Jan. 10th, 2014

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As you may know it all started because Stoff&Stil, a Scandinavian chain of fabric shops, had this retro space themed printed cotton on sale. I persuaded my sister to drive me to the shop this Monday and not only did I buy ten metres, but she bought 3,5 metres too. And sent her hubby to buy 2,6 metres more today.
But what are we going to so with all this rocket fabric? Well, I am going to make a '50s style dress for me, either a buttoned through house dress or this wrap-over style, that I've made a couple of times before. The it's going to become a short-sleeved shirt for my husband, bed hangings for Maja (who doesn't want her net hangings with plastic "dew drops" on them anymore, but something opaque) and, if there's enough fabric a wrap dress for Maja too.
   My sister is going to make dresses for her two little girls and herself plus a curtain. We just have to take a group photo when all this is finished.

The rocket buttons are from an eBay-shop  called Punch'n'Julie and they have the most amazing buttons and other fun stuff. The buttons weren't expensive either and the delivery was super fast.
   But I'm not at all sure that they will be used with this fabric.

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