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 Since I'm part of a research project on weight loss and psoriatic arthritis I get to see a dietitian every month or so (don't remember the exact space between the appointments) where you get weighed on the hospital's more exact scales. My own scales show lower figures, so the official weigh-ins feel important to me, as a kind of confirmation that it's working, that I'm not gaining weight again.

Today's weight was 59,3 kgs (130.7 lb), which is 700 grams (a bit more than a pound) less than last weigh-in. That is still just a small variation, but the important thing is that I don't gain weight again. And that seems to be working, despite the fact that a busy work schedule gives less time for long walks, and a tendency to snack.

This means that I have now officially lost 39,2 kilos (86.4 pounds)  since Christmas, and I've kept my new weight, and even lost a little, since I got back on normal food again full time in the beginning of June.
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 I've been to the dietitian to check my progress and I now weigh exactly 60 kilos. I am not trying to lose more weight, just to keep it, but all the walkign I've done lately apparently ahs taken a way a few more kilos.

In related news I am gong through all my garb. Especially the costumes which I had packed away because they were too small.They are now all too big, and I wil sell some, but a few of them I will take the trouble to take in, because I love them so much.
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During Double Wars Jonas Evertsson/Lord Edricus filius Offaeus took this photo of Mistress Helwig Ulfsdotter and all her apprentices, her former apprentices, now mistresses themselves, and their apprentices - the "grandchildren"

Mistress Helwig is the woman in the middle, she is my mistress, to the right of her are my "siblings", her other apprentices: the king and queen of Drachenwald, William and Isabetta, and viscountess Filippa. To the left of Helwig are first Mistress Tece de Kaxtone, the newest of the Laurels, and former apprentice to the woman next to her: Mistress Lia de Thornegge , Mistrsss Helwig's first apprentice. Lady Silva standing on the far left is Lia's apprentice. Sitting down it's me, and duchess Agnes Odygd, who just had become Mistress Tece's first apprentice.


Otherwise I have been very busy since I got home from Double Wars. Today I went to the hospital because of the research project about psoriatic arthritis. It took a couple of hours, but I also got a referral about the weird lump on the right side of my abdomen, which probably is a hernia, after when they had to cut open my belly three and a half years ago, a referral concerning the bunion on my left foot which makes it hard to find shoes, and an appointment to discuss the possiblity to start getting remicade injections in the autumn.
And I now weigh 64 kilos on the official scales, which means that I've lost 34 kilos since christmas.

Extremely efficient day.

In the evening we had taco dinner with my neighbour Anna and her son, and then I started sketching and painting on the collapsable chests I had intended to make for Double Wars, but didn't have the time to work on.

Tomorrow I'm taking Maja and her best friend to a medieval market som 40 kilometres north of Gothenburg. By tram, train and bus. Neighbour Anna and her son are also coming along.
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Being away on an event made it harder to stick to my eating schedule. I had ordered breakfast and dinner, since I wasn't sure if I would be well enough to cook over a fire. Breakfast was easy, since they had both crisp bread, tomatoes and boiled eggs, but dinner was slightly more difficult, since they didn't serve as much vegetables as I ought to eat, and I couldn't take all the meat or fish in the stews either, but I thought that one week with less protein isn't a problem. To solve the vegetable problem I brought cabbage and carrots. These I alkso had as snacks, as well as a couple of apples, because you need mor energy when you're camping, being cold, walking around constantly, have 100 metres to the loo etc. I also allowed myself to eat a few grapes when offered, and to taste some of the mead and beer offered at one of the vigils (just wetting my lips) and I had a burger on the way home from the site.

So I wasn't 100% good, but I thought that all the extra exercise would make up for that, and I think it did. I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 64.4 kgs/142 lbs (2,3 kilos less than Monday two weeks ago). I'm meeting the dietician on Thursday next week, so we'll see what he has to say.
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So, I as away for three days on a conference (including travelling to it) and I ate badly. Well, not really badly, just not according to the plan I've been given. I had a sandwich one day when I shouldn't, and I ate the whole conference dinner except the dessert (which I just tasted one spoon of), and there were almost no vegetables/salad in that meal.

Still I couldn't have done too bad, because I at least continue to loose weight, but slower. This week I lost 6 hg, that is 1,3 pounds, so I now weigh 66,1 kilos (c. 146 pounds), and this morning I tried on my gothic fitted dresses from mid- late 90s and they fit!

So I go on eating breakfast and dinner (with half the plate veggies, raw or cooked) and two low calorie shakes, one for lunch, one before bed - it seems to be working.

