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I got accepted to the "Inside out: Dress and Identity in the Middle Ages" conference at Fordham University next March!

This creates all sort of trouble, since we had planned, and announced that we would have the SCA event St.Egon's feast that weekend and I really have to be there because a)I'm stepping down as baroness, and b) I'm the feastocrat.

So now I've dumped this problem in the lap of my poor friend Alfhild, who's the seneschal, and also autocrat for the event.

It makes me sad and stresses me - but still: New York!

I am very excited, since I've never been in the US before.


Oct. 14th, 2017 09:43 am
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I'm feeling a strong urge to start knitting again. I really shouldn't, however, because I have Valeria's embroidered sleeve to finish and it's 1/3 done and it would be so wonderful to have finished her camicia (enough to be wearable, I will add more embrodery over time). After finishing the sleeve I will line the skirt of her Eleonora gown and attach the skirt to the bodice - another long time project that would be lovely to have finished.

But after that I will knit something, a cardigan or a shawl probably.

I did some quick knitting this week however, I made this for Rickard:

Star warsmössa

Then I made another one for a new friend, and comrade, because she liked it so much. It takes about four hours, so it wasn't such a big thing.
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I got out, and spent 3 hours, climbing up and down hills in the woods, soem very high and steep hills I might add - the muscles in my bum and on the back of my thighs got some thorough exercise yesterday.

The reason why I didn't stay on the main trail, which also has some steep hills, but nothing like where I walked/climbed, since I crossed the trail up and down the hills on the side of it, was that I was also looking for mushrooms. It was only after 2 hours that I found more than one single sweet tooth/wood hedgehog (Hydnum repandum). First I found four yellowfoot/funnel chanterelles (Craterellus tubaeformis), then a couple of chanterelles, and then finally I found a place with a larger amount of funnel chanterelles. Ths is the loot:


But even if I hadn't found any mushrooms it would have been so worth it.

More photos )
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 I had a really good time, and was sorry to leave around nine pm when my ride left. On the other hand: it was very nice to be home at a quarter to ten.

I've put photos of both me and some of the action over at my costuming blog. Here.

Now I have unpacked and I'm considering what to do today. The weather is lovely so I really should take advantage of it and get out in the woods. On the other hand I want to rest too. In any case I have to make up my mind soon, since the days are short now.

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So, what has happened the last week?

I made up for most of the lectures that I missed the week before due to illness. I was still rather ill up to Thursday Wednesday, but managed both a trip to another town with my students on Tuesday to look at the Bocksten bog man, and the rest of my classes.

I finished the embroidery on, and attached the first sleeve on Valeria's 16th century camicia. I have also started on the next sleeve.


I have also taken in another of my too big skirts and started on a crushed velvet top.

Yesterday Sari, who was once my student, defended her PhD thesis excellently. I couldn't go to the party, because:

Rickard and I went to see the Jesus and Mary Chain play!!! It was awesome. It was a bit too intense to talk about, but I am filled by the experience still.

Today is Festivalo de Caderas, one of the barony of Gotvik's annual events. It started already yesterday, but I couldn't miss the Jesus and Mary Chain of course. I'm getting a ride with a friend and right now I'm sitting mostly dressed (shift, hair up, wool hose) waiting for her to arrive. I have made marzipan for the sweets table and I have packet coronet, scrolls, tokens, feast gear, prosecco and my embroidery - I should be just fine :)

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 They said they were going to be 1000, they were 500. 

We were 8000-10 000. They were allowed by the police to march from their meet up place to were their demonstrations should start. But they tried to break away to walk where they wanted to walk and attacked the riot police and were detained in a park. They never reached the place where their demo was supposed to start.

Right now we are waiting to hear that the police has bussed them away, but they may still allow them to march back to their original point, which would be a bad thing. So I'm delaying my plans of taking a bath until I know that I won't have to rush down town again.

Tonight there's a risk they may go to parts of Gothenburg known for lots of leftist, feminist and LGBT friendly pubs etc and start beating people up, so we'll be out guarding the streets probably.

