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It looks like a fairy tale landscape outside! The sun is shining and there's five inches of snow on the ground and at least three inches on every tree branch. The latter is very rare here because it is usually too windy for the snow to stay on the trees.
Maja is on her second day with a temperature. She has had a cold the whole week as the rest of us, but the night before this night I discovered she was really really hot and though she was reasonably well during the day it repeated itself tonight and now she's hot and cranky. I've given her some liquid Alvedon (paracetamol) and nurse her as often as I can (no, not much sleep for me). Hopefully she will be better in a couple of days. This may mean that I miss my coven's Yule celebrations however.

Yesterday i put up three photos from my sister's dinner party. One of them is with Maja so at least that's a pretty picture. Enjoy!
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And here are some pictures. Actually ,when I tried it on I noticed that I need to move two hooks and eyes and cut off an inch on each side of the bolero front opening because it was too big. But other than that it's really, finally finished. I'm already planning to fix the puckering at the front of the skirt and adding all the trimming of course but I have too many other things to sew. Apart from starting on the inner tent for my pavillion again i now have a deadline for my flemish 16th century gown since I plan to wear it on our king and queen's anniversary (as king and queen, thy're not a couple)party in March.

And another thing; my mother just finished changing the fabric on one of our armchairs that really was in a sorry state.
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The skirt is now totally finished and I have done some more work on the bodice. Actually it shouldn't be more than 1-1 1/2 half hours work left on the bodice. Then it's a sash from the same cotton chintz as in the bodice (yes, I'm doing exactly what I criticized people making medieval and renaissance dresses out of cotton chintz for; used it instead of satin. But I'm broke) and a bolero from the spotted voile. So it will be finished before Lena's party.
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I have almost finished the skirt today. What's left to do is the waistband and to hem the slit I have put in the back to get into it. I'm not really satisfied with it. For one, the fabric puckers along the bias tape that goes from the waist and down to the hem in front and the bias tape there and around the hem is attached but not very neat machine sewing. But I have very little time to sew and I'm going to wear this dress once so it will just have to do. It would probably take maximum one hour to fix the rest of the skirt but I'm sick of it so now I'm going to bake lussekatter which are traditionally swedish christmas buns with saffron. A picture can be seen here. I also make special ones shaped like sun crosses for our Yule celebration.
Well, the butter has melted so off I go!
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Headline sort of stolen from [ profile] koshka_the_cat who has the original pink froofy explosion dress project. The 1901 dress also fits into this category however. It is pink and it involves ruffles in pink spotted voile. Yesterday I made the underskirt for the dress including said ruffle along the hem. It looks nice. Today Rickard and I are going shopping in town so I don't knoe how much I will get done. Hopefully, since I decided to skip the complicated trimming, the voile overskirt will be finished and attached to the underskirt. Then it's "only" the bodice and the little voile bolero left.

I also managed to get hold of a nurse at the hospital and now have time for cortisone injections on friday. So hopefully my feet and my left hand will be better after that.
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Having thought about it and seen how my economy has been affected by the latest purchases of fabric and dyeing supplies (we're going to dye silk yarn with indigo, cochineal, madder, weld and onion peels) I have decided that dress will have to be done without the trimming of satin ribbons and ruched bias tape. I think it will look nice anyway and to be honest, I've already spent waay too much on a costume that will be worn once. I'm willing to spend too much money on medieval and 16th century costumes because I can wear them many times and like those eras better anyway, but ca 1900 isn't really my favorite period even if I could find somewhere to play.
For the moment I have given up working on the bodice and started cutting the under skirt, which feels good because making the skirt goes faster than making the bodice and the pieces are big and easy to cut.
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Apparently Knapp-Carlsson, the leading haberdasher in town, only had baby pink satin ribbon and only 7 metres of pink shiny bias tape. My sister went there for me today.
Aargh! I don't want to make 20 metres of bias tape myself from the cotton chintz. I hate that and always burn my thumb from folding the fabric while ironing on it.
I'm working on the bodice now and that will probably keep me occupied tomorrow too and I could always start on the under skirt and then on Monday I will see if Nåldynan, the nearest sewing shop has any good ribbon.
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Yesterday was spent in a very frivolous way. Rickard and I had thai take-away together with Anna and Kristian and another friend called B-M. Since we almost never it take away, we maybe have pizza together with the kids three times a year, but never on our own this was a very special occasion that made me feel very frivolous considering the price of take-away compared to home-cooking. It was really good food too. Then we played Puerto Rico, a board game I hadn't tried before all five of us, before watching Shrek, which was on TV and Rickard and B-M hadn't seen.
Maja was being happy and adorable and I even started on my green silk bliaut since I needed some hand-sewing to do while watching the movie. Before all this Anna had helped me fit the under-bodice for the 1901 reception dress. I had made my second toile that was too small from the pattern in PoF and was feeling a bit frustrated. It is also very hard to do any fitting on oneself while wearing that corset. For one you don't see anything below the bust.But we added lots of fabric over the ribcage and bust area and she pinned it to me so now it fits perfectly. So today if I'm not in too much pain I have to go out and get ca 20 m pink satin bias tape and 10 metres each of two widths of pink satin ribbon + some thin boning and sewing thread in the right shade. This will be an expensive dinner party.
I really should be sleeping some more since Maja is asleep but my body hurts too much for that.
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Are now available at my web site. And for those who wonder, the pink area on my elbow is psoriasis. I've got lots of it.
My darling husband has also taken photos of me in one of my 16th century gowns that I haven't shown you yet and if I have the time tomorrow I will put them on the website too.
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The meeting was really good although nobody cut any fabric. I also got to try on the corset with an expert at hand, Julia who studies theatre costuming. It looks very right but it hurts my back to bend it like that. I've also noticed that while Katherine's version of the same corset makes it look likes she's leaning against a very strong wind my version makes it look like gravity's finally won and my bust makes me tip over.