And just as a reminder: I started out on 98 kilos/216 pounds

ETA: I checked and I remembered wrongly. Last week was 67,7 kgs, not 66,7, so apparently I keep loosing at a quick rate. It should be 1,6 kgs (a little over 3,5 pounds) in a week.
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 Finally I got around to take a photo of me in the skirt I made last week, Or rather: make Rickard take a photo.
Other than that I am grading tests on the balcony. It's slightly overcast, but still very nice. I have also cut out a new jacket to replace my beloved yellow one, which is too big. And it would be more work to take it apart and remake it than to make a new jacket. And besides I might get bigger again and need it ;)

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 Yesterday I had my first dinner since Christmas day. It was ca 150 grams chicken filet fried with garlic, lemon juice and various spices, 120 grams bulgur, cooked green peas, and lots of a salad made from spring onions, different varieties of lettuce, and toamtoes with a little olive oil and apple cider vinegar on it. Half the palate was salad and peas, so I followed the rules set down for me. And I still felt full 14 hours later - I had dinner at 5 pm and when I got up at 7 am I had to convince myself to eat breakfast.

should have eaten a shake before going to bed, but I was so full I had to pass. 
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 I now have one(!) spring/autumn/winter skirt that fits in the waist (and a few more which are more summer-y)! So I am right now ripping out the seams of an old knee length pencil skirt that fits perfectly, but which has been eaten by moths duting the seven or so years that I haven't been able to wear it, to take a pattern from it.
I have thin black wool to make a new skirt, but, not very suprisingly, given my thoughts about black clothing, I don't have a balck zipper or lining at home. So I will get that later today when I've been to the hospital to see the dietician.

The skirt in question, from February 2008:


Apr. 17th, 2017 10:59 am
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I am continuing with this diet I've been since Boxing day and it is going very well, though I am getting very tired of shakes instead of food.

For almost five weeks now I have replaced the breakfast shake with real breakfast, though with strict guidelines for calorie content, and it has been wonderful. Mostly I have two pieces of crisp bread with one boiled egg, tomato and ruccola, and it's really yummy. And I keep losing weight - I started on 98,5 kilos, and now, I'm at c. 73 kilos. And I can wear almost all my old clothes. For some costumes, like my Flemish 16th century I need to lose quite a lot more though, but since I will be on a diet, though less severe, until August, and after that continue to watch my food intake for the rest of my life, I may eventually be able to fit into them again. Right now I think that I would even more like to fit into the green bliaut again.
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I really shouldn't have lost this much weight in one week when I've introduced breakfast. Maybe I had a lot of water in my body last Monday when I weighed 78.8 kgs (ca 174 lb) - because this morning I weighed 76.6 ( ca 169 lb)kgs. I have done a bit of walking, but not that much: Satuday I was downtown for shopping and maybe walked 2-3 kilometrs, and yesterday I walked maybe a kilometre more, but in the forest by a lake.

Anyway, I am not complaining, but expecting next weeks weight loss to be much less.

Photos from the lake and forest )
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Now I'm going to shorten two pairs of jeans for Rickard and than make waffle batter, because in Sweden today is waffle day.
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I have now taken in this gown also a little over the bust (old photo)

And I am working on the white one with red print.

After that I think I have done the taking in that I need to do right now, though the raspberry pink Italian overgown I took photos of in Bologna also needs to be taken in, probably before Double Wars in May.

I ahd a sewing meeting for Gotvik yesterday, I hold them every other Thursday, and I started on the lacing holes on Valeria's Elonora di Toledo gown. 1/4 done.

I have also decided to make a floor for my smaller pavillion, and to sell my old big pavillion. It's perfect for a family with two or three kids, but we don't use it anymore, because usually not everyone goes along, and Valeria will need her own tent pretty soon anyway. In fact, I have inherited a friend's old tent for her, but I need to fix some new aluminium pipes, and press them together and bend them slightly at one edge. And I don't really know where to get that done. Hopefully I will sort this out.

We have also decided not to make beds, but to buy cheap wood beds from IKEA to use in the pavillion. If I have the energy I will make a few collapsible chests, like these. We just don't have the storage space for my old solid wood chests, so I have given them away (they were also stuck on the island of Gotland), where I haven't done any camping since 2010.

Tomorrow, after going shopping with Maja, and guarding the square in case teh neo nazis decide to turn up again I'm going to start on that floor cover, I would like to have a printed or painted pattern on it.

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I re-made it! I'd better not get that weight back again now :)

The lighting is wonky, since it's dark both outside and inside now.

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Work and general stress before the event this weekend means that I haven't continued my stories from our trip to Italy, but I will resume it eventually. I think that I have packed all the clothes that I need - I wanted to bring more, but couldn't really jusitfy changing more than once on Saturday (from the red one to the shiny gown for court and feast), so the weird Italian with a high seam at the bust will have to wait for another event.