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Yesterday I finished the muslin gown, and even managed to take photos of it before rushing down town to meet som friends and discuss our plans for today's big anti-nazi rally.

I wrote a page about it over at my costuming blog, with lots more pictures and info.

Today the nazis will march through Gothenburg, so it's unlikely that I will spend much time thinking about costuming, but I have lots of plans for garments to be worn with this wardrobe staple of the late 18th - early 19th century.

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Now I am going to attach the sleeves. Before it's too late to use the sewing machine.

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 I got a little better on Tuesday, but spent the night waking up from pain several times, and then lying awake for two hours because I was in too much pain to sleep. And tramadol didn't help anymore. So on Wednesday mornign I called the GPs office and got an appointment. My sedimentation rate was really high, so obviously there was an infection, or other inflammatory activity. Since I can't take ibuprofen since I got a hole in my duodenum from them, and that wouldn't have been enough anyway he put me on prednisolone for nine days, and it seems to help. Still very weak, but not in much pain anymore. I even managed to take the tram downtown and get white cotton tape for my 1790s white musling gown and some more black embroidery floss for Valeria's embroidered shift.
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Monday I was on an excursion all day with our students on our English speaking course on Viking and Medieval Scandinavia. We had a great time, the weather was lovely and it's always nice to look at medieval churches (and an Iron Age grave field). This time we also got to climb the towers in Skara cathedral .

However, already when we were at Varnhem Abbey church, which was once the church of a cistercian monastery but now is the parish church, I started having enough pain to demand a tramadol. After it started working I could manage, which was good, but I missed some of the guiding because I had to sit down and rest in the café.

Ruins of the refectory:


The Abbey church


I was alright through a late lunch in Skara, and through the guiding of the cathedral, and I was happy that we got to climb the towers, though it was a little scary looking down from so far above.


I started to have more and more pain on the way home and when the bus dropped me off close to where I live it was all I could do to walk home. I started crying in the elevator and I was in so much pain that I had a hard time talking, and especially listening to, Maja, who needed to make dinner. 
I took two trammies and had a hot bath and then I lay down on my acupuncture mat on a mattress in the living room, instructing Maja how to make couscous ;)

And it got so much worse, the pain was horrible, like when you have the flu, and I was shivering from cold despite one duvet and two wool blankets, and after three hours my pain had gotten so bad that I had to puke.
Rickard was working until 22.15 and all I wanted was for him to come home, no pain meds worked and I was afraid that I would have to go to the hospital.

Yesterday I was a little better during the day, though my head hurt quite a lot and I was as weak as a kitten. The night was, however, absolutely horrible: I kept waking from pain and I spent the hours between 02 and 04 not being able to fall asleep at all due to pain. I also had quite a lot of pain in my stomach, which in a bad way reminded me of autumn 2013 when I got a hole in my duodenum and nearly died.

So today I called the GPs office and I will see a doctor at 13, hopefully I'll get some heavy duty pain killers (oxycontin) and we may also check the stomach.
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I have had a pir of green cotton twill trousers cut out for at least a decade. The pieces are too big now, but I plan to cut down the pices and make them up soon-ish.
But yesterday I made my first torusers since the 1980s, when I had my mother's help and a store bought pattern. These are based on the shorts pattern I made this summer and I think that they look alright. The fabric is a wool blend remnant I found in my fabric cupboard.


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Lots of re-making has been going on this week: three skirts and one top.

The top I made as late as April, my first jersey top. But by now it was way too big; I wore it to work yesterday and it just wouldn't look good (it didn't help that the dark blue pencil skirt that I made in spring and has since then taken in is a little loose at the waist. That one looks good enough as it is though, I won't take it in again. All this unpicking of waistbands, zippers, and sometimes pockets is very time consuming.

