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I was just going to start taking a pattern from one of Rickard's shirts when I decided to check in one of my binders if I had a collar pattern I could use, since sport shirts tend to have the kind of collar you see above. And what did I find? This late '50s-early '60s pattern for a shirt, shorts and swimming briefs . I think we won't try the last two, especially not the very last. It's even the right size, except that I will need to widen it a little over the shoulders since my husband has the widest shoulders I've ever measured (from joint to joint).

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As you may know it all started because Stoff&Stil, a Scandinavian chain of fabric shops, had this retro space themed printed cotton on sale. I persuaded my sister to drive me to the shop this Monday and not only did I buy ten metres, but she bought 3,5 metres too. And sent her hubby to buy 2,6 metres more today.
But what are we going to so with all this rocket fabric? Well, I am going to make a '50s style dress for me, either a buttoned through house dress or this wrap-over style, that I've made a couple of times before. The it's going to become a short-sleeved shirt for my husband, bed hangings for Maja (who doesn't want her net hangings with plastic "dew drops" on them anymore, but something opaque) and, if there's enough fabric a wrap dress for Maja too.
   My sister is going to make dresses for her two little girls and herself plus a curtain. We just have to take a group photo when all this is finished.

The rocket buttons are from an eBay-shop  called Punch'n'Julie and they have the most amazing buttons and other fun stuff. The buttons weren't expensive either and the delivery was super fast.
   But I'm not at all sure that they will be used with this fabric.
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I bought these on eBay today -arent' they cool?

And yesterday I bought ten metres of this cotton fabric on sale. It will become bed hangings for Maja, a dress for me, a short-sleeved shirt for Rickard and possibly a dress for Maja too. My sister bought the same fabric to make dresses for her two little girls.

New dress

May. 19th, 2013 12:58 pm
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Well, it was finished over a week ago, but I had to have the time, energy and help to document it. The pattern is self-drafted, except for the sleeves which I took from a 1936 dress in Janet Arnold's "Patterns of fashion 2". The skirt is a full circle. The fabric is old - I found it in a dark corner where Gårda Textil, the shop where I nowadays get a lot of my fabric. They have vintage fabric for cheap there - this cost 40 SEK/metre I think. I thought that it was viscose and washed it as such, but when I started really working with it I felt the typical silk smell. After a burn test my suspicions were confirmed and I now have party dress in silk.

I'm posing both without a petticoat, for a more authentic (late) '40s look (yes, I know that I have purple hair) and with a huge tulle petticoat. I think I like it best without the petticoat. The shoes were on sale for 75 SEK (c. 7 pounds) on H&M a few weeks ago. The dotted tights (with a seam) are from What Katie Did and the pretty necklace is from Pimp your garb.

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I was gifted this lovely '50s coat by Helene, a woman I met through our fashion history course. Her biggest interest is vintage - both clothind other things and she lives in this neat little apartment furnished and decorated throughout in '50s-'60s style. She also have lots of clothes and shoes from the same period (and some lovely 40s shoes I could die for) that she's found at flea markets. Helene is a petite woman, which is good when you're buying vintage, but occasionally you find something wonderful in plus size - such as this coat in green grosgrain.
The coat has no tags and lots of hand stitching, which indicates that it was made up for the first owner. I'm going to sew around the button holes with silk twist, since they are torn and remove a small stain, but then I'll have a perfect coat for when it's not too cold.

The hat and gloves were bought at a Swedish auction site, several years ago.

close-up of fabric )

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A post with lots of photos from the old petrol station and of old cars can be found here.
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The dresses are finished now.  For these I was inspired by the many Swirl wrap dresses that Fleur has been wearing over the years. The green fabric is a polycotton I got from my dad and the pink is the remnants of a cotton that I have used for a dress, a blouse and shorts.
The photos are taken in Sollebrunn, the small town (I use the word town loosely here) where my mum and her boyfriends lives. Rickard, Maja and I went there to have dinner with my mum and her boyfriend today, since they had both recently had their birthdays. We had dinner and cake, but also visited this old petrol station, which is part of a small petrol station and vintage car museum.  That will make a separate post later though, since I took so many photos.

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Tonight I have been drinking tea with [ profile] sneprinsesse and my neighbour Anna while hand sewing on mine and Maja's matching wrap dresses (in strong jade green and fuchsia). Warning for extreme cheerfulness in dress, they ought to be finished on Saturday.
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I've posted some scans of ads and fashion from Swedish women's weeklies from 1955 over in my other blog.
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Though I haven't got them yet. I bought these on eBay. I (mainly) blame my friend angi who buys lots of 50s half hats on eBay and got me into looking at hats too. Though I generally prefer the much more expensive 1940s hats. But I think that the fuchsia 50s hat I bought will look very good on me though.

