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I was going to spend the whole day yesterday working on two scrolls for the prince and princess of Nordmark, but I have gotten so enthused about regency clothign so I couldn't help myself converting a straw hat that never fit me (very 60s style with a tall crown and rather closed brim) into a bonnet. The tall crown was a definite plus in this project.

bahytt med gr�na band2

bahytt med gr�na band1

Now I must get back to working on those scrolls.
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 I made the apron yesterday, and the cap today, so this afternoon Rickard and I could go outside and take some photos of the new Italian gown.


More images and info here.

I also took in my regency corset while watching an old adaptation of "Sense and Sensibility" together with Alfhild.

I really am tanned this summer. I usd to spend my summers avoiding the sun, so to not have a tan at Visby Medieval week in August, but some ten years ago I realized that I can't let my hobby rule my whole life. And that I like the way I look with a tan - and besides it's good for my psoriasis.
And convincing for a working class woman of the Quattrocento ;)

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I haven't made anything from this period since 2006! (the outfit in question) Then I was inspired by the then very lively costuming community on Livejournal, above all the work of [personal profile] koshka_the_cat

Now it's mainly my friend Alfhild getting all excited about it, and the fact that I can again wear my regency stays, that has got me going about it. And that you can get cheep thin cotton from India. As I wrote yesterday I have ordered plenty of that, though partly for modern sewing projects. And yesterday, after a tip from [personal profile] isabelladangelo went to this etsy shop and bought my self a sea green vintage sari in a silk/rayon mix, to make an evening gown. I have also taken up working on my collection of images and photos of colourful regency dresses. What I do need now is more info on what to wear when you're no longer 20, but close to 50 in the period. I'm thinking lace caps, but I want to know more about what was considered appropriate.
This doesn't mean that medieval and renaissance won't be my focus period, but I look forward to doing a new period. Alfhild is coming over this afternoon so that I can help her with her stays.I'm not very good at that, but I guess that it's better than trying to fit them yourself.
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 Yesterday my friend Alfhild came by. She had visited another friend who wants to make both regency and Victorian clothes and was really inspired to  to make some too. So we dug out my books, and then I got inspired to show my stuff and ended up openignboxes with costumes which hadn't been touched for years. They are kept under our bed, and unfortunately our cat Mysko had managed to get into one of them and had puked on my 18th century shift, and an antique lace shawl. The shawl was too delicate to wash, so I just gave up and threw it in the trash. The shift will be washed next time we have the laundry room, next week, and hopefully it can be saved. But Mysko was very cheap for anyone wanting to buy him then ;)

Anyway, I dug out clothes and I tried on clothes, and to my great joy my empire corset still works, though it has to be laced wholly shut at the back. The same was the case with my smallers 18th cnetury corset, though it should ideally be taken in at the waist - it's too tight at the top if I lace it shut, and too loose in the waist. I'll see if I'll do somethign about that, I have a partly finished robe à la francaise that I started 14 years ago, which would be fun to finish I guess.

My gown to go with the regency corset will probably be too big, I didn't take the time to try it on.


Oct. 24th, 2007 07:17 am
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OMG, I was lazy and didn't check out [ profile] tailordrews' link immediately, so didn't realize that the national museum in Denmark had put up photos of all the clothing in the Moden-books. Including the orange knitted regency dress. The colour was a little disappointment for me though, there was only a b/w photo in the book so I envisioned something in a strong, obnoxious orange and not this nice colour.
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I was really exhausted when I came home from the university and I really just wanted to lie in bed and for my legs to stop hurting so much. Things got a little better after dinner and a bath and when [ profile] herzeloyde came over I felt ready for a little quality time with the Bennett family. I haven't spent any time watching P&P for at least four months now.
This inspired me to try on my empire stays, which still fit, though they can now be laced edge to edge. I may have to move the holes where the straps are tied to the front, but that's about it.
Then I got inspired to do some small things I never got around to when I made the outfit, namely put ribbon loops in the petticoat, to thread the strings that are tied in the back through and making holes in the pocket for the busk on the stays so that the busk can be tied in place so it won't creep upwards when I sit down. And finally I moved the buttons that close the dress, since I am smaller now and I want it to fit at least reasonably tight in the bodice.

I also finished a hand sewn linen hose for Maja.
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It looks totally ridiculous from the side, at least with my hair down. But I plan to wear it with my hair up of course, and maybe with a bonnet over for my regency clothes. Or with simple 18th century clothing, they were used on both sides of 1800. And from the front it's really cute.

