, if they should come. The organization "Allt åt alla" (Everything for Everyone) brough coffee and cookies which they gave out to everybody who wanted. The rather large group of Roma migrants begging in the area seemed happy about that :)
The nazis didn't come this Saturday, but we spotted some of them scouting the square, so it may be that 30 people obviously gathered there to protest scared them It is likely that they will be back next Saturday though, so we will be back then too. I didn't bring Valeria, who usually accompanies me to demonstrations this time; not only was she taking her younger sisters (my Maja and her dad's Angelina) to the movies to see "Moana", but these are violent young men trained in diverse fighting techniques, so I prefer not to bring my kids, even if they are 22 years old.I'm glad nothing happened yesterday, but I'm not depending on it staying this way, so I am also grateful to have someone who can take care of Maja if I have to go hospital or something like that (and Rickard is working).

On my way home I stopped at a charity store and found these, hardly used:

for 125 SEK, which is about 14 dollars.

Today I am going to do the calligraphy on the abovementioned scroll, and then we are going to IKEA to get a rug for Maja.
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I know, it's Saturday and all, but I have an article that is due on the 30th. It is the one I submitted the 3rd of February, afte rbeing ill for tow weeks. So of course it wasn't perfect, but I didn't expect the rather scathing peer review that I got (from someone I'm acquainted with, she didn't erase her name). I think that I have adresses the most important problems, but I also realized that I want (and probably also have to) work in some stuff in the whole article, tieing it closer to the material, to theactual objects, and that takes time. And Ikeep getting derailed by other stuff that I also have to change in the article.

But I also need to rest, so I have decided that work is for tomorrow, today I am resting. Of course I've been on holiday for a week, but it wasn't really resting in that way: I worked on teh article one whole day and the rest of the time I walked and walked, which of course takes its toll on me.

So, rest for an hour, then down town to demonstrate against a racist demonstration, and then crafting and resting the rest of the day (except for cooking and such, Rickard is working).

Busy days

Sep. 12th, 2015 10:47 am
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So, what has happened since last time:

I've done some sewing and some knitting.

Started on a new 16th century bodice.

Made a gardecorps for Maja

And a 16th century German roll and cap.

And a doublet/wams from [livejournal.com profile] mmcnealys book.

Most of all I have however been ill, a cold that just won't give up combined with a flare in my arthritis. I've done my teachign and I'm working an a presentation that I am going to give in Florence next Saturday.

I have also taken part in some demosntrations and work for the Syrian refugees arriving in Sweden, though not much due to that blasted cold, mostly monetary help. Which, on the other hand is what is needed mostly: money and time, not used clothing.

I also finally finished the sauna for my dolls house, so now the bathroom is totally finished.

My cold is slowly getting better so my plans for today is to make book case for the dolls house, work on my presentation some more and then attend a demonstration for safe routes to Europe for the refugees, the abolishment of the Dublin regulation and the law that makes transportation companies liable for refugees not granted asulym, which is why people fleeing are not allowed to buy a flight or ferry ticket, but are forced into rickety boats on the Mediterranean or being smuggled in trucks or in containers.
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The weekend was rather busy. On Friday I finished an article and to celebrate I went to my friend and former high priestess for tea and cookies, and ended up having an improvised ritual which was really fantastic and not getting home until 1 am. Then on Saturday we did laundry and then Rickard and I went to a gig with one of Sweden's best and most legendary rock bands: Sator.

An old song:

(It's a not very good fan video, but the song is good)
Read more... )

Sunday was spent out of doors. First Valeria and I went to a protest against an extreme right rally here in Gothenburg. And there really wasn't any rioting, I just wanted an "r" for Sunday too in the headline. Some of the protesters tried to stop the racists from marching by sitting down in front of the police, there was some egg throwing and the police used horses and dogs to clear the way for the racist march, but there wasn't any rioting. I know what a riot looks like. And I wouldn't bring my daughter to one. Oh, and some even more extreme right organization threw something that exploded with a very loud bang in to the anti-racist demonstration, but didn't harm anyone as far as I know.

After the police had blocked the whole anti-racist demonstration from entering the towns' center where the racist public meeting was to be held (it must be practical for the police with a moat that encloses the whole centre at times like this ;)) Valeria and I went home, changed clothes and the whole family went to the other side of the river to a football match. Of which I will say no more than that it was still sunny and it was fun to do something with the whole family. And that we lost with 3-1.

I now had new freckles and yesterday my forehead and nose were pink from the sun.


Mar. 16th, 2011 10:34 pm
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Some people claim that all it takes to become a hero is to kill other humans because your political leaders tells you to do it. I know what a real hero looks like: a worker at the Fukushima plant exposing himself to high doses of radiation so that he may save others from disaster; knowing what the radiation will do to him.
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I knew the guy was evil, since (a) he belongs to the rightwing party "Moderaterna" and b) he at least has been involved with the swedish oil company Lundin Oil and their many killings and other crimes against humanity in Sudan, but this is both evil and stupid and shows extreme lack of empathy and likewise extreme lack of judgment.

