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And turned, in this case, since the print really wasn't historical enough. Lots of images here

I've written a short blog post about Italian 15th century coifs here.

The photos are taken by the hospital next to where we live. 19th century architecture can apparently work well as background for Italian renaissance to
And after the photo shoot we raided at the gym there and I finally got an Articuno. Probably the only time someone played Pokémon Go in renaissance clothes around here.

In other news: The holiday was very nice, I bought 15 metres of cotton fabric: 5 metres for curtains in the kitchen (we have three windows, one rather large), 4 metres for a white late 18th century round gown, because obviously I need one of those. I have som printed chintz to use for an open robe over it, cotton broadcloth for a wrap skirt, since I only have one neutral knee length summer skirt that fits me. Patchwork hippie skirts, or ric-rac in abundance is fine, but sometimes you need something more neutral. I also got white, thin cotton broadcloth if I need to make another regency petticoat. Or something. And 2 metres of cotton wit a Halloween print that I hemmed on machine to make it a table cloth for our traditional Halloween dinner.

The first thing I did when we got home on Friday evening was to wash all the fabric and on Saturday I made that skirt.

röd omlottkjol

The blouse is another holiday find: The Salvation Army's 2nd hand shops have racks with blouses for 39 SEK (c. 4,7 dollars) and I bought this one, which is from H&M, and one that I don't think has ever been used, made from white linen.


BTW, here are my holiday photos.

While on Holiday we went to a large, traditional market, where I got lots of cotton hankies, good quality bed sheets, some red and white striped piping, a heart shaped baking tin and two straw hats which will be partly unraveled and made into bonnets.


Some of the fabric was bought at Tygladan, which is close to my home village, and some was bought at Kristinedals fabriker, which not only had lots of nice, cheap fabric, but also used to be a mill making both wool and cotton/linen yarn for weaving.


This was when we visited our friends Kristina and Jonas, who just happened to have this in their barn :)


I did some sewing while on holiday too: I hand sewed most of a new shift for Valeria, it's going to have embroidery at all the seams, and along the sleeves, so I can't add the sleeves until I've made that embroidery. I'm getting supplies for that today. And when I had done as much as I could on the shift I started embroidering on my regency gown again, and I think it will a) be finished for the picninc on the 2nd of September and b) be really pretty.
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 I made the apron yesterday, and the cap today, so this afternoon Rickard and I could go outside and take some photos of the new Italian gown.


More images and info here.

I also took in my regency corset while watching an old adaptation of "Sense and Sensibility" together with Alfhild.

I really am tanned this summer. I usd to spend my summers avoiding the sun, so to not have a tan at Visby Medieval week in August, but some ten years ago I realized that I can't let my hobby rule my whole life. And that I like the way I look with a tan - and besides it's good for my psoriasis.
And convincing for a working class woman of the Quattrocento ;)

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Last weekend there was a "Medieval Day" at a (semi-)local site where there used to be a castle in the High Middle Ages. Today there is nothing left to see, but it´s a beautiful place next to the sea.

And I swam three times in the sea!

I brought my tent, which I dreaded putting up and taking down for just two days, but it went up really quickly and took almost no time to set up nicely, hiding all the mundane packing stuff behind wall hangings, putting the chest together and putting up mine and Katarina's camping beds.

Rickard was tired after working the whole week, so he and Maja just came down over the day when the market was on Saturday.

Friday night was really perfect - relaxed talking (and some sewing) around the table, with a pot over the fire providing tea water, some wine to drink, and ending with a walk up to the top of the hill where the castle used to be, to look out over the sea.

Saturday was also nice, but you get tired from being "on display" from 10 am to 5 pm, so people went to bed earlier We also wanted to pack early on Sunday morning. But we made a good pottage with whole wheat, carrots, cabbage, onions, bacon and smoked sausages and ate together. Then Gaby and Linus and I went for a swim (my third), we all talked (and sewed) some more. When the others went to bed I took a final walk around the small peninsula, going down to the little beaches or out to the furthest cliffs, before going to bed around midnight. It was a magical feeling those nights, just like it used to be with my old medieval group Nylöse.

Many more photos from the event can be found here.

I also started on a new working class Italian ca 1480s dress from thin wool, and finished everything except the sleeves and six lacing holes . The rest I made yesterday and this morning. 
Of course, when I tried it on it turned out to be too big, so I hade to take it in. It is no fun unpicking all hand sewn garments.

But of course I did it, and this is the result.

It needs an apron and a little white cap, both of which I plan to make this week. Maybe not tomorrow though, because we're going to a friend who stays on one of the islands in the Gothenburg archipelago to barbecue and swim in the sea.

Oh - and my holiday officially started today - I put on the automatic answer function :)

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 In this case a 15th century Italian gown made from old rayon damask curtains in a fit of inspiration after my first trip to Florence in September 2015.
I've made a page about it, over here.

I love how the photos that Rickard took turned out.

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 I have now, finally, written baout my high-waisted teal Italian gown on my costuming blog/.

Go see!

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 So, now the semester is finished and I have done all the grading and at least half of the administrative preparations for autumn. And I feel like I can relax for the first time for months. Well, at least after I've finished counting hours and getting teachers for the new course I'm responsible for, which is what I plan to do today. Apart from doing laundry.

