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This one got too long so I had to unravel it at the bottom and make a new edge.

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I have'nt done much with the dollhouse for over a year, but today I decided to knit sweaters and caps for the kids; this is the first one.

It is knitted in the round up to where the sleeves should be, then front and back are knitted separately. There’s no neck scoop in the back, but one in the front. The body was sewn together at the shoudlers and then I picked up stitches for the sleeves.

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Finally, after havign had them for a tleast half a year, Rickard and I got to the task of giving Lilly new eyelashes. It was not easy, and one eye is permanently stuck open. But we've decided that we can live with that. And she's much cuter with eyelashes.

Here she is among the flowers and herbs on the balcony:


Mar. 27th, 2016 12:25 am
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I am not at all up past midnight looking at dolls on eBay.
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While I actually was more successful with the hair on all the other dolls, this is then one whose face I like. I've repainted three out of four (the paint wouldn't come off the last one), but there is only so much that you can do with the shape of a face. Or at least that I can do.

I haven't decided on a name yet, but I am keeping her. I like her pensive face.

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Sine I last updated I have finished most of the embroidery on Måns' matching, split wool tunic. What remains now is the sleeves and I count on finishing them next week.

I have also started on a dress for my friend Caroline's traditional "Blåkulla-party" on Thursday next week. According to Swedish folklore witches flies to a hill/mointain called Blåkulla on Maundy Thursday or Holy Saturday, depnedign on which part of the country you come from. Here in the southwest it's really Holy Saturday, but Thursday fits better for a party. It's not a pagan party, more a reaction to wiccans and witches always getting questions about what we/they do at Easter, because of the abovementioned folk tradition. So we explain that it's a Christian holiday nad has nothing to do with us. But, since no pagan traditions celebrate Easter and people are still (usually) free from work on Good Friday it is an excellent time to hold a mixed pagan/occultist/juste generally interested party with the folk traditions as inspiration.

It's from red cotton muslin that I bought cheaply when I was in London last tiem and I have used a cut out template to decorate it with stags, owls, acorns, pine cones and oak leaves in gold and silver textile paint. Then I made flowers and feathers and stars and spirlas with glittery paint. It is rather boring work, but listened to Harry Potter on audio book while doing it. Fixing the paint is of course even more boring, since every motif has to be ironed for five minutes, but I usually bring a book and sit down on the bed next to the ironing board when I do thigns like that. I have already done the bodice and sleeve parts,so "only" the skirt pieces remain.

I probably ought to work, because I have deadlines on one article and got the peer review back on another one, but I knwo that I won't make it through next week of work if I don't rest during the weekend. Especially since we celebrate the Vernal Equinox tomorrow, which is fun, but takes physical energy.

The weather is nice and sunny, so I think I'm going to sit down on the balcony and have some tea and start on that embroidery.

I have written one blog post about 13th century women's headwear since last time, it's here.

I have also fixed four rather ugly cheap porcelain dolls that I bought on flea markets when Valeria and Vendela were little. They're much better now, but need new clothes. Some photos from this project, though no finished ones:

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I ahve been working too much to do any serious crafting tha last two weeks. I made a blank scroll (still need a picture inside the letter, but that will be made when I know what it's for), I finished Måns' cotte today and I've some knitting. But not much that requires thinking, because I am totally exhausted mentally. Especially since my arthritis has decided that now is the time for a flare and ti takes a lot of will power just to keep going. The crafting I have done has been to try to handle the stress.

But I want to make more doll stuff, and I want to live in London, so that I could take Lilly, and dolls that I eventually will buy, and go to see [ profile] clothsprogs and drink tea and play with our dolls.
I've wanted to live in London (for a while) for many years, but is at  least a new reason ;)

New blank scroll:

What I am knitting: Plaid 1940s jacket, except that mine is red with grey and petrol blue stripes.

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I've been busy with an article, teaching, and with cutting a silk brocade gown for Måns, so it took a few days, but now Lilly also has a jacket. Of the same type and from the same fabric as I used to make for Valeria and Vendela when they were little. This one is a little longer than their's were though, because it's hard to find very short separating zippers.

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I made jammie for Lilly from mine and Maja's old panties.

Topday I made a pair of leggings from an old t-shirt of mine, socks from one of Maja's odd socks and tunic from a remnant of patterned cotton, I bought the wardrobe for Maja when she was little and she never cared for it. But now it is perfect.

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Of course I found a tutorial on how to make socks for dolls from odd ankle socks. So now Lily has two pairs of socks. Maja also found a pair of old doll's shoes that were just a little bit too big:

Unfortunately Lily dropped the front of her left eye just after that and when it was glued to the eyeball the eyelashes were lost and the eye won't close properly now either. Any tips Teddy?
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So, instead of working today ( I have just started revising an article that I'm working on) I have spen tmos tof the day reading old Legion of Super Heroes comics. And making clothes for Maja's doll. Maja does not want old fashioned clothes for her doll, so I made jeans from Vendela's old torn jeans, knickers from a paid of Maja's knickers that she doesn't use and a t-shirt from the best parts of one of Rickard's t-shirt that was totally worn through.

I haven't figured out what to make socks from yet.

Maja is currently at the dentist's - I really look forward to seeing her face when she gets home.

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Ever since I first visited [ profile] clothsprogs back in 2005 I've been awfully tempted to start with dolls myself. I think I have shown great restraint in this.

But now Maja found American Girl dolls on Pinterest and we are happily getting entusiastic about dolls together. I did manage to turn her love over to slightly cheaper, and in my eyes prettier dolls. This is Emily, who she wants for her birthday. If she can wait until May. Otherwise she'll use her saved birthday and christmas money (for several years) to buy her herself.

I'm ratehr fond of the Kidz'n'cats dolls myself, and I consider buying this little sweatheart. Except that I don't have the money for dolls right now, since I am making new garb for the baroness stuff, and I am also going to Florence in April, and I haven't paid back that trip in full yet to our savings account.

Anyway, since all my hobbies tend to come in flares, and I get wildly enthusiastic about them, I started yesterday with cleaning a very 60s doll that Maja's (paternal) grandmother bought for her at a charity shop. I've always like dher, but Maja didn't like the very typical for the period lipstick and hair. I softened the hair with conditioner, and it's better, though the mullet like hair-do isn't our cup of tea. I also removed the lipstick. And this morning, before Maja went to school I gave her freckles and a little more eyebrows, as well as lover eyelashes. I will probably remove those though.

Then I gave her pink lips (and nostrils).

So, this Lily. She's 42 cm tall and badly needs new eyelashes, but I guess that something that one can fix?

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