Nov. 15th, 2004 04:17 pm
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I have now sewn all the boning channels and bound the lower edge of the corset with white satin bias tape. My husband is being wonderful and cutting the boning.
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I have finished the lacing holes and tried the corset on, with just boning along the CB and CF edges.
Good things:
It fits reasonably well
It gives the correct posture. Actually the only way to stand comfortably in that thing is the way you're supposed to, leaning forward, so it will do a very god job in giving the right look.

Bad thing:
The shape it gives and that posture are damn ugly. I don't care if it's correct, next time I want to make a corset that makes me look pretty, not odd. Something victorian maybe?
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The edwardian corset really has a weird shape. You can see even now when I'm still working on it how it's going to tilt the upper torso forward and push the, backwards. I'm working on the lacing holes right now since it is impossible to do a proper fitting without a lacing that is over boned edges, it just gets distorted. If I'm going to change anything it isn't likely that it will be the CB pieces anyway. Hopefully I'll get all the lacing holes done tomorrow so I can try it on late tomorrow night or on saturday.
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The new corset fit me reasonably well when I tried it on with no bones and by lacing it myself. Some pieces will have to be redone because they are too short but other than that I think it will work. Surprisingly enough even this much smaller corset which I thought would leave a 10 centimetre gap in the back almost laced closed. Either I'm very "corsetable" or my waist has become smaller since I measured it two weeks ago.

I've just returned from singing practice, we're learning "Thus saith my Chloris bright" (which can be found here) right now and it's beginning to sound beautiful. To my great joy we got a new strong soprano in Ragnhild from Norway this autumn. She is trained and learns songs very quickly from notes. This is good because I don't and I'm also a strong soprano so usually I drench the other soprano which is a problem when I'm not totally sure of the melody (and I have to be very sure to feel confident enough to open up and sing). But now I hear her and learn much faster than I did before.


Nov. 7th, 2004 05:22 pm
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I've started on the corset again, doing the math all over and hoping for a better result.
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After thinking about it and studying the corset I have realized that I can't use the pieces I already have. I might be able to use the front pieces, which would be good because of the busk, but otherwise I have to make a whole new corset. I have however decided not to work on that tomorrow or monday and instead wait 'til tuesday when I'm going to the doctor with Maja because then I will pass a copy shop and then I can resize the pattern there.


Nov. 6th, 2004 08:45 pm
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This is now officially declared as a Really Bad Day. My team lost the swedish cup finals due to a serious mistake by the referee and when I tried on the corset it was waay too big. I have to find some way to take away ten centimetres without making the proportions totally wrong. And I have sewn in the busk and really don't want to change that.
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I swear, the edwardian corset is cursed. I have redone one seam three times (and ripped the fabric when I took it apart once) and also managed to put on piece (piece B for those who have the pattern) in the opposite direction to what it's supposed to be. This corset better fit perfectly and make me look damn good when it's finished!


Nov. 2nd, 2004 11:13 pm
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Today my sister put in the busk in her edwardian corset and I have actually started to cut mine. I use the pattern in Hunnisett and all I have to cut now is piece "e" and the rounded pieces that go over the hips. Then I can sew it together and try it on. I have really dreaded starting on this because it's boring and complicated to draw the pieces, do the math etc, but now it feels much better.

On a totally different topic: I don't want to write this in all my friends' journals' so I write it here. The election system in the US sucks! it's almost like they don't want you to vote. Having to register, still not getting the forms and then frequently have to stand in line for a couple of hours to actually vote. And then the result isn't reliable anyway.
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The cold is marginally better but now Maja has caught it too.
I have been doing some work on my lecture, maybe 1/4 of it is done, which is okay I guess, since it doesn't have to be finished until saturday. Right now my head isn't in a state to continue.
Tomorrow I'm going to see my rheumatology doctor and then I'm going to pass by my job and collect some Overhead-sheets and slides that I need + a book I've requested from the library. I hope Vendela and Valeria get well soon, both for their own sake and because I need time to work on the lecture and with them at home private time is very scarce.
Tonight my friend Tala is coming over to help me and my sister cut our edwardian corsets. She's going to a tailor's school and has recently made an edwardian corset for herself. I can't decide what fabric to use as the top layer but I'm leaning towards a pale blue grosgrain curtain that I originally intended to make a 16th century italian dress from.

Yesterday 6 metres blue 100% wool tabby arrived in the post (ca 8$/metre). It was a little scratchier, stiffer and looser than I had anticipated but that is being taken care of right now in the washing machine. I washed a test swatch on 40 degrees (centigrade of course) and it shrunk ca 10 % which is acceptable, and became much softer. the plans for this fabric is a half circle mantle for my husband, lined with my orange/green shot silk taffeta and an early 14th century dress for me, maybe lined with grey wool,depends if I can get some more on friday when I go to Borås again (if both me and Maja are well).

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