Sep. 10th, 2017

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 At 9.30 Anna came over to pick up her son who had spent the night here and have a cup or two of tea. I did some sewing on my white late 18th-early 19th century muslin gown and she crocheted. She had been to the local burlesque party and had had a great time, which made me very happy. She didn't feel at all like going out yesterday and I was afraid that she wouldn't like it, but she did. I like that she's trying new things - she divorced her husband a couple of years ago (or rather, he found another) and since they had been together since they were 15 she has needed a lot of time just to figure out who she is without him. Ironically, he is the one who's depressed and she's pretty happy with her life. However, her social life has very much been me and her sister and a few other people interested in textile crafts and she feels that she needs to get out more. 
So she went to Tip te Velvet with another of my friends, Alfhild and they both had a ball.

We had a good nigth at home too, Alex (her son) got to see Star Wars 5, and hang with Maja, who he admires a lot since she's big (13, he's 8).

But back to today - at 11 am Rickard and I went down to the storage in the basement and brought up my winter clothes - it is no so cold that I can't wear summer dresses anymore, and I need  a little heavier jackets and thicker coats. And that's about all that I had in there that fit: five coats, and three wool suit jackets. 

Rickard was going to play X-wing away from home so we  all took a walk downtown, Maja and Valeria too, to get new shoes for Maja for PE and to catch pokémon. Valeria got her first Entei. Rickard then caught the tram to where they are playing and the rest of us went home.

I unpacked the winter clothes, finding only coats and wool suit jackets that actually fit me, and quite a few skirts that needs to be taken in. I have a plastic tub from IKEA standing in the living room with clothes that need to be re-made into a smaller size. When packing away my summer clothes I went through that one too and exchange summer re-make projects that I hadn't had the time/energy to do, and exchanged them for winter re-making projects.

And I actually took in two skirts too! One of them, a teal wool skirt, was made in 2012 and very soon got to small fro me then, the other one was made this spring and already needed to be taken in.

I worked on them while watching american football - And Ravens won! First time they beat Bengals on their home turf since 2012. And now I have two more skirts to wear, bringing the sum up to 4 in all.

I also tried a new for me Indian recipe today: lentils with spinach and it was really good.

So - a very good Sunday in all.

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