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I just got told in my swedish blog that I looked like a pink hippopotamus (and I'm mighty proud that I can spell that) on these photos. Thank Gods and Goddesses I already know that I look hot in that - what would I have done otherwise? Hid myself forever? ;) I wonder what people who leave that kind of comments want to accomplish?
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Curled, sprayed, painted and laced in - now i'm off to [ profile] mynningsflamma's birthday party.

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Though I'm using the word "hat" loosely here. It's of course for the pink confectionery shown in a previous post. I'm going to use fake hair to get a sort of 1870s feel to it and then attach the "hat " on top. That will look much better than dirty hair in a pony tail ;)


Oct. 6th, 2009 10:03 pm
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The corset and skirt are now finished; except that I want to add a butt bow. At the party I will of course have fixed my hair and some kind of hat/head ornament. I will also wear pink striped stockings and these boots.

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The corset is really finished now and I'm making progress on the skirt, though I don't think it will turn out as good as I had hoped :(


Sep. 29th, 2009 10:09 pm
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My latest project:

There will be ruffles - and a matching mini skirt with more ruffles.
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My new sewing project is a 19th century corset that I will wear on [ profile] mynningsflamma's "Dirty Thirty" Burlesque themed party in the middle of October. It will be from silk dupioni in strong pink with details in a lighter pink and I plan to also make a short ruffly skirt in the same fabrics.
I tried on my old Foy corset to get something to start with, though this one won't have a basque but be unbroken to the hips. I will have to make it slightly bigger in the bust and over the ribcage, a little higher in front near the armpits so there isn't any "spillage", since I won't be wearing a shift and I will also have a modesty panel in back. Since the local haberdasher only has rather short busks I will lace it in the top and have the busk below the bust and downwards.
Of course none of this will happen unless I do some patterning, so off I go.

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