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I finished Baron Måns' tunic today. Since he's away doing RPG at GothCon, and I wouldn't ask him to come here an model besides - I'll get photos next weekend when we wear it - I asked Valeria to do some modeling:

She's bout seven centimetres shorter and has both narrower shoulders and shorter arms, but you get the general idea :)

The tunic is split at the front and back. I had intended to only do one band of embroidery, like on my gown, but some research revealed that if they had a border it was at the hem, around the neck and sleeves. I wrote about it here. So it took a little longer to make than my gown.
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As I wrote in yesterday's post I had a wool dress in 1930s' style which had got a moth hole right in front on the tummy. The "Make Do and Mend" challenge gave me the kick in the butt I needed to do somethign woth it, except packing it down for summer and packing it up for winter. I made the new skirt from a wool twill that I bought from a friend a couple of years ago when she sold out most of her fabric stash. To tie the two pieces of the dress together visually I also made a new collar (as you can se in the post below it had a white cotton collar) from the blue wool and made patch pockets from remnants of the glencheck wool used in the bodice and sleeves. This time I made the skirt shorter, to the, to me, more flattering "little-above-the-knee" length of the 1940s.
From the lower part of the original skirt, which didn't have moth holes I made a skirt for Valeria. I feel very thrifty.

More photos )
The Challenge: # 1 Make Do and Mend
Fabric: 100% Wool tabby and wool twill
Pattern: Not as such, it started its life as a '70s pattern, but has been heavily re-made to a) fit me and b) to give it more of a 40's style. You can see here another example of how I changed this "1970s does 1940s pattern" into a 40s dress.
Year: ca 1940-44. Typical for the war years with its combining of materials and rather short skirt.
Notions: Four plastic buttons, a zipper for Valeria's (modern) skirt
How historically accurate is it? Wool was a common dress amterial in the 1940s, unlike now, so the materials are good. It has machined button holes, which wasn't common in home made clothing and the plastic buttons are probably from another type of plastic than the one used then. While the pattern is from the 1970s it has been changed enough to make the pieces look like what you can find in an original 1940s pattern. The sleeves are taken from an original 1940s pattern too. Mixing fabrics like this gives it a very authentic look for the war years (at least in Europe) where every scrap available was used. I have studied many sewing patterns and Swedish women's magazines from the period and I think this would pass without comment or notice. (The magazine on the "old" photo is one of the leading Swedish women's magazines, from 1945)
Hours to complete: Not many, maybe five, including Valeria's skirt.
First worn: For photos I wore it today, but since I'm at home recovering from a hole in my duodenum, surgery and four weeks in hospital it may be a while before I wear it "officially". It will be great for work when I get back though.
Total cost: Nothing now, since everything is from stash, nothing newer than two years old. However, if I try to remember the price of the two fabrics I would end up with c. 150 SEK for fabric, which is about 29 USD, and then 20 SEK for a zipper (for Valeria's skirt) and 16 SEK for the buttons, so in all ca 35 USD. The lining in Valeria's skirt was scraps I can't calculate the value of.

Adult kids

Aug. 18th, 2012 09:54 am
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Yesterday Valeria and Vendela turned eighteen. They are now old enough to vote, drive cars etc  and legally adults. For those who have known me long enough to have met/seen them since they were small this may be one of the things that makes you feel "OMG I'm so old!!!", but when you live with them it doens't fell like that because you're with them all the time. Or mayeb it feels like that a little.
Yes, I'm that old and I am happy and proud of my beautiful, smart and kind daughters. The gods know that they are not perfect, but they are good and intelligent people and I am satsified with that.
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Since Valeria already knows English as well or better than most swedish youths leaving high school and suffers from boredom and embarrassment (over her class mates) at classes she's going to take a series of tests to prove this and thus be finished with her high school English.

One thing she's going to do is to read two novels from a list and then both write a review and discuss them with a teacher. Since she didn't know much about the books in question what I have read and liked of course influenced her. So now one of my high school favourites "Rumble Fish" (my absolute favourite S.E. Hinton novel was "That was then, this is now" I think) and a more recent favourite, Nick Hornby's "Fever Pitch" are on their way to us.

I think that she will like both of them.
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The only upside of the moth disaster is that I got to take up and unpack my 1940s clothes: a dress in rayon crepe, two similar suits in hand woven Harris tweed and a pair of shorts. I had two more dresses, but I gave them away (I sort of regret that now, but I couldn't wear them anyway) and I also have two coats, of which I fit into one.

