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I was gifted this lovely '50s coat by Helene, a woman I met through our fashion history course. Her biggest interest is vintage - both clothind other things and she lives in this neat little apartment furnished and decorated throughout in '50s-'60s style. She also have lots of clothes and shoes from the same period (and some lovely 40s shoes I could die for) that she's found at flea markets. Helene is a petite woman, which is good when you're buying vintage, but occasionally you find something wonderful in plus size - such as this coat in green grosgrain.
The coat has no tags and lots of hand stitching, which indicates that it was made up for the first owner. I'm going to sew around the button holes with silk twist, since they are torn and remove a small stain, but then I'll have a perfect coat for when it's not too cold.

The hat and gloves were bought at a Swedish auction site, several years ago.

It's probably wool.

Date: 2012-10-17 07:07 pm (UTC)
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It looks gorgeous. I hope you will enjoy it for many years!

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