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 So, now the semester is finished and I have done all the grading and at least half of the administrative preparations for autumn. And I feel like I can relax for the first time for months. Well, at least after I've finished counting hours and getting teachers for the new course I'm responsible for, which is what I plan to do today. Apart from doing laundry.

And sewing of course but that's after I've finished working, Yesterday I cut and zig.-zagged all the pieces for my mint green italian ca 1330s overgown. The one made from the fabric from hell: slinky silk/visose satin. 
The undergown is already made:

But there should be an overgown from the same fabric, with slit sides, like this:

Though obviously I forgot how the sleeves looked I see now, so I have to cut new ones.  Luckily I have enough fabric for that.

Tomorrow Gotvik has its annual picnic and I look forward to that. Sunday my coven celebrates the Summer solstice, so while fun it won't be a relaxed weekend.


May. 18th, 2017 10:44 pm
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 I survived the 11,5 hours long work day with the excursion with the students  at our "Viking and medieval Scandinavia" course on Wednesday. I have graded tests, made new tests, done the final correction on an article, given three lectures and I'm having another one tomorrow.

And I have packed all my stuff, and everything needed for the pavilion, and this evening Johan came and picked up .. so soon, soon I can go to Double Wars and relax. Only "the Soviet state up to c 1950" and all the packing for Rickard and Maja left to do. I even painted a banner for Maja today.

Of course, I haven't made my class notes for my class on "Cotton in medieval Europe" that I'm giving at Double Wars on Thursday, but I can always finish those at the site.

So, I'm happy, but stressed enough to be rather hyper too.
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 Got back from the conference, it was great. People liked what I presented, and, mote importantly, they liked what my friend Sara talked about,. This was her first conference,m and she is trying to get into a PhD programme, so this was way more important for her than for me.

Got to hang with nice people and got interesting books for free.

Yesterday I went to Tubecon, a convention with Swedish youtubers, because Maja wanted to go. It was one of her birthday presents, since she turned 13 on Friday. Then it was European Song Contest, so I didn't get any real work done. I did get some sewing done however, I'm working on taking in a mundane dress and my mint green silk satin ca 1330s Italian.

Today I have to do some real work however: I have a new lecture to make in English, with a new Powerpoint presentation. And my mum and her partner and my stepdad and his partner are coming over in the afternoon to celebrate Maja.

With all the work I have to do this week I don't see how I am ever going to be able to pack my stuff for Double Wars. And the family's stuff. All this stress is actually affecting my health, my heart is racing uncomfortably.

But if I survive this week it will be just fine, because next Saturday I am leaving for Double Wars.

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 Today I'm going to the Swedish History conference, which is held every three years at different universities. This year it's in Sundsvall, which from my southwestern perspective is far north, but which actually just at the middle of Sweden geographically. Unlike here it's still winter there however, and that is something I don't look forward to.

I'm flying instead of taking the train because I had two lectures yesterday and there was no way that I could get there in time (between 8 and 13 hours train trip depending on when you go). Flying is really bad for the environment so I feel bad about that - but I also love the actual flying. And that means that I'm free to do whatever I want this morning. Or, there is work that I should do, but I'll do some of it on the plane and spend this morning relaxing a little instead. And some crafting, obviously.

I will get there too late to go to the reception mingle, but I will have a much better evening: People of the shire of Gyllengran will come ever for tea and crafting. I'm staying in a guest flat which belongs to the co-op where Hillevi, a woman from there, lives, so we will have a nice place to hang in.

My presentations (I have two) are in the two first sessions on Thursday morning, which is a little stressful - but on the other hand means that by lunch time I have done all my duties and can just relax and have fun.

Thursday evening is the conference dinner and I am going to wear my dotted wrap dress. Luckily it still looks good on me, even if I'm thinner now than I was when I took that photo (= less cleavage, not necessarily a bad thing).

