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I am in no way the SockDreams fanatic I used to be. They're as good as ever, but my current style incorporates less colourful and stripey socks than I used to wear. I also have quite a lot of socks. Mostly these days I buy sheer stockings for suspenders from them and occasionally some knee highs. So I had missed these, the "Extraordinary thigh highs". Finding thicker stockings long enough to be worn with garter belts, which don't get baggy around the ankles and feet, but are wide enough for my thighs has been an ongoing quest of mine. One solution are the lovely wool stockings from Levante, but they only come in black, brown, beige and dark navy and I like stronger colours occasionally. Or at least more colours to choose from.
These are burgundy.

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New stuff

Feb. 6th, 2010 12:58 pm
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When I got home from Stockholm there were two packages waiting for me: from SockDreams and from Bravissimo. I bought two pairs of SockDreams striped knee socks and some stockings. I may be wearing these to Tip the Velvet's Valentine's party.

The shose are also new - they're cheap plastic shoes my friend Annaa's daughter bought for her fashion show and I bought them from her even cheaper. It's easier to see both the shoes and the sequined hearts om the stockings in this photo:

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You may remember the fail that was my attempt at making a jumper/skirt with braces?. After being put in the pile of shame for a couple of months it is now a skirt. And I think it looks great with my new yellow cardigan from H&M.

The socks are OMarled from SockDreams.
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Because yesterday I ordered these shoes in yellow and the day before that I ordered quite a few stockings and socks from SockDreams: These in fuchsia and pink. I plan to make a matching corset and short ruffled skirt for my friend Stina's "Dirty Thirty" party in October. If I find the time and fabric.
These, which are something between a standard and a more festive stocking for me, the colour is light and beige enough to suit me, not the yellow tone of the ones with red seam.
These in navy.
And, finally, a new pair of dark red O chevrons with black, since I've worn out my old pair.
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Since I've started using my thinner stockings more they also break more often and need to be replaced, so I have now done some internet shopping in that department. Unfortunately the dollar is now so high compared to the swedish crown that shopping at Sock Dreams is a rare luxury, but fortunately there's also a swedish shop that at least has some fun stockings and a good selection of basic stuff. Today it was mostly basic.
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Now, with the warmer weather making me want to wear sheer stockings, I really need to stop going to these wild parties - I can only assume that they're the reason behind all the bruises on my legs. I bruise very easily, but I think I would have noticed some of the "injuries" if I had been sober when they happened.

Damn cold

Feb. 13th, 2009 08:50 am
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It's cold now, around -5 C, I know a lot of you have to stand much colder climates and I pity you, but this is cold enough for it to affect my arthritis so please no condescending comments about "people living down south". It is also not, as northerners say "because it feels much colder down in the south where the humidity is higher, up here it's much nicer" - it's very dry weather now and I don't think arthritis cares about how it "feels" in your heads. It's too cold and it makes my body ache even if I don't spend much time out of doors.
I am therefore extremely happy that I don't live in Stockholm or the northern parts of Sweden, because usually it isn't this cold here for very long.
Now I'm going to dig out my dark green O woolies.
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Yesterday hubby and I took some photos of the fairly new Superbasics from Sock Dreams. I'm going to make a review of them for the Sock Journal, but probably not for a couple of days, I need time to write. This is one of the photos that won't be used then; since it shows the whole me (and my balcony) and not just the socks.

Photo )

I like them a lot. They're cotton and they're wide enough not to cause a dent and they reach to mid thigh now that I have washed them in hot water. They were maybe 2" longer before washing and I guess you could keep that length by only washing them in cold or warm water. But the cotton fibre needs 60 C water to get clean so that's what I use. I don't tumble drye them though and always stretch them when wet.

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I just ordered these. I just had to have them. Technically I have all the socks and stockings I need, but when they're this pretty and apparently fit thighs up to 23" circumference, I just had to have them.
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I just got my heavyweight silk stockings that [ profile] myladyswardrobe got for me in the mail. They are lovely. Comfortable and beautiful. I think that now I really need to make myself some more upper-class, stylish shoes from the second half of the 16th century. I love my round-toed shoes that [ profile] herzeloyde made for me, but they don't fit with silk stockings.
As soon as I get some rope I will start on a silk farthingale, lined with thin wool, too, replacing my old cotton one, and with the new hand sewn corset I will have really spiffy 16th century underwear indeed.
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My new shoes, worn with crochet net thigh highs from Sock Dreams. The top bands are a little tight on my not-so-slender thighs, but if I pull them all the up past the widest part of my thighs they stay up whatever I do.

And I adore the new shoes.

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The door bell just rang. It was the mail-lady with a package from SockDreams, given to me by the kind [ profile] silverstah.
And this was in it:

There was also a pair of NStripes in maroon and navy, which will match my plaid skirt.
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I made a post about my new stockings that I got in the mail today over in [ profile] socks_fun. With a photo. Here it is.
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Just when I have got my christmas stockings I see these. I still like the first ones better, but these are fun too.
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Lookee! Socks for the devoted HP fan. Or, if you prefer cotton and all striped they also have really comfy knee highs in red and gold. Not exactly sang, which I assume is the colour intended in the Gryffindor arms, but close enough. I may get the first of these; I'm really a Ravenclaw, but blue and bronze isn't a combination I would wear on socks.
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After doing the bills on tuesday I ordered this, but in black.
I also ordered these in red and yellow, these in dark red and these in skye blue (I'm kind of hoping for summer to arrive).
I can't wait for them to come!

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So I have made a list of socks I want from SockDreams, if any of you feel like giving me a present or so ;)
I will tell my relatives about this list. Socks are a good present too, because it doesn't matter if you get two (or rather four)of the same. Some of them are currently out of stock, but that may change.
Actually this list is mostly for myself and I keep it updated to reflect what I have gotten and what I have discovered that I covet.

Name Size colour

Cronert cotton overknee large dark brown, dark beige

Super basics large navy, red

Superstripes, smaller footed plum and lilac, delft and royal

O basics one size dark red, delft, kelly, hunter, royal

Long cuffable, scrunchable socks pink, charcoal, plum, natural, dark brown, seafoam

Pink knees one size pink and:sky blue, lilac

Green knees one size dark brown, yellow

O chevrons w. white one size natural, delft

O chevrons w. black one size pink, grey

Cotton slouch socks one size grey, plum

purple knees one size purple and:natural

white knees one size white and: bubblegum, seafoam

Vertical striped fishnet thigh highs with lace top

Lurex shimmery thigh highs silver black, blue black

Pin striped thigh highs with a bow Plus size

Lycra sheer cubans with lace-up tops

uban heel thigh high Plus size

And red... Plus size

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