Jan. 3rd, 2015

frualeydis: (may)
Maja and I got a new doillhouse from Rickard as Christmas present. This was really what started the dollhouse madenss. Maja was playing with her old, rather scruffy Lundby house and really wanted somethign nicer. I have always been interested in having a big dolls house, but before commiting myself and spending that much money and time I thought that it would be a good idea to renovate my old dollhouse to see if I really was interested in doing it in real life too, and not just in my fantasy. What if I got bored?
Well, we all know how that turned out, so Maja and I now have a dollhouse as a common project. It's called the Beeches and it's really large, 8 rooms and supposed to be a Georgian townhouse, though for us it is the family dream house. This means that it won't be a period house, but a mix ofold and new, and the family will be modern, namely us.

I am currently priming, painting and putting together, but thanks to having remnants from my dollhouse I have also finished the walsl and floor of the living room.

The front of the house is about halfway done.

And yesterday i glued a milion pieces of cardboard to the roof and painted it black.

I really want to finish the inside of the house, because then it can move into Maja's room and I will have more space to finish the front and then, finally, I can have my kitchen table back so that I can sew ;) But the wall paper won't arrive until late next week I think, due to all the holidays.

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