I also bought a pair of shoes )

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This cupboard used to belong to my maternal grandparents. It's from the 50s or 60s and made from teak. When my grandmother died (grandfather died 13 years previously) my brother inherited it.I think my grandmother thought that liquor was something not fitting for women, except the occasional sip of brandy against trouble with gall bladder stones, which all old ladies seemed to suffer from.

Anyway, my brother wasn't very fond of it and kept it in his chicken house (no chickens though) and I really thought that was a waste and asked if I could have it. It took a while, since it's not that easily transported, but now it's here:

You put the bottled on the mirror and the uneven glass and then you keep glasses and other things needed for drinks on the wooden shelf above. There's also a tray that you can pull out for serving.

I guess I need to fill it up.
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I found this lovely film from 1953 today. It is a film tryign to get americans to go to Sweden to see the northern regions. All told in English.
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I've wanted a new red tea length skirt ever since my old one was destroyed by someone leaving a pen in the washing machine, which leaked ink on to my skirt (and my linen hand sewn, 12th century shift with smocked side gores). I had planned to make it only a plain, wide skirt, but then I got inspired by 1940s/50s american fashion inspired by latin american styles and ended up with this:

Not as versatile, but almost a full circle and very pretty. And I can always buy more cotton fabric and make a plain skirt too. I love the way it makes my hips look: nice and rounded.
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So, lately I've been buying retro/vintage sewing patterns from Vogue and Butterick (yes - it's indeed me, Eva, who's buying patterns instead of making them myself). It started with a sale and then I registered for the newsletter and then there was another sale...

Anyway, one of the patterns was Butterick 4919 from 1952. I used the striped cotton I bought a couple of weeks ago in Shepherd's Bush.
The pattern worked well, though I needed to straighten the shoulders and when I make it next time I might try and make it a little bigger of the bust - it's not that it isn't wide enough, it's just that it's made for smaller boobs and a wider back.

But in all, I'm happy with it:

And indoors, without crazy lighting )
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As they once were known. And Maja. Of course with mismatching socks.

The swedish historian's meeting (which included quite a few non-swedes too) is now finished and I finally got the time to sew the patch pockets, button hole and button on the skirt. The blouse has been finished for some time. My presentation, which was on gender and swedish sumptuary laws during their 400 years of existence went well; despite the fact that I really haven't finished my analysis, due to my long illness in the winter. Hopefully it will turn into an article in the autumn, when I know what I'm speaking of, not just pretending ;)

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I never buy sewing patterns. At least not new ones and very rarely vintage patterns too. Yesterday, however, [ profile] heileen linked to a pattern by Chado Ralph Rucci which I just had to have. And since I was already ordering patterns from the US I added some vintage vogue patterns who were on sale, namely these: A 1930s(?) suit, a 50s coat dress, a 40s dress that I doubt will look good with my body and a this hat pattern. It ended up costing 44$, of which 25$ was the shipping to Sweden.
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After finding the text from the pattern I wrote about here I saw that it's not a coat but a dress. That makes it more tempting to try, though I can't really figure out how the front pieces are supposed to look.
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Or is it a dress? I don't have the pattern and even if I had it it's far above my skill level. But I loove it.

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A couple of years ago I got a lovely checked wool fabric from a friend. It had belonged to her mother and I guess it's from the 1960s. It's not very thick, but still coarse and as you see the checked pattern is very large. That made me think of doing a short jacket with kimono sleeves à la late 1950s. (There's enough to make something more of it too; a skirt or another jacket).

Said and done:

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I have a little fixing to do with the collar, which doesn't "curl down" the way I want it too. Nothing that a little hand stitching on the underside of the collar won't fix.
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I curled my hair yesterday, with those bendy foam sticks. No products, just slightly damp hair after taking a bath and then I let the curls sit until the hair was dry. I loved how it turned out after taming it a little with a bristle brush. Having started to watch Mad men recently I was inspired to put on some tighter clothing (though not early 60s, definitely not my favourite period), so I chose to wear my wool pencil skirt, a blouse from H&M (which I would have liked to be less tight actually and cut more straight) and a cardi. I felt like a movie star from the 50s - when she's doing grocery shopping, not at a red carpet event ;)

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