And Friday afternoon I am going home rather early, because it's Maja's birthday. I will have a teenager again.
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Friday I wrote two new lectures. Yesterday I prepared two conference presentation - notes and power points. After that I felt that I could relax some, and had Katarina from our local medieval group over for tea, and chatted about 15th century Italian fashions. However, it turns out that her computer has crashed so someone else, that is: me and Alfhild, will have to make the next Gotvik newsletter. So I wrote a short note from the baroness and baron before going to a  football match. Which "my" team won, which made me happy.

Today I have to organize lunch for students when we go on an excursion next week, and I also have a lecture to hold, on medieval clothing and textiles. In English, but after all I'm used to talking about these subjects in English. But I didn't have the time to translate my notes, which makes it more difficult. But it will work out, I'm sure.
I also need to make the last changes on an article.

This evening I will work more on the Gotvik newsletter, and start packing for the conference on Wednesday.

Tomorrow I have two hours lecture about interwar history and then after lunch two hours of WWII.

I've just realized that the coming two weeks I will work almost full time (I'm employed at 50%)
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 1. Relax, I had an evening lecture yesterday after all, and try on and clear out my extensive collection of socks.

2. Write on my paper on home sewing and ideals of womanhood in the 1920-1940 (circa)

3. Continue my work on getting images for my article in "Costume"

And then my friend Alfhild will come over and we will work on scrolls, or sew, and I will eat my first dinner since Christmas day.

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 It's not particularly good, but I hope that it's at least coherent. I sat working on it for eight hours straight, which I really shouldn't do, and which was achieved only through the help of tramadol. And I didn't dare read it through a final time before sending it ;)

But it is sent away, and I will have a free weekend dammit! Or at least one free day; ideally I should either grade tests, start on the next paper and read a student's thesis.

But on Sunday my friend Alfhild is coming over for calligraphy and illumination, so at least that will be a reasonably work free day.
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it is very interesting to see the typical Swedish mistakes I make, when getting editorial comments on articles. You can really see the Swedish construction of sentences, phrases and use of prepositions in some places :) Swedish academic writing is done very much in the passive form, which leads to phrases and constructions that just don't work in English.
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Yesteday the final editorial comments for my article for "Costume" came, so I know what I'm going to do today. I have also done some work on fixing images for the other article, which is to be part of an anthology on sumptuary law.
And I also have to start on fixing image rigths for the article in Costume.

Unfortunately I have been in a lot of pain lately, so I don't much feel like doing anything. Maybe it will get better later today, after all it's still morning.
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I now have my tramadol pills and can function almost like a normal human being (or at least as an imitation of normal) again. Friday was wonderful - so many cool women researching different aspects of weekly magazines - from the kind of matronly family magazines I study to articles in porn mags. And I met a woman who is very much interested in the same topics as I am, so we decided that we must have a research project tgether and apply for money for that.

Saturday morning was spent working on a scroll. At 1 pm I met up with some friends at Järntorget, a square where neonazis have been manifesting on Saturdays three times now. The idea was to be there first, if they should come. The organization "Allt åt alla" (Everything for Everyone) brough coffee and cookies which they gave out to everybody who wanted. The rather large group of Roma migrants begging in the area seemed happy about that :)
The nazis didn't come this Saturday, but we spotted some of them scouting the square, so it may be that 30 people obviously gathered there to protest scared them It is likely that they will be back next Saturday though, so we will be back then too. I didn't bring Valeria, who usually accompanies me to demonstrations this time; not only was she taking her younger sisters (my Maja and her dad's Angelina) to the movies to see "Moana", but these are violent young men trained in diverse fighting techniques, so I prefer not to bring my kids, even if they are 22 years old.I'm glad nothing happened yesterday, but I'm not depending on it staying this way, so I am also grateful to have someone who can take care of Maja if I have to go hospital or something like that (and Rickard is working).

On my way home I stopped at a charity store and found these, hardly used:

for 125 SEK, which is about 14 dollars.

Today I am going to do the calligraphy on the abovementioned scroll, and then we are going to IKEA to get a rug for Maja.


Jan. 16th, 2017 02:25 pm
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I do no think it's wise for non-native speakers to write their research grant proposals in English. Unless they really have to. Having read two this far for a seminar tomorrow i just want to bang my head on the desk. In the names of all the Gods: Please have them checked by a native speaker!

