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Last weekend there was a "Medieval Day" at a (semi-)local site where there used to be a castle in the High Middle Ages. Today there is nothing left to see, but it´s a beautiful place next to the sea.

And I swam three times in the sea!

I brought my tent, which I dreaded putting up and taking down for just two days, but it went up really quickly and took almost no time to set up nicely, hiding all the mundane packing stuff behind wall hangings, putting the chest together and putting up mine and Katarina's camping beds.

Rickard was tired after working the whole week, so he and Maja just came down over the day when the market was on Saturday.

Friday night was really perfect - relaxed talking (and some sewing) around the table, with a pot over the fire providing tea water, some wine to drink, and ending with a walk up to the top of the hill where the castle used to be, to look out over the sea.

Saturday was also nice, but you get tired from being "on display" from 10 am to 5 pm, so people went to bed earlier We also wanted to pack early on Sunday morning. But we made a good pottage with whole wheat, carrots, cabbage, onions, bacon and smoked sausages and ate together. Then Gaby and Linus and I went for a swim (my third), we all talked (and sewed) some more. When the others went to bed I took a final walk around the small peninsula, going down to the little beaches or out to the furthest cliffs, before going to bed around midnight. It was a magical feeling those nights, just like it used to be with my old medieval group Nylöse.

Many more photos from the event can be found here.

I also started on a new working class Italian ca 1480s dress from thin wool, and finished everything except the sleeves and six lacing holes . The rest I made yesterday and this morning. 
Of course, when I tried it on it turned out to be too big, so I hade to take it in. It is no fun unpicking all hand sewn garments.

But of course I did it, and this is the result.

It needs an apron and a little white cap, both of which I plan to make this week. Maybe not tomorrow though, because we're going to a friend who stays on one of the islands in the Gothenburg archipelago to barbecue and swim in the sea.

Oh - and my holiday officially started today - I put on the automatic answer function :)

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There was much swearing and much moving around of the take-apart-hinges, but it is (almost) in usable condition. The pins for the take-apart-hinges are such a close fit to the holes in the hinges that it's hard to put them in even when hinges are not attached to anything, and impossible when screwed in place.
So tomorrow I'm going to go and get some 3 inch nails to use instead. I will also drill two holes in the lid to make it easier ot pick up.
But otherwise it is finished, which is good, since I plan to use it for medieval camping this weekend at Hunehals castle ruin, on their "Medieval day".

The photos aren't as sharp as they ought to be ;)

See more... )Then next week I'll start on the next one - I don't want to have my flat filled with pieces of wood and plywood forever :)

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During Double Wars Jonas Evertsson/Lord Edricus filius Offaeus took this photo of Mistress Helwig Ulfsdotter and all her apprentices, her former apprentices, now mistresses themselves, and their apprentices - the "grandchildren"

Mistress Helwig is the woman in the middle, she is my mistress, to the right of her are my "siblings", her other apprentices: the king and queen of Drachenwald, William and Isabetta, and viscountess Filippa. To the left of Helwig are first Mistress Tece de Kaxtone, the newest of the Laurels, and former apprentice to the woman next to her: Mistress Lia de Thornegge , Mistrsss Helwig's first apprentice. Lady Silva standing on the far left is Lia's apprentice. Sitting down it's me, and duchess Agnes Odygd, who just had become Mistress Tece's first apprentice.


Otherwise I have been very busy since I got home from Double Wars. Today I went to the hospital because of the research project about psoriatic arthritis. It took a couple of hours, but I also got a referral about the weird lump on the right side of my abdomen, which probably is a hernia, after when they had to cut open my belly three and a half years ago, a referral concerning the bunion on my left foot which makes it hard to find shoes, and an appointment to discuss the possiblity to start getting remicade injections in the autumn.
And I now weigh 64 kilos on the official scales, which means that I've lost 34 kilos since christmas.

Extremely efficient day.

In the evening we had taco dinner with my neighbour Anna and her son, and then I started sketching and painting on the collapsable chests I had intended to make for Double Wars, but didn't have the time to work on.

