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I had an absolutely lovely time at Visby Medieval Week. Two and a half day was in a way perfect. If it had been shorter I wouldn't had time to hang with so many friends, but if it had been longer I had begun longing for living in a tent and experiencing the whole week for real. Now I was just a visitor and enjoyed the little that I could get.
It was a bit weird sleeping indoors, but I had a lovely time at Renika's and Styrr's place. it was also weird not having either kids or husband with me - I had no-one that I was responsible for except myself. So I lived on bread and smoked sausages, and beer.

Tece de Kaxtone and [ profile] helwig in camp.

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Photos of me, my family, the camp, Visby etc can now be seen in this gallery.
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Me and the big girls posing outside our tent. It was a very weird light from the setting sun, so our faces look very orange - it wasn't that bad in reality I think.


Aug. 15th, 2010 11:21 pm
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At half past ten, twelve hours after we left my friends Anders' and Karin's place we arrived at home. I am now very tired and also seem to have missed an awful lot on LJ. If it's something you really want me to know - comment to this post.


Aug. 6th, 2010 08:19 am
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And now we're off!
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This day has been spent putting clean laundry in the right places, washing six machines of dirty laundry and packing for Visby medieval week (and cooking and taking care of Maja). My feet hates me, but tomorrow everything will be packed and on my friend Marika's trailer and then I can start cutting out diverse headgear I plan to work on on the train to the ferry and on the ferry. Possibly a jacket for Maja too.
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Lady [ profile] liadethornegge has posted her photos from Visby medieval week here. I love looking at them, remembering this year's medieval week. I like those of myself, because I look real and alive, if not always pretty, and I love seeing the faces of people I really, really, really like - like Lia, Helwig, Johann, Edricus, Bengt, Hedvig and the others in their camp, the sweet [ profile] amonik and my beloved friend Måns, to name a few.
And Visby itself of course, that beautiful special town.
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Sinc eI finally got my Visby packing back yesterday (yes, my gowns are severely crumbled after three weeks crammed in a chest) I ca now finally fondle and show you the things I bought in Visby. As usual I didn't do much shopping - that's what happens when you've been active for such a long time that you have most that you need, including fabric. But I did buy some lovely tablet woven trim to edge a peplos dress with. I do know that it was integral to the weave, but I'm not going to start weaving on standing looms anytime soon, nor weave a ribbon at the edge of my herringbone twill, so I will fake it. The other thing is a spool for sewing thread made from wood and with a hollow inside so that it acts as a needle case too. The plug is made from elk horn and it is made by the sweet [ profile] liadethornegge's very skilled father. It was way too cheap too.

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Me and [ profile] amonik posing by my new pavillion just before court during Visby medieval week.

The sunlight was really strong, so the colours look weird and off, even though we're both standing in the shadow of the pavillion.
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[ profile] haugtussa sitting in my new pavillion, working on another of her gorgeous embroideries:

[ profile] amonik in the chapter house, just before my lecture on same sex sexuality in the middle ages:

[ profile] camele0pard, Felix and sir Padraig entering the list at the Visby tournament:

[ profile] liadethornegge and [ profile] edricus entering the list:

Our nice neighbours viscount Bengt and Hedvig bowing to the princess of Nordmark and their excellences, the baron and baroness of Styringheim.

Me at the tournament:

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The best photo of me from this year's Medieval week - taken by [ profile] camele0pard.


Aug. 2nd, 2009 02:47 pm
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It feels very weird that in six hours time I'll be in Visby.
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My sleeping arrangements are getting better and better, since I was offered by some sweet people that I know to sleep at their place the first night. This means that I won't have to pack a cloak for a cold night, which is good, since I have already packed all the medieval clothes (and probably some more) that I need in my chest.
I have decided which clothes to bring on the plane and now I need to make suitable headwear - yes, I could use a wrapped veil, but guess where my veils are?
And a cap is more fun!

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The wonderful Etla from the barony of Styringheim, who organizes the camp, offered me a sleeping bag, a mattress and a place in the crash tent. Now that is solved :) Though I would still prefer a sofa, spoiled as I am ;)
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I am even more worried about the medieval week now - now I don't only have to find somewhere to sleep Sunday night, but also people who are willing to help putting up pavillions at 1 am the night between Monday and Tuesday, since that was the only ferry available.
And still nowhere to sleep. I've got people to pick me up from the airport, but nowhere for them to take me.
And my lectures are Monday and Tuesday, which means that I will be totally exhausted when I give them and when I put up camp.
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A week ago two of the ferries that go between Stockholm (Nynäshamn, but almost Stockholm) and Visby crashed into each other and one of them isn't functioning. To solve this problem they cancel ferries from Oskarshamn, which is where we travel from, because people from Stockholm are more important than people from the rest of the country and so the ferry which my tent, bed, chest with clothes and other stuff that I need was cancelled. First the people who are towing the trailer actually thought about not going (thanks a lot for that: that would have meant no medieval week for me + cancellation of my lectures, which might have meant that I wouldn't have been asked to lecture anymore, for being such a flake), but after some talking we decided that they should go on Monday and arrive at 6 pm then.
The only problem with that is that I'm arriving already on Sunday evening, so now I need somewhere to stay that night. I also have to bring extra medieval clothes and lecture notes, but that's doable. But I need somewhere to sleep, and someone to pick me up at the airport - and if I'm staying far away from the camp I have to be there at 9 am on Monday morning, because I'm doing guard duty then.
I think it will be solved, but I'd feel much better if I knew.
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I finally got to take some photos of my navy/forest green shot silk taffeta dress in the florentine style, now that it has trim and sleeves. I probably should have worn a partlet, but this was just a quick photo session to show you how it turned out and I couldn't be bothered.

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On Monday I bought a new lantern for my pavillion. Not only is it more correct than my brass and glass ones, but it of course doesnt' break as easily and takes up less space, which is important since there is more limited packing space this year. I will continue ot use the old ones when we bring the large pavillion, I don't care that much that they're not period, because to me they give the right atmosphere anyway and we need more lanterns in the larger pavillion. They also give more light of course, because of the glass panels.
But this one looks like a proper medieval brass lantern.

It was 250 SEK, which would be around 28 dollars or so.


Jul. 14th, 2009 07:55 am
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Yesterday I finished my second lecture for Visby Medieval week, the one of underwear in the middle ages and renaissance. Today I'm going to go over my "standard" lecture on medieval clothing, since I have two lectures in Östergötland (another part of Sweden) the week after the medieval week.
And then I can go back to working on my research project.
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It had all the required pieces and was easy to put up - yay!

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