Like I do with you people ;)

Their luck is that the applications will probably mostly be read by non-native speakers.

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I'm too busy with work to write anything longer. I have tests to grade, new courses to administrate and new classes to prepare. Craft wise Måns and I have worked on his waffenrokk and it comes along nicely, there will be photos when it's finished. I also knit a hat for Maja and cut her hair really short.

Now I have to get back to grading tests.
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So, 2 weeks on the diet equals 3 kilos of weight loss. I can live with that. Still not feeling hungry, and in fact it was rather practical while travelling to and from the coronation - all you needed was a shaker (or in this case my water bottle) and some water and you could eat anywhere. I'm sad that i missed the fabulous feast, but it was so beautiful, and the presentation was so spectacular that it was a feast for the eyes as well.

I hope to have the energy to write something about it later, but right now I am too tired. I left Ahtela in Finland at 6 am on Sunday (local time, 5 am Swedish time) and was home at 00.20 on Monday (Swedish time). Today I've been to the nurse about the weight loss programme and that's about it. I've tried to read the book "The Viking world" edited by Stefan Brink and Neil Price, but I keep falling asleep. We have it as course literature on a course I'm teaching, so I thought that I'd ought to read it. (Some of the articles annoy me too much to fall asleep though. You CAN NOT use 13th century written sources to prove anything about the 8th century. Or if you think you can: show me why you think it's possible. Thank the gods I will only teach the Middle Ages.)

If I'm lucky others will post their photos online that I cvan direct you to. Since I was mostly in public view I couldn't take many photos, just a few of myself after I've left the main hall.
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...I defended my PhD dissertation Kläderna och människan i medeltidens Sverige och Norge (clothing and the individual in medieval Sweden and Norway).
Most of you were around then, and before that, so I won't go into details.

In a way can't believe it's already ten years, it doesn't feel like that. In other ways I can see what those ten years have done to me; I am so much more confident in my role as a researcher and teacher now.

I will not celebrate it in any particular way, except not working any more today and instead have some tea and continue on a craft project.
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The conference was really interesting and I met some really nice people, some for the fist time, others were "veterans" from last year's conference. I hope I will find the time to write more about further on, but since I came hom on Sunday evening and gave two lectures, followed by a doctor's appointment yesterday and will teach today too, followed by a visit to the hospital to see a friend.

So any longer stories will have to wait. I have, however started making image-heavy posts in my costuming blog and I suggest that you go there to see them. Normally I try to transfer the information here, but I just don't have the energy or time for that right now.


Basilica di San Pietro

There will be more. If you're on facebook the easiest wy not to miss any is probably to like the facebook page for my blog.

Now I have to work on the autumn equinox ritual, and then leave for work and seminars on a book about men's suits in Sweden in the late 19th- early 20th century.
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Last Wednesday I gave one lecture and then on Saturday I had classes the whole afternoon. Today I have one lecture this afternoon and tomorrow I lecture both before and after lunch. I started today with taking Maja to the dentist and since I got home I've been busy answering e-mails from students.
This is a little much, since I'm on sick leave and only work 15 hous/week, but it will calm down in a few weeks.

On the 14th I'm going to Bologna for a conference and that will be lots of fun. Any tips on what to see in Bologna are welcome.
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Finished the braies yesterday. Now I am thinking about making some gifts from the baron and me to foreign royalty. I am also trying to get som Real Work done, such as working on my paper/presentation for the Dressing the Early Modern conference in Bologna in a few weeks. I must confess that I go there mainly for the people, and for going to Italy in September. But I still need to make a good presentation.

Today is laundry day, which is made more interesting by the fact that they are replacing our lift and the laundry room is five floors down (in the dungeons ;) ) Thankfully laundry is a project that Rickard and I do together, so he will have to carry everything. Also lucky is that the last month of Pokémon Go has made my legs much stronger. That and climbing the stairs for a couple of weeks now; we live on the 3rd floor.
There's a lot of noise from the lift shaft today, but that means that they are working on installing the new lift, so I will not complain.

