Sep. 8th, 2017

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 Monday : Giving two lectures , one 10-12 (What is textile history) and one 15-17 (Ancient Greece)
Tuesday one lecture, pagan pub moot in the evening and I was responsible for the booking so I had to go.
Wednesday: One lecture (Ancient Rome), full moon celebration in my home in the evening. Which meant vacuuming and mopping the floors in the kitchen where we celebrate when we're at my place.
Thursday: No lectures, preparations for later lectures, excursions etc and I tried to write an abstract. Sewing meeting at my place 16-20.30. I managed to take apart my wedding dress, which is in Italian 15th century style and needs to be taken in if I'm going to wear it. I also made a modern stretch top before the meeting.
Today: Laundry. At 1 pm my friend Terese defends her PhD, then her PhD party.
Saturday: Talk over the phone with my friend Sara (yes, these things have ot be scheduled), hopefully a walk with hubby and then I'm babysitting Anna's son over the night.
Sunday: Hopefully some sewing.

Fun, but a bit exhausting.

Next week I have only one lecture, and then on Wednesday I'm going to Berlin for the Dressing the Early Modern conference.

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