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On Friday I started on a knitted flatcap/barrett. I used [ profile] mmcnealy's pattern based on an Italian barrett from the wreck of the ship Gagiana.The pattern can be found on her web site for free!

It's very simple, and a quick knit. Since I was at an event most of the weekend I couldn't knit as much as I would have done at home (there was, after all, court to plan, and to hold :) ). And still I finished it Yesterday.

I used a worsted weight yarn bought cheaply at a supermarket some years ago and 4,5 mm needles (US #7). The barrett was fulled in the washing machine on 60 degrees Celsius.

I am extremely happy with it.
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I'm too busy with work to write anything longer. I have tests to grade, new courses to administrate and new classes to prepare. Craft wise Måns and I have worked on his waffenrokk and it comes along nicely, there will be photos when it's finished. I also knit a hat for Maja and cut her hair really short.

Now I have to get back to grading tests.
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Christmas eve, Christmas day and boxing day I made new clothes for the doll house dolls. I still need to make a new shirt for little Bengt, but MUm got a new dress and a fair isle cardigan, dad got a fair isle vest and little Britta got a new dress.

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This one got too long so I had to unravel it at the bottom and make a new edge.

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I ahve been working too much to do any serious crafting tha last two weeks. I made a blank scroll (still need a picture inside the letter, but that will be made when I know what it's for), I finished Måns' cotte today and I've some knitting. But not much that requires thinking, because I am totally exhausted mentally. Especially since my arthritis has decided that now is the time for a flare and ti takes a lot of will power just to keep going. The crafting I have done has been to try to handle the stress.

But I want to make more doll stuff, and I want to live in London, so that I could take Lilly, and dolls that I eventually will buy, and go to see [ profile] clothsprogs and drink tea and play with our dolls.
I've wanted to live in London (for a while) for many years, but is at  least a new reason ;)

New blank scroll:

What I am knitting: Plaid 1940s jacket, except that mine is red with grey and petrol blue stripes.

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So, a frined and I have decide to run for baron and baroness in our little barony of Gotvik, principality of Nordmark, kingdom of Drachenwald. Sicen he said that he wantd to wear 2dersses" I ahve temprarily put my 16th century (and 15th century) projects aside to get back to one of the periods that I have doen the most: the 13th and early 14th century.

This far I have made a new veil, gone through my garb from this period, bought wool, and silk lining for tunics and ordered silk brocade for another tunic.

But most of all I have collected more images and written a lot of (mostly) research-y blog posts.

I made a silk brocade pouch

Patterned clothes in the 13th and early 14th century

Some coloured and patterned veils in the 13th and early 14th century

More lined veils

13th century underwear

Fancy, patterned braies in the 13th century

My murrey sleeved 13th century surcoat

A 13th century striped veil and blue silk cotte that I made

Par vestimentorum - a set of clothes

Clothing in Isabella de Bruce' trosseau from 1293

I also finally finished my Isabella di Toledo silk stockings.
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My temperature won't go away so I spend mot of my time on the couch, feeling woozy. And knitting while watching stuff on Netflix. As long as I stay away from lace or Fair Isle I can manage. This is the pattern I'm using.

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I missed the last challenge - not because I didn't sew anything historical, because I did: my 1920s kimono, but because while it didn't cost me more than 10 dolalrs, which was the challenge, that was just because the fabric was a gift and that felt like cheating.

Challenge nr 14, which was due yesterday I managed to make. Just, because while I knew that I was going to make a tartan skirt from wool and had the fabric it has been very hot here and sewing thick wool when it never goes below 30 C/86 F in the flat really isn't tempting. I've also been away on holiday for a week. It has now dropped to around 26-27 degrees C (79-80F) so it has been possible to sew.

I'm also wearing a 1930s jumper from Susan Crawford's "A stitch in time 1", which I finished in May, but haven't shown here.

The Challenge: #14 Paisley and plaid
Fabric: tartan wool, rather stiff, maybe some other fibre, it was a remnant
Pattern: drafted myself
Year: 1930s
How historically accurate is it? Unless there’s polyester in the wool 100%
Hours to complete: six maybe
First worn: today
Total cost: c 8 dollars

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This jumper, webbed by Bex, I really have to make.