Apart from the stronger legs my body isn't too happy with me right now. I can walk (obviously), but I have this constant pain which makes it hard to concentrate and actually think, which unfortunately is what I'm paid to do. I might have to tak emore tramadol to get work done.


Aug. 22nd, 2016 12:16 pm
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It's one of those days. I promised UPS that I would be home all day to recieve a package for Vendela. It turns out that I had forgotten about a meeting at 2 pm. Hopefully they won't come the half hour between I leave and Rickard comes home from work. I am also restless and would have preferred to take a walk and hunt pokémon before my meeting.
It was also pointed out to me that I had booked one date wrong this autumns course in fashion History. Hopefully it can be corrected easily, but I am still waiting for an answer from the person who books rooms.

And this has made me too restless to actually write on the conference presentation that I started on this morning (and has worked on one and a half hour or so). I'll try to read a little instead I think.
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I started working again this week afte the holiday, and it was okay. I would have preferred to hav holiday of course, but there are quite a few thigns that I need to do before the semester starts on the 1st of September. Also, there was only me and one other person there most of the time, so it was really easy to concentrate. And I wasn't tempted by sewing, knitting or any other thing that I could do when I'm at home. So I commented on a student's essay, went throgh hundreds of e-mails, wrote a four page abstract for an anthology that I'm hopefully going to be in and started on the research for a paper that I'm, presenting in Bologna in September. I'm still on sick leave (and will probably be for the rest of my life), which means that I only work 15 hours/week, so I think this was actually rather good.
After work I have been out hunting pokémons, which is probably very good for my health, knittign, sewing, making scrolls etc. I have also started to have sewing/craft meetigs for my local SCA barony once a week. They're on Thursdays, when Rickard is away playing X-wing. Not that he minds having people here, but sometimes there's quite a lot of us and he does like his peace and quiet. This week I made a new "chin strap" and veil for my early 14th century wardrobe, painted a scroll and did some mundane knitting.

Next Thursday there won't be a meetig at my place though, because I am flying over to Visby on Wednesday, and will stay until Friday (Saturday is my mother's seventieth birthday). I will miss court by one and a half hour, which is both sad and good. Sad because I like courts and good because I won't need to pack my crown :)

The main purpose of the trip is to hang out it with [ profile] helwig and [ profile] liadethornegge, and to sign my apprenticeshop contract with the former. And to spend time with Renika, where I'm also staying.

I will also get the chance to wear my new red wool Manesse gown, and my new green wool surcoat with lots of metal flowers sewn on to it. A gown which I have NO good photos of. Mainly beacuse I haven't worn it.

I will also bring my old murrey gown to have something that I won't care so much if it gets dirty.

Gotland is suffering from severe drought and we are adviced to save water as much as possible, so I will take a bath at home before I leave and when when I get back to Gothenburg. So I will bring at least two shifts so I can change. Actually, that's how I usually do it a Medieval Week: one shower in the middle of the week and three or four shifts to change between. People shower too much anyway.

Hopefully by the time that I leave I have gotten somewhere on one of my new lectures for this autumn, on historical cotton trade.
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I know, it's Saturday and all, but I have an article that is due on the 30th. It is the one I submitted the 3rd of February, afte rbeing ill for tow weeks. So of course it wasn't perfect, but I didn't expect the rather scathing peer review that I got (from someone I'm acquainted with, she didn't erase her name). I think that I have adresses the most important problems, but I also realized that I want (and probably also have to) work in some stuff in the whole article, tieing it closer to the material, to theactual objects, and that takes time. And Ikeep getting derailed by other stuff that I also have to change in the article.

But I also need to rest, so I have decided that work is for tomorrow, today I am resting. Of course I've been on holiday for a week, but it wasn't really resting in that way: I worked on teh article one whole day and the rest of the time I walked and walked, which of course takes its toll on me.

So, rest for an hour, then down town to demonstrate against a racist demonstration, and then crafting and resting the rest of the day (except for cooking and such, Rickard is working).

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