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Taken in my friend Caroline's hall.

It was an okay party, not as good as last time, but nice anyway. I don't feel the need to go again for a while, but we'll see, it's probably two months until the next party.
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No matter that I'm tired and sick and we really ought to do some cleaning - this will be a good day! Because first I'm going to have a ritual with my friend/former High Priestess and then we're going to go to Tip the Velvet the Gothenburg Burlesque Club together - and lots of our friends will be there too.
I'm doing laundry now, but I'm trying to get the energy to pack my stuff, put my hair in rollers and learn my ritual parts by heart.
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Despite my sewing machine being broken I have (almost) finished the skirt I plan to wear to Tip the Velvet on Saturday. [ profile] herzeloyde let me use hers on Sunday and yesterday, so all that remains to be done is to sew down the waistband by hand on the inside.
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As I wrote in a previous post I changed my plans for the upcoming Tip the Velvet due to it having a Valentine theme. I have had to change my plan somewhat since I couldn't find white fabric with small hearts on it anywhere in Sweden and the only ones on eBay Uk who had any didn't ship to Sweden. So instead I will have black fabric with little hearts. This will make the skirt more useful for other occasions, since I prefer darker skirts than tops and maybe it's just time for me to stop being so damn sweet all the time!
As I said in my previous post I will use my red corset again, stripping it from christmas fluff. I made a sketch to show my idea; you have to visualize the red dots as little hearts ;)

I think that I will make a "hat" with a large felt heart too.
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I had plans for the next Tip the Velvet (burlesque club in Gothenburg), I wanted to make a little dress in purple fake tiger fur and a little hat with ears, 1940s-inspired all of it. But then it turned out that it's the 13th of February, which means that the whole thing will be Velentine's themed. So I will probably try to find white fabric with red hearts and make a short ruffled skirt with ric-rac ribbon on the edges and use my red velvet corset with the christmas decorations (swans down and glittery ribbon) removed and probably a matching ruffle that becomes "sleeves" too. I have white stockings with red hearts from Leg Avenue.
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One of the shows from Tip the Velvet.


It was fun and worth the soapy water I got on my corset.
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One thing that suprised me was how natural it was for people to touch your body - I'm not used to people "pawing" over me when admiring my corset. Of course people were drunk, but there was something else too. Since it was only nice women (and I also had been drinking)I didn't mind, but it was so unexpected and unusual that I couldn't help noticing.
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Caroline's friends turned out to be really nice people, so the pre-party was lots of fun, mainly we talked about music. We actually had so much fun that we didn't arrive at Tip the Velvet until around midnight. This meant that we missed some of the shows, but we still managed to see one of Mr Mistress' numbers ( had no idea a skinny man in women's underwear and make-up could be so hot) and one of the local Lily de Luxe's, the latter involving quite a lot of soapy water. Apart from that I drank G&T's danced, talked to people, including one of my current students, met a woman whose blog I read and was made amorous advances to by a very pretty and nice girl.
I was in bed at four.
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I bought matching gloves last week, otherwise I looked just the same as last week.

Pink again

Oct. 23rd, 2009 06:49 pm
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Well today it's time for the next airing of the pink outfit, since I'm going to the Gothenburg burlesque club Tip the Velvet tonight. I've been invited to a pre-party, but there is also the possibility to watch IFK play an away game on the computer. It's a very hard choice since the season is drawing to an end with IFK in second place, one point down, and only three matches left to play, including this one.
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I couldn't decide which of these photos was the best, so I'm posting both. The rest of our gang looked really good, but I can't show photos of them without their consent - not in their costumes; [ profile] amonik and I were the only women not dressed in corsets among us.

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Apart from Vicky Butterfly there was a swing dance number, a fashion show (great) and a good band that I had never heard of before: The Other flesh - and disc jockeys playing swing and rockabilly. I even danced some. And drank very little, which was just fine - it was the kind of party when you can both immerse yourself in it and go crazy or sit back and look and enjoy yourself equally.
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Actually I did, because I didn't take it off until after I had arrived at my friend Caroline's place, where we dressed up together with some of her friends, which means that I travelled through town, changing trams etc with curlers and a crocheted doily on my head. [ profile] amonik was a darling and helped take the rollers out. Only one was a complete mess. Lots of photos were taken, but not with my camera, so I hope I will get them sent to me soon.
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If you ever get the chance to see UK burlesque performer Vicky Butterfly - do so! The video does not do her justice!

She was one of many highlights yesterday.

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