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I couldn't decide which of these photos was the best, so I'm posting both. The rest of our gang looked really good, but I can't show photos of them without their consent - not in their costumes; [ profile] amonik and I were the only women not dressed in corsets among us.

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Yes, I am very much in love with my pink striped dress. Today I tried out my outfit for next friday's party and took lots of photos, most of them not fit for public consumption, but there are a few that are, like this one:

But I'm not going to bring Maja's birthday umbrella to the party.
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After some more fixing I think that the dress is as good as it's going to get. Not perfect, but good enough. The stiffer fabric alone made for a different look than the original and if you add the fact that I'm not tall and willowy you end up with a slightly different look. Despite it not being exactly like the original dress it's very much a 40s dress though. The fact that I shortened the skirt to "a little below the knee" (there was a club called that founded in the US as a response to and protest against the so-called New Look) just makes it more typical of the period.

What remains is to finish the neckline, hemming of the sleeves and a little at the bottom of the dress, adding five decorative buttons on each pocket and ironing. The buttons will hopefully be bought today.
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I need to shorten the bodice in the front (and it wouldn't hurt in the back), I just haven't decide how yet: by taking away some at the bottom or by lifting at the shoulders; the yokes may actually go a little too far down. In any case it involves taking up my carefully basted zipper.

ETA Seems like lifting a little at the shoulders will alleviate the problem.
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I have done some minor alterations on the dress (generally making it smaller) today and now I'm going to baste the zipper in place before trying and sewing. The sleeves are tricky, but will be easier to get right after I'm able to close the dress correctly.
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One should think twice and cut once. If you don't you end up having to do what I'll have to do now: cut two new strips for the front of the skirt. I made them as long as the skirt panels; forgetting that they should go up and meet the top of the waist section. I have enough fabric so that's not a problem; it's just annoying.
And it'll have to wait until tomorrow, since it's 20 past 10 and I'm getting really tired.
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The work on the striped 40s dress, which for obvious reasons shall henceforth be known as "the Candy Dress" (new tag added) is progressing nicely. The bodice is partly assembled and I've only had to do some minor adjustments to my drafted pattern (taking in the shoulders, my shoulders aren't very wide, which is a tricky combination with an F-sized bust). As you can see in the photo my fabric has a strong pink stripe instead of red.

The event I'm making the dress for is a burlesque club which takes place approximately once every two months here in Göteborg. I haven't been before, because it always collided with something else, but a lot of my friends go and I'm really looking forward to it. I have also convinced one of the gay guys at work to come along. The club is on the 22nd of May, which is good since I need to make some nice new 40s inspired undies too, especially with the two-way zipper in the dress ;)
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[ profile] herzeloyde called and invited me over, so I brought fabric, pattern and inspirational pictures (there are more photos). The pattern differed a little more from what I wanted than I thought it would, but with thinking help from [ profile] herzeloyde I managed to create a pattern for the bodice, which I hope will work. I just need to make a paper pattern from the pieces too, so that I can make the dress again if I want to. And cut the skirt.
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I'm currently much more interested in my mundane wardrobe than my historical one. During the weekend I have, as previously mentioned, made two cap sleeved blouses and now I'm planning a summer dress (one of many)from a pink and white striped fabric that I have. The main inspiration is this dress, though my fabric may be too stiff. In which case it will be turned into a 50s instead of a 40s dress. But I hope that it will work.

For the yoke I can use the 40s McCall's pattern I got as a gift from [ profile] ashariel and the rest seems pretty straightforward.

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