This was one was made already in January 2007 and much worn, probably the skirt I've made that has seen most use. I took it in on Tuesday and I'm happy to be able to use it again:

omsydd vinröd kjol 190923

Yesterday I actullay managed to take in two skirts (though I did the unpicking and cutting away of excess fabric on the one to the left on Thursday evening:

rutig kjol omsydd omsydd grönrutig kjol 190923

The pink top was also re-made yesterday. It puckers slightly at the armscyes, probably because I use my regular machine, since I don't have an overlock, and because I haven't done much sewing in knits.

I have this big IKEA plastic tub standing by the couch filled with clothes that need to be re-made, and I am very pleased that now you can actually see that it's getting less full.
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 Since I'm part of a research project on weight loss and psoriatic arthritis I get to see a dietitian every month or so (don't remember the exact space between the appointments) where you get weighed on the hospital's more exact scales. My own scales show lower figures, so the official weigh-ins feel important to me, as a kind of confirmation that it's working, that I'm not gaining weight again.

Today's weight was 59,3 kgs (130.7 lb), which is 700 grams (a bit more than a pound) less than last weigh-in. That is still just a small variation, but the important thing is that I don't gain weight again. And that seems to be working, despite the fact that a busy work schedule gives less time for long walks, and a tendency to snack.

This means that I have now officially lost 39,2 kilos (86.4 pounds)  since Christmas, and I've kept my new weight, and even lost a little, since I got back on normal food again full time in the beginning of June.
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A bunch of photos:

Today's outfit: A 2nd hand linen blouse, trousers from Heyday inherited from Anna's sister. They were given to Valeria when Sara (the sister) grew out of them, but I nicked them today (with Valeria's consent), a ten year old cardigan that I think was from H&M. The checked jacket I made this spring, the cap is knitted by me some years ago.

outfit170919_6 outfit170919_2

The cardigan is now way too big, so I have to tied it in front if I want to use it.
Since I have short legs the trousers are too long, but they fit Valeria as they are so I won't shorten them.

My latest article arrived in the mail yesterday. There's some very interesting other articles in this, the 2nd issue of 2017, of Costume too.
min artikel_2min artikel_1

And I got the best idea for the first slide on a power point presentation for my lecture of fashion, body and gender through history:
Mode, k�n och kropp

Other updates: Berlin was nice, though I didn't get to see much of the actual city since I arrived late on Wednesday, spent two days indoors at the Kunstgewerbemuseum, from 10  am to 6 pm and caught the train back 7 am on Saturday. Being environmentally responsible means 12-13 hours of traveling instead of 1,5. But apart from sleeping too little the nights before traveling, and worrying about delays, since I had to change three times on the way,  I actually enjoyed the train trip.
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 My train leaves at 06.55 and I will arrive in Berlin at 18.19. If everything goes well, I have to change trains twice and I don't have that much time at the changes , so I am a little nervous.

Right now I feel like I ought to have taken a plane, since 12 hours on a train today, and again on Saturday, won't be good for my health, but I thought it a good and environmentally friendly idea, and I have to live with that decision. And of course it is much better than flying.

I'm not very good at posting from my phone, so I will probably not write anything before Sunday.
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On the 30th the nazis are marching in Gothenburg. They're counting on being a couple of thousands and there are several protests against them scheduled. And one of them works with humour and plan a "Star Wars LARP" where they will walk before them, blasting the imperial march, wearing rebel outfits.

And ever since somebody who saw a photo of us together said that Rickard and I should do Rey and Luke cosplay I've sort of wanted to do it. But I don't have money for fabric and I don't have time for it, since I'm totally broke, will be away from home from tomorrow until Saturday night and then will work an insane schedule the following two weeks.

But I would have loved to. But we'll join some of the other protests against the nazis instead.

The photo:

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And we're talking 25 centimetres (ten inches) here!

It looks very nice, though when I tried it on I noticed that the zipper buckles because the fabric has stretched on the bias where it's sewn in. So when I get home from the football (soccer) game I'm watching tonight I'm going to unpick the zipper. It's sewn in by hand so it will take a while, but I'm sure it's worth it.
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Though this may be against people's preconceptions i find that it's harder to bother to dress nicely when I'm thin. Because you know that you look cute (for a 50-year-old) in a jeans and a top too, so you don't have to make so much of an effort as when you're overweight.

