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Jul. 2nd, 2017 10:38 pm
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 Originally I had planned to take Maja and Valeria with me on the bus to my mum's place and then go to a medieval market not far from where she lives. But when neither of themwere interested I decided to stay at home too. I painted on my "medieval" collapsible chest and then took a long walk downtown to catch some pokemon :)

The weather forecast had said that it would be rather cold and cloudy, with a risk for rain, but instead it was the warmest and sunniest day this June :)

To celebrate this I invited Inger over to share a bottle of prosecco that I bought when I went to Finland for 12th night coronation. We also indulged in popcorn and had a lovely evening together.

Today I worked soem more on the chests, but I ran out of paint and will have to buy more tomorrow. Then we went to my sister's place to celebrat4 her eldest daughter's 9th birthday. it as nice, but I was rather in an un-social mood, so it also felt good to leave after 3,5 hours and go home. Where I continued on my mint green early 14th century Italian surcoat - all that remains now is to sew beads around the neck!

Next week is the last week of work before my holiday, but I have slowed down notably since the semester ended. I was going to work on presentations for conferences, but I've mostly been reading. And walking a lot, for the exercise.

Last week I ordered lots of thin cotton fabrics from India and I can't wait for them to arrive.
 This is going to be a regencey dress, because Alfhild and Gunilla has got me really enthusiastic over this time period again and I plan to have a regency picnic by the end of the summer.
Then I ordered three colours of thin plain cotton: dark blue, maroon, and teal blue. Thwe dark blue and marron are going to be peasant tops, and tthe teal may become that too, but foremost it's going to be a late 18th-early 19th century round gown. I think. It's definitely going to be regency in any case.

I also have an order for hand woven cotton to make either a 14th or 15th century peasant's gown from. Lots of stuff to make :) Including a pair of navy polycotton twill shorts with red piping with white polkadots that I have started on.
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