Tomorrow I'm taking Maja and her best friend to a medieval market som 40 kilometres north of Gothenburg. By tram, train and bus. Neighbour Anna and her son are also coming along.
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Richart von Brandenburg, baron of Knight's Crossing (martin Noack), is not only a very nice person (as is the baroness, Barbara von Krempe), but also a very talented photographer who took a wonderful photo of me and Rickard during Double Wars.

I hope you can see it, so it isn't set as private.

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 I'm back from Double Wars and I had a wonderful time. We came home last night and since then we have been busy unpacking, mending torn clothes, etc, so Ihaven't got the energy to write about it.  I have, however, posted lots of photos over at my costuming blog, here.

When unpacking I also went through some old clothes and tried them on. This one is from 1998.

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Somehow I survived this week and after most of the stuff was picked up yesterday, and after I managed to pack all of Rickard's and Maja's stuff in the morning before my lecture today I didn't feel stressed anymore. I haven't done the absolute final packing with sthe stuff I'm bringing with me in teh car tomorrow, and I haven't finished my classnotes. But it's okay, I have some time to work on that tomorrow.

So I spent the evenign on the balcony with Anna, drínking tea and re-making an old liripipe hodd of Maja's, and my old green silk bliaut.
Maja couldn't pull the hood over her head anymore, so I opened it and made buttonholes and sewed on brass buttons.

Then I remade the neck opening on my green silk bliaut. The reason why it had such a deep opening was that I needed to be able to nurse Maja. But now when a) I haven't nursed for ten years and b) I fit into it again I unpicked the trim, shortened it and sewed the slit together.

I'm not bringing it to Double Wars, since Måns and I have chosen the late 13th-early 14th century as our period during our reign, but I might wear it to a picnic in June, which is a less official event.


May. 18th, 2017 10:44 pm
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 I survived the 11,5 hours long work day with the excursion with the students  at our "Viking and medieval Scandinavia" course on Wednesday. I have graded tests, made new tests, done the final correction on an article, given three lectures and I'm having another one tomorrow.

And I have packed all my stuff, and everything needed for the pavilion, and this evening Johan came and picked up .. so soon, soon I can go to Double Wars and relax. Only "the Soviet state up to c 1950" and all the packing for Rickard and Maja left to do. I even painted a banner for Maja today.

Of course, I haven't made my class notes for my class on "Cotton in medieval Europe" that I'm giving at Double Wars on Thursday, but I can always finish those at the site.

So, I'm happy, but stressed enough to be rather hyper too.
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 Got back from the conference, it was great. People liked what I presented, and, mote importantly, they liked what my friend Sara talked about,. This was her first conference,m and she is trying to get into a PhD programme, so this was way more important for her than for me.

Got to hang with nice people and got interesting books for free.

Yesterday I went to Tubecon, a convention with Swedish youtubers, because Maja wanted to go. It was one of her birthday presents, since she turned 13 on Friday. Then it was European Song Contest, so I didn't get any real work done. I did get some sewing done however, I'm working on taking in a mundane dress and my mint green silk satin ca 1330s Italian.

Today I have to do some real work however: I have a new lecture to make in English, with a new Powerpoint presentation. And my mum and her partner and my stepdad and his partner are coming over in the afternoon to celebrate Maja.

With all the work I have to do this week I don't see how I am ever going to be able to pack my stuff for Double Wars. And the family's stuff. All this stress is actually affecting my health, my heart is racing uncomfortably.

But if I survive this week it will be just fine, because next Saturday I am leaving for Double Wars.

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 Today I'm going to the Swedish History conference, which is held every three years at different universities. This year it's in Sundsvall, which from my southwestern perspective is far north, but which actually just at the middle of Sweden geographically. Unlike here it's still winter there however, and that is something I don't look forward to.

I'm flying instead of taking the train because I had two lectures yesterday and there was no way that I could get there in time (between 8 and 13 hours train trip depending on when you go). Flying is really bad for the environment so I feel bad about that - but I also love the actual flying. And that means that I'm free to do whatever I want this morning. Or, there is work that I should do, but I'll do some of it on the plane and spend this morning relaxing a little instead. And some crafting, obviously.