Anyway, since Valeria was home from school I put curlers in her hair and "forced" her to pose.

The dress:

One of the suits )

The shorts )

My girls

Aug. 18th, 2011 11:07 am
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Yesterday Vendela and Valeria turned 17. They had six friends over for cake (and then dinner since we had dinner). The cake, which was a Tardis-cake made by my friend Marika was a huge success and everybody seemed to have fun. But boy, do eight teenage girls make a lot of noise!

the cake )
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So, since I now have a teenager I wasn't the one who did the most fashion shopping while in London. Instead it was Valeria who bought herself pretty dresses and nice shoes for cheap at Camden Market.

Here's a closer shot of the shoes, which are blue, despite seeming more grey in the photos.


Aug. 17th, 2010 08:24 am
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Today my wonderful girls Vendela and Valeria turn sixteen. They are so big! And pretty and smart. I am proud and happy to be their mother.

Busy, busy

Jul. 3rd, 2010 12:43 pm
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All the time I'm not posting I'm either working or sewing. I have almost finished Maja's hand sewn high necked smock and another 14th century fitted gown for Vendela. This time in thick wool (a remade a-line gown which my sister made for her in 2007) and with elbow length sleeves. I made the button holes yesterday while sipping white wine on [ profile] herzeloyde's balcony.

I have also made the skirt for Vendela's saxon court gown - it's from green velvet with bands of poison green damask. The damask always looks yellow on photos though, weird. I have also fitted the pattern and cut out the bodice and will start sewing it when we all get back from my sister's this evening. My niece turns two today so we're going there for cake and socializing.

Finally I have cut the pieces and lining for a fitted 16th century "coat" for Valeria, again using her thick wool gown from 2007).
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Yesterday they tried on their old medieval clothing, most of it sewn 2008, some of it in 2007 even. Except for that the sleeves were short they could wear quite a lot of it so in the end I "only" need to make one shift for them each, an every day dress (which will be a gothic fitted dress) and a court dress (which will be 16th century Saxon gown) for Vendela and two pairs of stockings for Valeria. I haven't started thinking about Maja's new clothing yet, but except for shifts I think that she needs everything new.
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I made this dress in 1993, when Italian renaissance was all the rage in the then barony (now the principality) of Nordmark and when I was very new in the SCA. Then I had the twins, but managed to get back to the same size again and wore it for example at Visby medieval week in 1998. But after the latest pregnancy, and with arthritis making my ribcage totally inflexible I've noticed that my lower ribs are much to wide for it, even if I should loose some weight. So I decided to re-make it for my daughter Valeria, to wear at St. Egon's feast next week. Besides, it was a wonderful style on a young-looking 25-year-old and is adorable on a 15-year-old, but not so much on a 41-year-old.

I had to take in the bodice and shorten the straps, to make it fit her shorter torso and smaller bust and waist and then I discovered that I had to remake the skirt to, since it was too difficult to pleat in that much fabric into the smaller waist. Since gored panels are more period I didn't mind the work and at least I didn't have to hem it again. It may not be perfectly period, but remember that it was made 17 years ago.
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I made a gallery with photos from "Lady Ragnhild's Collegium".

Maja, me and Lady Astrid sewing.

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In les than two days we're leaving for London. Since I'm busy tomorrow evening I ought to iron clothes and pack at least a little tonight, but I'm tired and will sit down and sew on Rickard's new braies and watch a DVD with a swedish comedy group (Galenskaparna) together with Maja.
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Yesterday I did the necessary changes on Valeria's dress and even dragged her outdoors to take some photos.

It's made from 65% wool 35% polyester and the blouse used to be my mum's.
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I finished a dress for Valeria, which I have been working on on and off the last month and half - hand hemmed ruffles, gathered skirt and other time consuming stuff. I have of course tried the bodice on before I sewed the skirt to it, but somehow it is still too big now that it's finished. Valeria says that it's good enough, but it really isn't; at a minimum it needs to be taken in in the back. So now the bow in the back has to come off and the lining at least partially removed. It is princess seamed and I need to take in both side seams approximately 1,5 cm. It's annoying, but the fit over the shoulders and back would annoy me even more if I didn't do it. Not tonight, however, since it's ten-forty and I'm working tomorrow.
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The tickets are booked and on wednesday evening the 3rd of June my daughter Valeria and I will show up on [ profile] clothsprogs' doorstep.
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As you may know, my daughter Valeria is really into anime and japanese Lolita style. So I made this dress for her during "the twelve days of christmas".
The blouse is from H&M and the shoes are mine.

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