And sewing of course but that's after I've finished working, Yesterday I cut and zig.-zagged all the pieces for my mint green italian ca 1330s overgown. The one made from the fabric from hell: slinky silk/visose satin. 
The undergown is already made:

But there should be an overgown from the same fabric, with slit sides, like this:

Though obviously I forgot how the sleeves looked I see now, so I have to cut new ones.  Luckily I have enough fabric for that.

Tomorrow Gotvik has its annual picnic and I look forward to that. Sunday my coven celebrates the Summer solstice, so while fun it won't be a relaxed weekend.

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Possibly. I may add another row of metallic braid around the edges of the gold trim.

Anyway, I have now sewn around all the edges of the gold trim with sewing silk. I have also made 46 lacing holes, half of them through both fabric and trim, as on the original. It wasn't as bad I thought that it woudl be.

So yThursday, at the Gotvik sewing meweting Valeria tried it on. She fluctuates a lot in weight, so it is a little big, but I don't know if I am going to take it in and inch or so (in total). I won't do it until we have tried it on with a full linen shift instead of a slinky t-shirt in any case.

I am also going to attach another lining on the inside so that the threads from sewing down the trim isn't visible, and that will also add some bulk.

As you can see it it s little long at the sides, but that will be remedied when I attach the skirt, in the back it looks just perfect.

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My work on Valeria's Eleonora di Toledo gown procedes slowly, but steadily. It does take time to stitch around all the edges of that trim. Thank the Gods that there are so many Drizzt Do'Urden audio books :)

Yesterday the brocade and lining for mine and baron Måns' new outfits finally arrived too.
Behind cut )

The plan is to finish these for Double Wars, in the end of May. However, I have plenty of stuff to do before that, so we'll see. Maybe Valeria's will be finished then too, though it isn't much of  a camping outfit.
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I will write about the trip later, right now I have to get Maja to school and then try to save some stuff I messed up at work, which need to be fixed this morning.

But, sicne I was going to Bologna, and it really was the Bolognese school of painters, which I found out about last visity in September, which sparked my interest in early 14th century Italian dress I thought that it would be fun to have some photos of me in garb from Bologna. I only brought one outfit, from thin silk that didn't take up that much space or weight.

So yesterday morning Rickard and I sneaked out to take this photo (and a few more) under the portico of the 13th century Palazzo Grassi.

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It took one of my firends less than a minute to guess ;)

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Yesterday we had sewing meeting at my place and my friend Anna helped me even out the hem of my mint green kirtle. The satin had been stretching like crazy (cutting it was a nightmare) and finally we decided that the best we could do was that I put it on and she cut the fabric while I wore it - pinning it would have been useless, sincethe fabric would have moved in all directions when I took the kirtle off and put it on the table.

To stabilize it I used a cotton bias tape to hem it, like I had done around the neck line. While cotton bias tape certainly isn't period, using tape or strips of fabric to stabalize things is. It's all hand sewn anyway - I would have haed to sew this fabric on machine.

These are just quick photos, I put on a slightly supportive shift (that badly needs ironing, if you see lumps showing through the satin) and hubby took some quick photos. No headwear or anything, just shift and kirtle.

mintgrön kjortel färdig2

When I have forgotten how much I hated cutting the kirtle I will start on the surcoat from the same fabric. It may take a week or so ;)

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I just blogged about a lovely fringed lace that I bought in Bologna last September, over at my costuming blog.And about preserve Italian lace with a fringe.

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I absolutely hate my body right now, even tramadol doesn't help :( It's like when you have the flu: every little part of you body aches.

I had a really nice half day at work yesterday, chatting with colleagues and actually getting somewhere on a lecture I am holding next Wednesday, but when I got home I was so ill that all I could do was to lie down on a mattress we have on the floor in the living room for this purpose. I was shivering from cold so I had both my quilt and a woollen blanket. And I fell asleep while listening to the third book in the Dark Elf Triology, Sojourn.

After dinner I got a little better and watched DS 9 while finishing the sleeves and starting on the neckline of my pale green Italian early 14th century kirtle, but by the time it was time to go to bed I was bad enough to have to take two tramadols (instead of one) again.

The good thing with that is that I wasn't in that much pain when I woke up at five am (when Rickard goes up to go to work) and I could take my morning pills and go to bed and fall asleep again. This makes it much nicer to wake up at 6.30, when it's my time to get up. Now (9 am), howver, the effect is wearing off and I have to see how long I can last without having to lie down again.

While Maja watched telly and had breakfast I managed to finish the neckline on the kirtle, so now all it needs is afew beads around it and then I'm going to let the whole thing hang for a week or so, before shaping the hem, because the satin stretches like crazy!
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Today my mint green silk viscose blend (so I like regenerated cellulose, so shoot me ;) Besides I can't always afford 100% silk) arrived from Pure silks arrived. That means that I can make a mid 14th century Italian outfit  in a colour scheme reminding all Swedes of the Liseberg bunnies.

Liseberg is a local (in my case very local, it can't be more than 300 metre to the entrance, and I can see a lot fo teh attractions from my kitchen window) and still I didn't even think of this until my sister said it :)
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It was finished last week, but I needed to have some photos taken of course.

More photos, info and discussion over here.
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Well, as it's a fairly basic A-line gown I can of course wear it as a c.1330 mi.parti gown from any part of catholic Europe really, but I am wearing it the Italian way, with a tie under the bust. It is all hand sewn from thin wool.

Discussiona and documentation over at my costume blog.

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