On Friday evenign we are "re-enacting" the horrible times before St. Egon brought civilization to the barony of Gotvik. My first plan was to take a shorter surcoat (ca 1330-s1340s) that I have wihich is lined with fake fur and turn it inside out. But then I realized that's in the bottom of a "tower" of for of IKEA's big clear plastic tubs, and I just didn't have the energy to dig it out. So instead I'm wearing a wool peplos with nothing under and some funky jewellery. I will also braid my hair in small braids which will be braided together, to look "barbarian". And to get waves in the hair for when I go back to my c. 1300 garb.
I will get photos.

Since I am still on my diet I can't be barbariously drunk (I can't drink at all), but I can't say that I miss it that much. I wil not be able to eat feast either, but at least, as from today, I am allowed to eat a light breakfast. Then, after six weeks, we will introduce either lunch or dinner (my choice) for six weeks, and then finally, in late July, I will start eating only food and no diet shakes.
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I've taken it in 4-5 inches over the bust, letting it slope out from there to the hem. And remade the sleeves to fit the new armscyes.

Smaller boobs is a Very Good Thing!

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After not making any (or at leat very few) medieval clothes for a long time, due mainly to having a lot of them already, I of course had to go an get obsessed about a year ago, making lots new clothes from ca 1300.
And now I have lost 18 kilos and will probably lose at least five more, and while you can wear this styel with very varying weight, they do look bette rif they're not too large over the bust. And since I have lost weight there too (hooray). I will have to remake a lot of clothes, including the shiny investiture gown. That will have to wait though, because I'm going to wear it this weekend and I don't want the stress of picking it apart and remaking it before Friday.

I have, however, started on this one. It's a bit easier, since it's not lined. Though more hand work since I have to fell seams again.
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As I mentioned in my last post I have had the cold from hell, though it's slowly going away. Which is good, because on Friday morning hubby and I are going to Florence (and Bologna) over the weekend. I am slightly worried about how Italian restaurant owners will deal with the fact that I'm not eating, it will appear impossibly rude. I might have to find someone to translate "Unfortunately I'm on a strict diet for medical reasons" for me. ;)

The diet is going well, though you wouldn't believe how much I crave lettuce. I have now lost 15,7 kgs (approx 34,6 pounds) and can fit into clothes I haven't worn for 4-5 years.

A Saturday

Feb. 25th, 2017 06:42 pm
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I think that my cold is gettting a little better, I don't feel like I am going to die all the time - or wish that I could ;) Today I even managed to go out, and stay out two hours in the freezing cold, again standing ready if the neo-nazis would march this Saturday.

Other than that all I've done today is to make potato gratin for Valeria and Maja. Rickard is in Norway playing X-wing, and Vendela is with her dad. I've also knitted a little, I'm on the final sleeve on my cardigan.

Tomorrow Alfhild is coming over to see if she wants something from the pile of clothes that I cleared out yesterday, when Rickard and I brought up boxes with spring/summer clothes, and clothes that used to be too small. Not that spring will come soon to Sweden, not even here in the southwest, but next Friday Rickard and I are going to Florence for the weekend (leaving Friday morning, going home Monday lunch) and while they maybe wouldn't call it spring, it is likely that it will be spring by Swedish standards, so I may need some clothes not made from wool :)

Two boxes were still too small and wer brough down to the storage again, and I box was filled with too large clothes instead. Because I may need them again, I'm being realistic.
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Today I was at the hospital for my official weigh in - and I have lost 10,3 kgs since I started this diet on Boxing day.

It is also a good day in many other ways: It's snowing, and just below freezing and very pretty (though I really can't wait for spring to come), and for some reason I just felt better today, so good that I spent part of the morning dancing to old '80s and '90s tunes in my kitchen. In between doing some necessary job stuff. Skipping work (well, sort of) probably also contributed to my general well-being. But the best is the pain being back on a normal level, I hope this continues.

Today it's Gotvik's sewing meeting at my place (I hold them every fortnight) and I look forward to it. I have beads to sew around the neckline of my mint green kirtle, but I don't count on doing much, since I mostly try to help others on these meetings.

I have just put a pie in the oven for the family to eat tonight, so I won't have to cook during the meeting. I put left over bolognese sauce, another pasta sauce with cream, ham and broccoli, some corn and some tomatoes in a pie crust and then poured mixed egg, milk and shredded cheeses over it all. Should be good, and there's much more space in our fridge now.
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Other stuff in my life is pretty messed up right now (I'll get back to that in a later post), but at least my life on Cambridge shakes works: I don't feel hungry and I've lost a lot of weight in those 4 weeks and four days from when I started until I was weighed today at the hospital.
Weight before I started, 22nd of December 97,4 kilos = 215 pounds
Weight the 9th of January: 94,4 kilos = 208 pounds
Weight today, 27th of January: 89,8 kilos = 198 pounds
I am very happy about this. And also that they had re-stocked their shakes, so that I could get other flavours of the shakes, because I was getting very bored. The vanilla version tastes like custard, very yummy.

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