I will get there too late to go to the reception mingle, but I will have a much better evening: People of the shire of Gyllengran will come ever for tea and crafting. I'm staying in a guest flat which belongs to the co-op where Hillevi, a woman from there, lives, so we will have a nice place to hang in.

My presentations (I have two) are in the two first sessions on Thursday morning, which is a little stressful - but on the other hand means that by lunch time I have done all my duties and can just relax and have fun.

Thursday evening is the conference dinner and I am going to wear my dotted wrap dress. Luckily it still looks good on me, even if I'm thinner now than I was when I took that photo (= less cleavage, not necessarily a bad thing).

And Friday afternoon I am going home rather early, because it's Maja's birthday. I will have a teenager again.
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So, I decided to make a nicer floor for my Past Tents' pavillion, now that we're actually going camping again at this year's Double Was. The fabric is the usual medium blue carbon fibred treated cotton I got from my dad, which lets air, but not water through. But, since I've made inner tents from that farbic for twenty years I decided I want some pattern on it. Seeing all the printed floor cloth in the textile printing SCA-group on facebook may have influenced me a little too ;)

But, they must a) have much bigger stamps than I have, and b) much more space. There's no way I could lay out a floor cloth with a diametre of ca 4 metres anywher in my flat. So it is draped over the kitchen table and I'm printing alternately gold and silver ornamented squares (the same as on this dress)  randomly over the fabric, printing a couple and then letting it dry so I can move the fabric again and prin in the other "colour".

As Rickard said: there will be stuff on most of it anyway :)

But I've find it fun to add other things occasianlly - there's a white owl in one place and a small gold sun in another, and I'm going to add a stag, a fox and some other animals. Just for fun.

I want to be finished soon, however, because I want my table to cut fabric and sew on :)
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My work on Valeria's Eleonora di Toledo gown procedes slowly, but steadily. It does take time to stitch around all the edges of that trim. Thank the Gods that there are so many Drizzt Do'Urden audio books :)

Yesterday the brocade and lining for mine and baron Måns' new outfits finally arrived too.
Behind cut )

The plan is to finish these for Double Wars, in the end of May. However, I have plenty of stuff to do before that, so we'll see. Maybe Valeria's will be finished then too, though it isn't much of  a camping outfit.
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I have now taken in this gown also a little over the bust (old photo)

And I am working on the white one with red print.

After that I think I have done the taking in that I need to do right now, though the raspberry pink Italian overgown I took photos of in Bologna also needs to be taken in, probably before Double Wars in May.

I ahd a sewing meeting for Gotvik yesterday, I hold them every other Thursday, and I started on the lacing holes on Valeria's Elonora di Toledo gown. 1/4 done.

I have also decided to make a floor for my smaller pavillion, and to sell my old big pavillion. It's perfect for a family with two or three kids, but we don't use it anymore, because usually not everyone goes along, and Valeria will need her own tent pretty soon anyway. In fact, I have inherited a friend's old tent for her, but I need to fix some new aluminium pipes, and press them together and bend them slightly at one edge. And I don't really know where to get that done. Hopefully I will sort this out.

We have also decided not to make beds, but to buy cheap wood beds from IKEA to use in the pavillion. If I have the energy I will make a few collapsible chests, like these. We just don't have the storage space for my old solid wood chests, so I have given them away (they were also stuck on the island of Gotland), where I haven't done any camping since 2010.

Tomorrow, after going shopping with Maja, and guarding the square in case teh neo nazis decide to turn up again I'm going to start on that floor cover, I would like to have a printed or painted pattern on it.

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I re-made it! I'd better not get that weight back again now :)

The lighting is wonky, since it's dark both outside and inside now.

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Work and general stress before the event this weekend means that I haven't continued my stories from our trip to Italy, but I will resume it eventually. I think that I have packed all the clothes that I need - I wanted to bring more, but couldn't really jusitfy changing more than once on Saturday (from the red one to the shiny gown for court and feast), so the weird Italian with a high seam at the bust will have to wait for another event.