It doesn't help that most of my nice skirts and tops are now way too big, so it is more complicated than before. But I'm working on it, and I will try and get some more nice knit v-neck tops when I get my next salary. I had five or six of them in different colours, that I had inherited from Anna, and they were a wardrobe staple - paired with a nice wool skirt I looked well dressed and professional.

A big problem is also that current fashions are for oversize and weird asymmetrical tops, not for classic fine knit cotton sweaters following the shape of the body.

Right now i have very few tops and no money, but I'm doing what I can with what I have and I'm re-sewing skirts as fast as I can/have the energy to.
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 At 9.30 Anna came over to pick up her son who had spent the night here and have a cup or two of tea. I did some sewing on my white late 18th-early 19th century muslin gown and she crocheted. She had been to the local burlesque party and had had a great time, which made me very happy. She didn't feel at all like going out yesterday and I was afraid that she wouldn't like it, but she did. I like that she's trying new things - she divorced her husband a couple of years ago (or rather, he found another) and since they had been together since they were 15 she has needed a lot of time just to figure out who she is without him. Ironically, he is the one who's depressed and she's pretty happy with her life. However, her social life has very much been me and her sister and a few other people interested in textile crafts and she feels that she needs to get out more. 
So she went to Tip te Velvet with another of my friends, Alfhild and they both had a ball.

We had a good nigth at home too, Alex (her son) got to see Star Wars 5, and hang with Maja, who he admires a lot since she's big (13, he's 8).

But back to today - at 11 am Rickard and I went down to the storage in the basement and brought up my winter clothes - it is no so cold that I can't wear summer dresses anymore, and I need  a little heavier jackets and thicker coats. And that's about all that I had in there that fit: five coats, and three wool suit jackets. 

Rickard was going to play X-wing away from home so we  all took a walk downtown, Maja and Valeria too, to get new shoes for Maja for PE and to catch pokémon. Valeria got her first Entei. Rickard then caught the tram to where they are playing and the rest of us went home.

I unpacked the winter clothes, finding only coats and wool suit jackets that actually fit me, and quite a few skirts that needs to be taken in. I have a plastic tub from IKEA standing in the living room with clothes that need to be re-made into a smaller size. When packing away my summer clothes I went through that one too and exchange summer re-make projects that I hadn't had the time/energy to do, and exchanged them for winter re-making projects.

And I actually took in two skirts too! One of them, a teal wool skirt, was made in 2012 and very soon got to small fro me then, the other one was made this spring and already needed to be taken in.

I worked on them while watching american football - And Ravens won! First time they beat Bengals on their home turf since 2012. And now I have two more skirts to wear, bringing the sum up to 4 in all.

I also tried a new for me Indian recipe today: lentils with spinach and it was really good.

So - a very good Sunday in all.

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 Monday : Giving two lectures , one 10-12 (What is textile history) and one 15-17 (Ancient Greece)
Tuesday one lecture, pagan pub moot in the evening and I was responsible for the booking so I had to go.
Wednesday: One lecture (Ancient Rome), full moon celebration in my home in the evening. Which meant vacuuming and mopping the floors in the kitchen where we celebrate when we're at my place.
Thursday: No lectures, preparations for later lectures, excursions etc and I tried to write an abstract. Sewing meeting at my place 16-20.30. I managed to take apart my wedding dress, which is in Italian 15th century style and needs to be taken in if I'm going to wear it. I also made a modern stretch top before the meeting.
Today: Laundry. At 1 pm my friend Terese defends her PhD, then her PhD party.
Saturday: Talk over the phone with my friend Sara (yes, these things have ot be scheduled), hopefully a walk with hubby and then I'm babysitting Anna's son over the night.
Sunday: Hopefully some sewing.

Fun, but a bit exhausting.

Next week I have only one lecture, and then on Wednesday I'm going to Berlin for the Dressing the Early Modern conference.

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