See! )
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I have decided that year I will only sew Fun Stuff.
OK, I will need to make tons of medieval clothes for my three growing girls before we go to Visby Medieval week and there are also some things that need to be fixed on the pavilion. I also want to make my husband a new 16th century, outfit, the current on is no good, so that we can wear the same time period.
But for me I will only sew things that I want to make, regardless if I have somewhere to wear them or not. I have all the mundane skirts any woman could need, and quite a few more, and I Do Not Need More Medieval/Renaissance Garb! I have maybe 30 outfits (I don't dare to count), some of them worn only once, so I really think I should wear some of them again. I will make some small things; like a partlet, a forepart or a pair of sleeves, or a new hat, but I don't need any more tunics/dresses/gowns. Or shifts or veils.
So I will make mostly other periods I think. I will not make a list of what I plan to do, since the whole point is to make whatever I feel like (without succumbing to CADD, I plan to finish the costumes). But I will make list of things that I feel like doing. In no particular order:

* Cotton print empire dress and another bonnet, possibly the jockey model, or one with a brim with gathered fabric.

* New 16th c "working kirtle"

* scarf and lace edge for cap for my folk costume

* Something more from the 18th century, probably a cotton print jacket to wear with a skirt I already have. And a smaller lace cap.

* My Hedvig-outift. It's from a children's TV-programme from the 70s. I can't find a picture, but it's a tartan knee-length trouser skirt that also covers the torso and has braces. It also has a cardigan in knit, but with big puffy sleeves to the elbow, the lower sleeves are knit, and a sailor collar in tartan.

* Something from the New Ideas Quarterly that [ profile] jenthompson webbed recently. Something with checks I think, maybe the one on plate six, or twenty-five.

The last two are itching most now.
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I could finally access my web page, so now you can see the page for the empire dress I'm wearing in my icon.
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All that remains to do on the spencer is one button and a loop for said button. The collar is attached and all the hooks and eyes. The collar is made from two strips of wool and one of linen. The under part of the collar is sewn to the linen by hand in rows with c. 1-1,5 cm between them. The stitches on the right side are very small. This is called "pikera" in swedish; I have no idea what it's called in english. Anyhow, it's very tedious to do by hand on a 6o cm long 12 cm wide collar.
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Now it need some more hooks, all the eyes and a collar. The pictures are taken before I sewed any of the hooks, so it's only pinned on. You can see that I will need to open the shoulder seams (which are way back on the back) and reduce the slope to get the neck right. This is a common problem for me when using period patterns or patterns taken from preserved garments. My shoulders are totally straight so most patterns just don't fit. But I never give up and believe that somehow the angles of the shoulders on period patterns will fit me.

front )
back )

The Blob

Oct. 17th, 2006 10:36 pm
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We're watching the regional news on telly and the editor of one of the news stories is called Helen Blob!
Yes, her last name is apparently Blob.

Oh, and I've started on a spencer in red wool.
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Due to popular demand, and my web host still not being available I give you the empire striptease:

Without the bonnet
Without head covering outside - how shocking! )

Uh-oh, there goes the shawl:

Back of the dress )

Do you dare to look? )
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Just because I can't upload my page about the regency dress I'm submitting you to yet another picture.
Big picture behind cut )


Oct. 14th, 2006 07:29 pm
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I actually have made a page for the empire dress, but ComHem refuses to play; I can't log into ftp-server, so I can't upload it. Bloody annoying I say.
And I have so many pretty photos. *sigh*


Oct. 14th, 2006 10:46 am
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Rickard and I just went outside to take some photos of the finished empire/regency dress. It will take a couple of days before I put it up on the web site, with photos of all layers etc, so for now I give you just one picture Photo )
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The bonnet is now cut down, lined, bound with bias strips of silk taffeta and given ties of the same taffeta and roses made from dupioni silk.
Pictures )
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I have decided to cut off some of the lower part of the brim to give the hat a better shape. I know that if I do that I can't undo, as I would if I unpicked all the seams, but I just can't be bothered to do that. So I'll cut off pieces and then secure all the seams and bind the edges with something.
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I think the sides go down too far, nearly touching my neck, but otherwise I'm happy with it. And I won't go through the trouble of unpicking all the stitches so it will have to do. There will ribbons and possibly flowers of course and I'm thinking about lining it to prevent it from snagging my hair.
Read more... )
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The empire dress is finished. But there won't be any photos until later this week. Rickard works the whole day and tomorrow I'm going away until tuesday afternoon.
I had to sew the same sleeve three times before I managed to get it right side out and in the right armscye. Sewing with a cold and suffering from sleep deprivation probably should be avoided. That's the only thing I dislike with hand sewing clothes, unpicking seams is so much harder.

I am currently making a straw bonnet from braid from an old child's straw hat. It's my first try so I don't know how it will turn out.

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