May. 19th, 2013

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Yesterday was the Eurovision Song Contest final (Denmark won with a meh song) and the best definitely was this half time entertainment by hostess and comedian Petra Mede. It tells you how we Swedes really are - in musical form.

New dress

May. 19th, 2013 12:58 pm
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Well, it was finished over a week ago, but I had to have the time, energy and help to document it. The pattern is self-drafted, except for the sleeves which I took from a 1936 dress in Janet Arnold's "Patterns of fashion 2". The skirt is a full circle. The fabric is old - I found it in a dark corner where Gårda Textil, the shop where I nowadays get a lot of my fabric. They have vintage fabric for cheap there - this cost 40 SEK/metre I think. I thought that it was viscose and washed it as such, but when I started really working with it I felt the typical silk smell. After a burn test my suspicions were confirmed and I now have party dress in silk.

I'm posing both without a petticoat, for a more authentic (late) '40s look (yes, I know that I have purple hair) and with a huge tulle petticoat. I think I like it best without the petticoat. The shoes were on sale for 75 SEK (c. 7 pounds) on H&M a few weeks ago. The dotted tights (with a seam) are from What Katie Did and the pretty necklace is from Pimp your garb.

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