On Friday evenign we are "re-enacting" the horrible times before St. Egon brought civilization to the barony of Gotvik. My first plan was to take a shorter surcoat (ca 1330-s1340s) that I have wihich is lined with fake fur and turn it inside out. But then I realized that's in the bottom of a "tower" of for of IKEA's big clear plastic tubs, and I just didn't have the energy to dig it out. So instead I'm wearing a wool peplos with nothing under and some funky jewellery. I will also braid my hair in small braids which will be braided together, to look "barbarian". And to get waves in the hair for when I go back to my c. 1300 garb.
I will get photos.

Since I am still on my diet I can't be barbariously drunk (I can't drink at all), but I can't say that I miss it that much. I wil not be able to eat feast either, but at least, as from today, I am allowed to eat a light breakfast. Then, after six weeks, we will introduce either lunch or dinner (my choice) for six weeks, and then finally, in late July, I will start eating only food and no diet shakes.
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Since I don't like taking up my cell phone in public during events I mostly have posed photos. Of course I also sat in front at court and at the high table so it would have been absolutely impossible. I'm sure that there will plenty of good photos that I can direct you to later.

So most of the photos are of Åbo/Turku castle and it's collections, and of nature. But there are a few posed ones of me.

The first leg of the trip was train to Lidköping, some 130 kilometres north of Gothenburg, leaving at 1 pm on Wednesday. There my friend Vanna picked me up and we went to Karlsborg 100 kilometres roughly to the east, to pick up another friend: Jovi. From there qwe proceeded to Stockholm, more precisely the beautiful island of Ekerö, about 315 kilometres to the North and East. The roads were bad due to heavy snow fall and we weren't there until maybe 22 pm. There we stayed with another friend, Annika, over night, and until half past five in the evening on Thursday when we got into her car and went in to Stockholm to the ferry to Åbo/Turku which left at eight. It was very cold, around -15 C/5 F and a rather strong wind. It was also rather cold in the house where we slept, around 13 C/55 F, but with a woollen blanket and a woollen cloak on top of the quilt I slept well.
And it was stunningly beautiful.

The ferry takes about 10 hours and most of that (though not enough of course) was spent sleeping. There were lots of us going to the event on the boat and much merriment was had, as well as last minute sewing ;)

Since we arrived in Åbo/Turku before dawn we couldn't go directly to the site, so after breakfast at a hotel people set out to look at things - in my case I went to the castle with my friends Gudrun and Leif.
I hadn't been in Finland since 1979, and then I didn't see the castle, so I felt that it was a must. There are lots of stairs, so it's not for the faint of either heart or body.
It was also -22 C/-9 F and windy.

For more photos, including 16th century jewellery/accessories check this blog post.

After the castle people had a late lunch and then we went to the site in Ahtela, which is a kind of scouting camp in the forest in Sauvo at the coast. It was snowy, but much warmer then - just below zero /32F.

When we were there there was a light dinner (soup I think) and then at 9 p.m court. I wore my mi-parti italian wool gown and to my joy realized that I need a new hole in my apprentice belt! I also had my gold striped veil.

I went to bed early, because all landed nobility were to be at the Royal Sauna at 8 a.m on Saturday morning. But that will have to be told tomorrow, for now I must go to bed.
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So, 2 weeks on the diet equals 3 kilos of weight loss. I can live with that. Still not feeling hungry, and in fact it was rather practical while travelling to and from the coronation - all you needed was a shaker (or in this case my water bottle) and some water and you could eat anywhere. I'm sad that i missed the fabulous feast, but it was so beautiful, and the presentation was so spectacular that it was a feast for the eyes as well.

I hope to have the energy to write something about it later, but right now I am too tired. I left Ahtela in Finland at 6 am on Sunday (local time, 5 am Swedish time) and was home at 00.20 on Monday (Swedish time). Today I've been to the nurse about the weight loss programme and that's about it. I've tried to read the book "The Viking world" edited by Stefan Brink and Neil Price, but I keep falling asleep. We have it as course literature on a course I'm teaching, so I thought that I'd ought to read it. (Some of the articles annoy me too much to fall asleep though. You CAN NOT use 13th century written sources to prove anything about the 8th century. Or if you think you can: show me why you think it's possible. Thank the gods I will only teach the Middle Ages.)