The swedish minister of foreign affairs trying to be funny on twitter:
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I don't normally do this, since I mostly write about my life here, but I think this is both interesting and scary. Read it!.
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We now have an openly racist party in our parliament.
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And the very real risk that Sweden will get a racist party in the parliament:

The Specials AKA: Racist friend
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About 7.15 into this clip you can see me being dragged by two police officers and then shouting. It's a protest against the building of the Öresund bridge, which while it is beautiful and the trains from Malmö in Sweden to Copenhagen in Denmark are really cool and practical, still did exactly what we (the environmentalists) said back in 1990 (when he clip is from) that it would do: increase car traffic a lot, something we really can't afford to do in this time of climate change.
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While it won't do anything for the people already killed or their families I am happy to hear that doctors Manga and Gardell are alive and in prison in Israel.
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I feel very strange reading everybody's posts yesterday and only [livejournal.com profile] idahoswede mentioning Israel's attack on the so-called Freedom Flottila, which was on it's way to Gaza with food, medicine, clothes, school books etc, while still on international water and where according to the latest figures 19 people were killed.

While I do not have any personal friends on boats, quite a few of my friends do and besides we all believed that people and states will behave with a minimum of decency, not engage in what in juridical terms is piracy and murder.
While it does matter to me personally if the crew or passengers on the boat attacked the Israeli soldiers with iron pipes and knives it doesn't matter from a legal standpoint, it was self defence when the ship they were on ws being boarded by hostile forces on international water. And it will not help in any way, just strengthen the unreasonable voices of violence.

Ther are on the other hand plenty of witnesses telling about how the soldiers shot people lying in their bunks. And there are still no life signs from PhD Mattias Gardell, scholar of History of religions or of his wife PhD Edda Manga, scholar in the History of Ideas. None of those are violent people.

We went to the manifestation here in Gothenburg yesterday and it was some relief of the sorrow and tension. And it was a very dignified protest with speakers from the whole political spectrum and a focus on the politics of the Israeli government, not on the Israeli people who are not responsible for this, except insofar that they actually voted these people into office.

ETA: I'm not complaining, I really wasn't, I was just surprised, since the whole of Sweden is full of it.
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A colleague, who I like, but who has very different political views than mine was discussing politics on facebook and hr friends joined in and it soon got really ugly, social darwinism and kicking those who already lie down etc. It made me really depressed (I am very tired after the conference and you know that my health is very bad now, which of course didn't help). But then I noticed that an old friend, from 18 years ago or so, who's an MP now was online and started chatting with him. We have hardly talked the last ten years, but now we did. I'm still down about people's lack of empathy, but at least I know that I am not alone and that we can fight together. And that not everyone looses their ideals and drive with middle age. Kalle Larsson (swedish link), I love you!
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I find that after I made the Uvdal Gown with all its gathering threads I have gotten much more patience with sewing gathering threads. I am currently making a german, low cut smock which is gathered at the neck and the four rows of gathering threads have gone pretty quick and with less agony than expected. I'm going to do some simple smocking over the gathers. (This makes me wish to see [livejournal.com profile] bippimalin, but I assume that she's up north with her parents)
To get in the mood I'm re-watching Luther. Well after this, there was another reason to watch Luther - I am right now very grateful to Gustavus I and Olaus Petri for making Sweden Lutheran in 1523, the french enlightenment thinkers for spreading the idea of a secular state and most of all grateful that Sweden is now a very secularized country.

PS. I'm not saying that alla catholics are bigots, I have quite a few wonderful catholic friends, but the pope's position within the catholic church makes his political views problematic, to say the least (another example is the genocide committed by the church in Africa, where their untruthful propaganda against condoms is killing thousands every year in AIDS).
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I just woke up and checked the newspapers, but since they were printed a couple of hours ago there were no news. So I had to rely on LJ to give me them - and I got tears in my eyes. To most swedes I think, american politics is weird, the political differences are small compared to those between our parties and the candidates often seem to favour the same politics and have the same rethorics. Thanks to the tremendous press-coverage of this election I've got a clearer understanding of the differences and while they still are right-wing politicians in a european sense I can now see other important differences. And I am so happy, for you and for the world, since your country is the biggest boy with the biggest guns what you do affect the rest of us a lot. [livejournal.com profile] jillwheezul's post reminded me why this is important in more ways than that it gives us all a safer world to live in.
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Got this from [livejournal.com profile] demode_kvc, spread it on!

Copy this sentence into your LiveJournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage/relationship (or if you think you might be someday), and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.
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Jörg Haider died in car crash this morning. All I can say is "good riddance!" Yes, it is sad for his family, I know that, but the world is definitely a better place without a racist leader. Especially a charismatic one who attracted a lot of people to his cause with his personality.
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I am listening to the song "James Larkin" with the Dubliners (still on a Dubliners trip after the death of Ronnie Drew). James Larkin was an important figure in the organized labour movement in Ireland and while I'm not even remotely irish the story of the pioneers of the labour movement is much the same all over the western world. Of course Sweden wasn't under foreign rule, but that didn't stop the swedish military, and thus in the end the government, from murdering five demonstrator's at a strike in 1931.

This is not that long a go, and as the first "class climber" in my family it is definitely the story of my heritage, of the swedish labour movement. I am proud of what my forefathers and foremothers accomplished and I am proud that my husband is the union's representative at his work place.

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