Isn't it cute?
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Last friday I ran out of yarn for teh sweater I'm knitting. With most of the last sleeve left to do. On Monday I went to the yarn shop, but they wouldn't get any until the end of next week. So I went home and ordered it online and today it arrived. My plan was to knit the whole sleeve and finish the sweater today, but I still ahve most of the sleeve cap left to do and I really must sleep. But tomorrow! :)

While waiting for the yarn I knit a pair of cosy socks for Inger and started on a shawl for my mum. It's her birthday today, but I won't meet her before the weekend, so it ought to get finished in time.

Knitting aside, I'm working on an article on dress regulations for prostitutes and other sexually transgressive women in medieval Scandinavia. The deadline is tomorrow, but I got an extension so I can work on it next week too.
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As I wrote previously, Victory of the Daleks is a Dr Who episode from 2010 where the Doctor and Amy travel back in time to London in WWII, where they meet Winston Chruchill. And Daleks. So I thought that it was a fitting name for a 1940s style jumper with a fair isle pattern with Dr Who theme. The pattern for the jumper is from Susan Crawford's A stitch in time 2, and the chart for the Dr Who pattern is made by Amy Schilling and can be found here for free.

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My current knitting project is a 1940s fair isle jumper from Susan Crawford's A stitch in time 2, but with most of the pattern replaced by Amy Schilling's Dr Who pattern. I have finished the back and have now started on the 10 cm/4 inch ribbing on the front. The name of the jumper is from the 11th doctor episode where he travels back to WWII Britain and meets Churchill as well as some Daleks.

The yarn is Drops Baby Merino.


Apr. 30th, 2013 08:41 pm
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Right now I am very, very bored. Maja uses Netflix so I can't distract myself with watching Dr Who (episodes I've already seen) and I have finished knitting my stockings aand I'm just too ill to start any new projects- knitting or sewing. I have a zipper to put in in a new dress that I've made from a silk tabby (that was a surprise, it was a vintage fabric on sale and I though it was rayon) with small checks in dark blue and green, but right now I just can't be bothered.

I am also getting very tired of this upper respiratory and sinus infection that I got the day before New Year's Eve. I have no energy and my head aches. And four months is way too long.

BTW - I'm on ravelry, under the same name as here.
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I have cut out the bodice pieces plus sleeves for my dress, but then the football started on the telly and it was nice to sit down and watch and knit. And I also felt feverish. So no sewing, but I have finished one sock.

The pattern can be found here.

Blue things

Mar. 7th, 2013 09:10 am
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On Tuesday, after my lecturing marathon I was so wound up and the sun was shining so beautifully that I decided to walk down town and visit the nearest yarn store. After that (I bought blue and white sock yarn) I went further down the Avenue, which is the main street in Gothenburg and went into a store called TGR, which is filled with various knick-knacks. And there I found these lovely bangles in the most beautiful of colour combinations (it's the colours of the football team that I support, IFK Göteborg). Not that I generally wear bangles when going to games, but I could always start.

I've also knitted a pair of mittens. After making lots of tams I felt that I had to make something else and ended up with these. The pattern is called "Magic Mirror" and you can get it for free here.

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I'm still ill and tired and aside from working and sitting in my couch knitting nothing much happens. Knitting works better than sewing when my brain feels like this, because I can follow someone else's directions and don't have to construct the pattern myself.

So I've started on the project to make pentagram tams and caps for my coven. First I made the cap version for Inger:

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I've also bought new shoes, from Miss L'fire:


Feb. 10th, 2013 01:59 pm
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With embroidery!

Both hats are now finished.

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Not only mine, but also my firend Sara's police box hats are finished. Now only the embroidery is left to do. And her hat has to get dry first. I started on the embroidery yesterday and it looked like crap, so I think that I'm going to unpick what I've done and start anew, this time using cross stitches.

As I said before: the pattern is made b [ profile] snuffykin.
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When too tired to work I have done some knitting. Small things and with long breaks, but still.

I have become really enthusiastic about cables. However, I don't think they look good on all knitted things, or at least that they don't fit my style. So I'm not making any more cardigans, but instead knitting berets.

The first one is called "Twisted Pentangle" and I bought it from here.

This is the latest - it's called "Druidess Beret" and you can get the pattern for free here.

Now I've started on the Police box hat b [ profile] snuffykin you find it here.
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And now the blue beret is dry and I have added a pompom.

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