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It took one of my firends less than a minute to guess ;)

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Today my white cotton/silk satin arrived from Pure silks . There was no way I could have afforded 100% silk satin of this thickness, so I went for a mix, justifying it with the fact that mixes of cotton and silk were not unknown in the 16th century. This is it.

The trim is from Indiabeautifulart on eBay, my absolute favourite eBay shop.

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Spring Crown was held at Rockelstad castle. The oldest parts of the castle are from the 17th century and it has a beautiful park by a lake. On their web page you can read about the history of the place and see more photos.

Me posing before the castle after breakfast, which was in the old brewing house by the lake. The yellow house is the old bowling alley.

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I didn't take many photos. And actually Valeria took all the photos of me :)
But if you want more, which you certainly do, have a look at Jessica Granath's photo album on facebook. She took lots of photos both of the tourney and from inside the castle. The family still lives in it, but it was open for visitors one hour. I didn't get to see it then, because I was busy judging A&S comeptition entries, but I hope that we will have events there again.
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My friend Alfhild took really good photos from the event. I also took some of my faminly. Here you are!

Me and Måns swearing on the baronial coronets:

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Mine/my family's:

Lady Elisabetj tablet weaving:

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It has been finished since July at least, but has been too warm and I have been too busy to force her to pose in it. It's (of course) based on the works of Lucas Cranach, but we chose one of the less common, earlier styles that he painted: with a skirt that is mostly gored with just a few pleats in the back, whole sleeves and it is laced shut.

It's made from wool an lined with linen and all hand sewn. She made the bodice and I made the sleeves, skirt and sewed it all together. It has lacing rings and the cord used for lacing is made in lucet from wool yarn. The nice littel wreath is also made from wool, but felted, and is made by vicomtess Wilhelmina Weydeharz (spelling?).

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Bad lightning, but the gown and the girl are pretty.

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I can't decide what to do at the shoulders, or if I should do anything, on Valeria's new gown. There will be sleeves which are tied in. The sleeves have strips of black wool as decoration just like the bodice.

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I'm waay to tired to work tonight so I'm taking the evening off. Now there will be popcorn, Harry Potter on DVD, Rickard, Maja and 22 lacing holes to sew on Valeria's new 16th century gown.
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Me and the big girls posing outside our tent. It was a very weird light from the setting sun, so our faces look very orange - it wasn't that bad in reality I think.

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Valeria's birthday kirtle is finished (she got the fabric as a birthday present from us when we were in Visby). It needs black sleves (reversible, lined in red) and a black partlet. Hopefully there will be enough black wool left to make a jacket too; she could probaby use it as mundane clothing too then.
It's from a lovely blue-grey wool twill.

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Two photos

Aug. 12th, 2008 08:49 am
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There will be a story about this year's Visby medieval week too, but I'm busy working, unpacking and doing laundry, so it will take a few days.
Here are, however, two photos.

Me and Rickard at the market )

Valeria and Maja before the princely investiture )

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