If I'm lucky others will post their photos online that I cvan direct you to. Since I was mostly in public view I couldn't take many photos, just a few of myself after I've left the main hall.
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Today I'm starting two days of travelling to get to Drachenwald's Twelfth Night Coronation in Finland. I have never been to a coronation befire and I hope that it will be lots of fun. I think it will, lots of my dearest SCA friends are there and the peopel gettign crowned are my friends William and Isabetta, who I like very much; Isabetta and I are "sisters", in that we are both apprentices to Mistress [ profile] helwig. The trip doesn't really take tow days, more like 18 hours, but on the way tehre we will stop for a night at another friend's place, picking her up. This is partly a safety measure, since weather can make it hard to travel these days and we don't want to miss the ferry from Stockholm to Finland. The ferry will be lots of fun since most of the Nordmark peopel are travelling in the same ferry.
On Sunday we leave way before dawn and hopefully I will be back in Gothenburg around midnight. That depends on if I make the last train from the place where my driver, duchess Vanna, lives. Otherwise I'll have to stay over at her place and then she has to drive me to the nearest town where I can take a bus at 7.10, change to a train and then arrive in Gothenburg at 9.30. Which means that I will have to drag my luggage with me to the hospital where I have an appointment with the weight loss nurse at ten. I really hope that I will get home on Sunday night.

Or, I can take the train from Stockholm, which seems more and more like the only solution the more I think of it.

Anyway, that's something that will have to be solved soon-ish, since I'm leaving in less than two hours. I will bring a book and craft projects. But first I have to go and get some diet soda and herbal tea to have while travelling.
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This afternoon my roomie at work picks me up and we're going to the south of Sweden for a wedding. It's an old colleague who was a PhD-student at the same time as us, and who has since then moved back to the US (he's originally from Boston). Nowadays he works fro teh Military, tracking lost soldiers from WWII and the consequent wars fought on foreign soil by the US. IN Washington he met  another government employee a few years ago, and they have chosen to get married in a small medieval church in Sweden. Their families are flying over and some of us old friends are drivign down there. The wedding is tomorrow, but tonight we will have a small dinner at the castle (Ellinge slott) where the reception is held.

Yesterday I tried on the only nice dress I thought would still fit me: the red velvet dress I made for last christmas. And it does fit, though it's a little tighter than I would have liked. Unfortunately I can't fit into my folk costume anymore, which would have been nive to wear with all the American guests. But I'll find something nice for the ceremony, though not as pretty as I would have liked, and then change to the red velvet dress. I have to figure out which shoes I can wear a whole night, and still look pretty.

I'm sure it will be very nice, and of course I want to go to theri wedding, but given my health it would have been a better idea to stay at home; I'm still in a lot of pain. I am also beginning to get a sore throat, which is unfortunate, since we plan to sing for the couple during the dinner. But I'm sure it will go fine.

The wedding means that I will miss my sweet friend Renika's elevation ot the Order of the Laurel, but since this is on Gotland and I'm not that well, I might no thave gone anyway. no, who am I kidding, I would have gone! But of course real life events like a dear friend's wedding comes first.
I am very grateful that I can catch a ride with my colleague, because organizing travel by train would have been too much a couple of weeks ago when I was more ill.
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Lord Edricus, who's a very good photographer, took photos at Festivalo de Caderas. They're on Flickr, and among other things you can see the apprentice ceremony of two Laurels taking apprentices (I am one of the apprentices). There are also photos of yours truly giving out awards, etc. The album is here.
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Last weekend was the SCA event Festival de Caderas, which my barony arranges. It was a lovely event, where I got to give out awards, eat amazing food cooked by Lord Leonardo di Pergola and hang with friends. But for me, the most important thing by far was that I was asked by Mistress [ profile] helwig Ulfsdotter to become her apprentice. I of course accepted, and got this beautiful green belt (from Lorifactor).

My friend Mistress [ profile] liadethornegge also took a new apprentice, the very amazing Tece de Kaxtone, as well as renewed her master-apprentice relation with Silwa af Svaneholm.

Hopefully Lord Edricus' will have nice photos of the solemn and touching event - if so I will link to those when they are up on the Internet.

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